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Client of the Month April: Kathy B

Apr 21, 2017

1. How often do you workout at FT? I am currently training at the studio 3 days a week.

2. How often and for how long do you do cardio at FT and on your own? I usually do 45 minutes on my own either at home or in the studio everyday. When I meet for my 1-to-1 sessions I do cardio for 30 minutes before or after my sessions.

3. What does your daily nutrition look like? Generally I eat healthy and have been working to fit in 5 meals to keep my energy up through the day.

4. What do you feel FT has helped you with the most? The nutritional consultations have really helped me understand how to eat properly and has helped increase my self-confidence.

5. How do you think you have most improved since working with FT? Since starting at Fitness Together my energy level has increased ten-fold and am becoming a lot stronger overall.

6. What would be a story you use to describe your favorite or worst experience at FT? “Before coming to Fitness Together, I never thought I could workout or even lift weights. Fitness together has proven me wrong”!

Since Kathy's first Fitness Assessment at FT, she has Decreased her resting heart rate, increased flexibility by 4 in, and increased core strength significantly! Way to go Kathy!!


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