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what clients are saying

  • Trainers are very nice and cheer you on. The facility is clean and bright and the atmosphere is always friendly, high energy, and kind. I always get a smile and a hi when I walk in!

  • I appreciate that this is a long-term relationship with the trainers and that they care deeply about ensuring their client is healthy and improving as time goes by.

  • FT rocks!

  • I like the 1:1. They help me not only physically, but mentally. Their support and encouragement is unyielding. I am over 50 and I need them to give me the "push" to get moving. The trainers listen to my concerns and are able to create routines that are personalized. The trainers are non-judgmental and believe in you. I get the mental support I need from them to help me continue. All I need to do is "show-up" and do what they tell me. I see Matt or Paul. I am so grateful for their patience, knowledge, and encouragement each day. I would not have done any exercise without their support.