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Client of the Month March 2021

Feb 26, 2021

Our Client of the Month of March 2021 is Kim Lamoureux! Kim has been a client for almost 6 years! Kim has lost 14 pounds over the last months, and we are all always noticing her hard work and consistency. Keep the great Work!

What was your reason for starting at Fitness Together and what has made you continue to train over the past 3 months?

I started at Fitness together to improve my overall health, including weight loss and physical strength. With the pandemic it was even more important for me to continue to train to keep active and healthy.

What Has Fitness Together helped you with most? What has Fitness Together helped you the most over the past couple of months?

Most-overall strength and understanding the role of nutrition specifically over the last several months. I have been able to focus on weight management(weight loss). This was a struggle, specially at the start.

How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together?

Physically. I have been losing weight!!! However, I have become more ”strict” with meal planning and scheduling time in my day to ensure I exercise.

How has Fitness Together helped you with your nutrition? (if no Skip)

Educating me on its importance and tips. Help on balancing “ Real Life” with proper nutrition.

What do you like the most about the staff or atmosphere? If doing virtual Training, what do you like most about the virtual training?

Entire staff are friendly and helpful, non judgmental and keep you accountable. The studio atmosphere is key for me vs. a traditional” gym”.

Virtual training has allowed me a great deal of time/schedule flexibility.


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