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March Client of the Month: Kristen Maultsby

Mar 9, 2015

Training Frequency: Kristen comes in 3 to 4 times a week for one on one sessions and one stretching session.

Cardio Frequency: In the studio, she does sixty minutes of cardio three to four times per week! On top of that, Kristen also goes walking or hiking on the weekends!

Nutrition: Kristen has been eating three vegetarian meals per week (e.i. beans and grains), as well as three meals per day, and making sure she eats a protein filled mid-day snack.

Results: Kristen is stronger because of her nutrition and training frequency. She also feels more healthy and fit!

How Fitness Together has helped: Consistency, accountability, and customization. Kristen has been held accountable for keeping up with exercising each week by having a set schedule. She loves that the trainers at Fitness Together cater to her needs and goals!


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