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June Client of the Month Lucia

Jun 18, 2019

What was your reason for starting at Fitness Together?

I was a mess, overweight, out of shape and suffering from severe arthritis in my knees.

What has Fitness Together helped you with most?

Over the years I worked with many trainers and they all helped me in various ways. The first thing I had to learn was how to breathe—I still laugh about that. 57 years old and learning how to breathe! Then I had to build up enough strength that I could actually follow trainers directions like “tighten your abs” - I can now do that. I am also proud that I eventually gained enough strength to straighten up my back and hold it—I now get compliments on my posture.

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

The improvement in my knee function has been the most impressive. Firstly, the increase in overall body strength helped me prepare for and recover from successive knee replacements. Every physical therapist I worked with commented on the amazing strength I brought to the recovery work. Once home with my leg wrapped in full bandages, I was still able to do bridges in bed! Now that my knees are fully healed, I am able to do most of the standard pack routines. One of the factors that makes me very secure is that all the trainers have taught me how to modify routines on the fly. As soon as I feel twinges in my knee, I can quickly switch to a stance that will be easier on my knees. And frequently trainers notice that something isn’t working before I feel it!

What do you like the most about the staff or atmosphere?

They are all so helpful! I have learned so many little tips that make the work easier. Brian drilled into me that I have to focus on my shoulder blades. Meghann taught me many stretches and helped me to combine my yoga practice with the pack routine. Dan taught me how to focus on specific, individual muscles. Paula brings heart to everything.

Do you have any funny or inspiring tales of Fitness Together antics?

There is always humor and laughter. I love when our pack groups break out into song and then the trainers figure we aren’t working hard enough and they up the weights! There is always inspiration. I love the encouragement I get from PJ. From day one he has always supported me and shown

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