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Client Of The Month June 2020

Jun 8, 2020


Our Client of the Month of June is Miriam Hawley! Her consistent training with Us has help her to get stronger after many Fractures and Injuries in previous years. Miriam is always very cheerful and willing to work hard on her routines, she follows nutritional advice to feel energetic and she also stays on track with her sessions.

What was your reason for starting at FT?

On June 2, 2019, I fell and broke my left femur and fractured my left pinky finger. I had surgery the next day and now have three pins in my leg. After the surgery I said aloud what I said to myself right after the fall, that I would recover and be stronger than I was before the fall. After a month of rehab, I continued to do physical therapy and began exercising in the pool. Those physical exercises were fine, but not sufficient. I needed instruction and support from someone who knew how to help me get stronger, more flexible and to gain the weight I had lost. After we met with Brian at my son Noah’s suggestion, I felt that he was a person and shared an approach that could help us both reach our goals for increased well-being.

What has FT helped you with the most?

FT has helped us create individualized programs for each of us that has addressed our nutrition and weight goals and increased both of our strength and flexibility. More over, being clients together has given us a new positive purpose for how to bring our family together in new ways and given us the strength to endure the pandemic and stress in our world as well.

What have you most improved?

I have most improved my strength and flexibility. My legs are stronger and I can bend the leg I broke so that my ankle touches my knee. My biceps have tone, and my smile has grown stronger too!

How had FT helped with nutrition?

Brian has advised us about what to eat and when so that our energy and health are maximized.

Also, in having us report on what we have eaten, we become more conscious and accountable to ourselves and our goals.

What do you like about staff and atmosphere?

The staff knows us well and they are warm and friendly. They also demonstrate a very high level of teamwork as they are constantly upgrading and customizing our workouts to be the best they can be. The atmosphere is quiet and private and well set up to do a variety of activities. There is space for several individuals or small groups at the same time. I have enjoyed working out on Zoom and will continue to do so.


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