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January Client Of The Month-Rahul

Jan 11, 2020

Client of the Month Questionnaire

What was your reason for starting at Fitness Together?

I had gained more than a few pounds since high school, and I had tried a variety of diets and vague exercise plans that didn’t work. I decided to give FT a try so that I could have proper guidance and follow plans that were proven to work.

What has Fitness Together helped you with most?

FT has helped me with sticking to workouts that are actually effective while providing concrete metrics to track my progress. I appreciate that FT uses numbers and records to quickly pinpoint what’s working and what could be improved, as that allows me to create good habits as fast as possible.

How do you think you have most improved since starting with Fitness Together?

I have retained (and even gained) lean muscle mass while losing fat, which was my main priority. This has resulted in increased strength and a smaller waistline, and now I have a strategy that works that I will definitely continue.

How has Fitness Together helped you with your nutrition? (Skip if not doing Nutrition Together)

FT gave me a realistic framework for daily nutrition based on my current habits and what I needed to achieve my goals. This allowed me to hit the nutritional goals I set without making drastic changes.

What do you like the most about the staff or atmosphere?

I love the friendliness and support of the trainers! They are always cheerful and wonderful at complimenting good habits/changes while providing constructive criticism for further improvement. I feel like sticking to a routine is much easier when the hard work is acknowledged by the trainers.

Do you have any funny or inspiring tales of Fitness Together antics?

Not sure if this counts, but during stationary exercises (like low plank or wall sit) I found it very helpful if the trainer talks to me so that I have something to focus on - it’s led to some very funny stories in spite of my limited ability to respond at that moment :)


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