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Jane is our June Client of the Month!!

Jun 18, 2018

Jane has truly committed to her fitness program, consistently training 4x/week, and doing cardio regularly, whether in the studio or on her own. All that dedication has really paid off: Jane’s plank time has doubled and her pushup quantity has increased by 50%!! Jane has also upped her overall strength while decreasing her body fat. Great job, Jane!!

A Q&A with Jane:

What was your reason for starting at Fitness Together?
“I was unsuccessful at committing to a fitness routine and was looking for something that would work with my schedule and be fun. I also wanted to find a program where I would be held accountable for my fitness.”

What has Fitness Together helped you with the most?
“Understanding the balance between nutrition and exercise and making it easy to commit to a fitness routine. “

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?
“I am leaner, have more endurance, and feel stronger.”

How has Fitness Together helped you with your nutrition?
“I am more cognizant of what I eat and how often I eat. I read labels and carefully plan my meals.”

What do you like most about the staff and/or atmosphere?
“Everyone knows my name and greets me when I walk in. It’s like a family!”



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