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May: Ken Reyes

Jun 18, 2014

Training Frequency: I do three one-on-one sessions per week. Cardio is a definite on Mondays to burn off some of that Sunday fun day. Saturday is bonus if I can get in a double with P.K. after his boxing matches with Kim.

Cardio Frequency: I do cardio 4 times a week; sometimes 5 if I’m energetic and I am avoiding some chore or errand. I’m looking forward to the nice weather so I can take some hilly walks through SoBe (South of Belmont) or what I call Watertown. I like to go at least an hour and work up a nice heart rate. I also play tennis (albeit badly) and enjoy bike riding. If I’m at FT, I’ll try to do at least 45 minutes on the treadmill or the elliptical.

Nutrition:Nutrition is a journey, no? Peaks and valleys and sometimes road bumps along the way. I’m very much more aware of what I am consuming and when I am eating it. I pay closer attention to eating good proteins and carbs, and knowing how food will affect energy and mood especially when I know a hard workout is coming later in the day. It doesn’t mean I’m perfect; far from it- I allow myself lots of treats but am much more conscious of not overdoing it.

Results: Since Ken’s last Fitness Assessment, he has lost 2% body fat and almost 10 pounds. He is building muscle and is feeling stronger.

How Fitness Together has helped:“Fitness Together has helped me to enjoy making fitness a priority and a core value. In conversation, people ask how often I work out and are amused at how often I am here. It has now become part of a routine which I enjoy. It’s easy to come here with the great, friendly trainers who help instill belief in yourself no matter what highs or lows you may be having. It’s a positive place to be. It doesn’t hurt that Shane has pretty eyes and Paul has energy for decades; and of course, let’s not forget the lovely ladies of FT.”


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