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March Client of the Month- Rosemary Burke!

Mar 17, 2017

1. How often do you workout at Fitness Together? 3 1:1 sessions per week

2, How often and for how long do you do cardio both at Fitness Together and on your own? I do cardio 3x a week at the studio before or after my sessions.

3. What does your daily nutrition look like? I start out with either yogurt or an egg white scramble, lunch is typically salad with egg, cottage cheese or chicken. Sometimes at dinner I “slide off the wagon”!

4. What do you feel Fitness Together has helped you with the most? FT has been so supportive and encouraging– figuring out challenging workouts and thinking about the whole picture(including nutrition)! And the people are fun!

5 How do you think you have most improve since working with Fitness together? I feel committed to my program and schedule and, as a result, I feel stronger and have lost some weight– and I’m back into a size 10! Yay!

6.. What would be a funny story you use to describe your favorite or worst experience ? ((Background to the story: PJ was the person who signed Rosemary up for FT.)) Shortly after starting here, I’m doing lunges down the hall, and the usual friendly chatter is going on. PJ happens to be in and asks me, “Can I get you anything? I’m going for coffee. Have I met you before?” “YES!” I laughed, “You’re the one who got me into this!”


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