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Client of the Month Decemeber

Dec 26, 2017

1. What was your reason for starting at Fitness
Together? “I was turning 50 and decided it was time to start focusing on myself and my health.”

2. What has Fitness Together helped you with the most? “Being accountable and consistent in taking time for myself and working out. Also, by focusing less on how much I weigh and more on how I feel and how my clothes fit.”

3. How do you think you have most improved since working with Fitness Together? “I am clearly stronger and fitter. I have increased my knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, and training principles.”

4. How has FT helped you with your nutrition?
“FT has given me the tools to try different food programs. By applying the findings of the BMR breath test and calculating macronutrient ratios I can vary my diet to see what works best for me.”

5. What do you like most about the staff and/or atmosphere? “Everyone is upbeat and welcoming. I appreciate that management continues to invest in improvements like wall-mounted fans and new and different equipment. The rower is my new favorite for a low impact, high intensity workout!”

6. Do you have any funny or inspiring tales of
Fitness Together antics? “There’s always something that puts a smile on my face. The buys talking about zombies and fantasy stuff like true believers...Brian’s bad puns… Alex trying to work out a physics problem...Meghann reorganizing the file drawers for the umpteenth time… Anna macgyvering a solution to a problem...the FT toolbox”


Melissa has greatly increased her consistency in coming to the studio for sessions, and staying for cardio. That, combined witih her focus on nutrition, has led Melissa to a personalbest 210 pound Dead lift!! Amazing job, Melissa!!


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