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Cardio Challenge December 2021

Nov 30, 2021

We know this time of the year can be busy, but we hope you will be willing to join this challenge to stay healthy and active throughout the holiday season. We ask that you please email us your progress and proof in order to keep track of points.

Our main goal with this challenge is to help our clients stay motivated throughout the holidays. We appreciate your participation and hope you have fun with it! Looking forward to seeing your progress and creativity! Please reach out if you have any questions and best of luck!

List of Activities:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout at Home (4 points)

Go through the list of exercises by doing each one for 30 seconds and taking a 45 second break between exercises.

  • burpees
  • jumping jacks
  • high knees
  • butt kicks
  • mountain climbers
  • body weight or jump squats

Once you get through the exercises, take a 2 minute rest and complete 2 more times. Send us a video to get the points.

Add a training session to your week (2 points).

Add a nutrition session to your week (3 points).

Complete 15 minutes of cardio before or after your training session (2 points).
*We encourage in-studio. Send us a picture of your cardio session if done at home before your virtual session.

Complete this total body 5 minute stretching routine at home (2 points).

  • Seated hamstring stretch (30 sec. each side)
  • Seated spinal twist (30 sec. each side)
  • Seated figure four stretch (30 sec. each side)
  • Hip flexor stretch lunge position (30 sec. each side)
  • Chest stretch with clasped hands behind back (10 - 20 sec.)
  • Swimmer hugs (10 - 20 sec.)
  • Back stretch with clasped hands in front (10 - 20 sec.)
  • Standing quad stretch (30 sec. each side)
  • Shoulder cross body stretch (30 sec. each side)
  • Send us pictures to receive points!

Make a balanced meal (or snack) and send us a picture (2 points).
Make sure we can pick out a carb, protein, and fat in your creation.

Get outside to do your cardio. (3 points)

  • Winter activities (skiing, ice skating, hike, walk, run, or bike).
  • Track your workout using your polar monitor and send us a picture!


  • Must have proof to earn points.
  • Get a minimum of 65 points for the month to receive some FT gear!
  • Whoever gets the most points will receive a $50 gift card.


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