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Join our 2018 Summer Strength Challenge!!

Join our 2018 Summer Strength Challenge!!

FT Belmont

Summer 2018: Strength & Conditioning Club!

 July 16th-September 15th


Compete for improvement on total body strength, conditioning, and overall fitness!

Sign up for a 1-to-1 strength assessment  with a trainer. We’ll test you on: 1 upper body exercise, 1 lower body exercise, 1 back exercise and 1 core strength exercise

Work during your sessions to improve your strength & conditioning and we’ll give you a mid-challenge and post-challenge test assessing your gains.  At the end of two months, you’ll earn a point for every 5% improvement on each exercise.

Earn additional points by:

  • +1 point/week for having 3+ sessions
  • -1 point/week for canceling a session (if 3 or less sessions) without making it up
  • +1 point/week for 4 cardio sessions of at least 30 minutes
  • +1 point for tracking ALL your food for 4 days in a week

This should be a great challenge, and a lot of people have signed up, so there should be some good, HEALTHY competition. But sign up NOW, as the challenge starts this week, and you should be accumulating points!!