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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Claudette Boudreau, Amherst

"Wow! What amazing workouts! The trainers really listened to my goals and designed a workout program just for me; increasing my stamina, lowering my heart rate, getting stronger muscles and losing inches were all important to me. I achieved my goals! It was the push I needed to motivate me to adopt regular exercise for life!"*

Eva Fierst, Northampton

"FT is my best health insurance. At 60 I feel better than in the last decade. I have never regretted a single session. Each time I leave FT with a big smile on my face."*

Joan Rasool, Northampton

Mother, Grandmother, and One of Our First 10 Clients

"When I joined Fitness Together, I didn’t know anything about personal trainers and thought FT might be a boutique gym for the already fit and wealthy. However I wanted to be able to pick up my young grandsons (all four of them) and not injure my back, so I held my breath and made an appointment. Three years later I realize that FT is the perfect place for someone like me, and it has made all the difference! I am stronger, healthier, less stressed and more fit than ever before. While my words sound like clichés, the simple truth is that on my own, I would not exercise in any consistent, strength building way. However, what I am very good at is keeping appointments. So even if I don’t feel like training one day, I still go, and I always feel better. I don’t love to exercise, but I love the way I feel because I do exercise regularly. And I enjoy the staff and holistic philosophy I find at FT. I am delighted that “Get into Shape” is no longer one of my hollow New Year’s resolutions."*


I'm really pleased with the professionalism of your trainers, the custom approach they take, and the variety of each session. I'm already realizing benefits, particularly in my back area. and look forward to much personal improvement in the weeks ahead. I was somewhat skeptical about working with personal trainers due to the expense and my perception that my limitations were age-related. Now, after just six sessions, I'm a believer and realize I cannot afford NOT to do this!*

Thanks for being there...

Mary Delphia, Holyoke

“The trainers at FT have given me the motivation to exercise daily which I hadn’t done in years because everything hurt so much I didn’t want to move. Now with Fitness Together’s help I am on the move again and enjoying life. I only wish everyone who feels it’s just too late to get in shape would have this wonderful opportunity”*

Matt Zacarian, Amherst

"I have tried oher health clubs and have not only had trouble maintaining attendance, but never felt I was getting in shape. Like the name implies at "Fitness Together" with the encouragement and expert training of the staff I work out regularly, have gotten in shape and feel good."*

Pallav Parakh, Northampton

"Fitness Together provides a great way to improve your physical fitness, physique and self esteem in a one on one personlized fashion. All this is done in a nice and pleasant environment by some very knoweledgeable and efficient trainers. I have thoroughly enjoyed and hopt to continue to enjoy my time here."*

Paula Osborne, Amherst

"Being a woman in my mid-fifties and taking care of aging parents, I realized I needed to take better care of myself. I love to walk but never exercised on a regular basis. I heard about Fitness Together and like the idea of a one-on-one workout. The staff at F.T. makes it enjoyable to exercise. They are very professional and always have your well being in mind. When I am done with a session, I feel strong and confident. I sincerely feel that Fitness Together has improved my life."*

R.B., Amherst

The professionalism of ALL trainers; the fact that they never make me feel self-conscious about my level of fitness; the fact that I am ALWAYS treated with dignity, not only as a client but as an individual; the fact that I experience genuine concern about any "special circumstances" that may affect my training and their goals on my behalf.*

Renee Hill, Amherst

"Fitness Together was the perfect place for me to get healthy! Staff genuinely care and are tuned in to the unique needs of each client. The one on one trainers are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and understand the fine line between pushing and supporting. In the past I dreaded exercise and felt frustrated due to injuries and slow progress. The instructors are always careful, thoughtful and patient and their precise instruction has given me the structure I need to finally take good care of myself on a regular basis. As a woman in my 50's with Type 2 Diabetes I am surprised by the changes I have experienced and how good I feel! I am deeply indebted to the trainers for all their help."*

Shohreh Shafie, Amherst

“I’ve tried a lot of gyms, with no success, before joining Fitness Together. Looking back, I don’t know how I would’ve pushed through some hard times without the support of the trainers at FT. They kept me motivated, accountable and lifted my spirits every time I went in for a session. The people at Amherst Fitness Together truly helped me feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I highly recommend Fitness Together of Amherst.”*


Susan Everett

When I decided to retire, my first goal for my “new life” was to get healthy and fit. So my gift to myself was Fitness Together, which turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made! Within a few months I had lost more than 30 pounds and regained the energy I had when I was decades younger. The amazing thing was that it was actually FUN doing all the hard work I had to put in to move toward my goal. The trainers are wonderfully supportive and so much fun to be with that they make a session of hard work truly enjoyable. They have a huge variety of exercises they can vary at will and are great at working with injuries and individual needs. They seem to know just how hard to push and just what to do with whatever my needs are on any particular day. I LOVE going there. And I love what going there has given me. I can fit into my “skinny clothes,” keep up with my two year old grandson, work for hours digging, chopping and planting in my yard, lift things I couldn’t have lifted before, walk up steep hills without having to stop and rest, dance through the whole concert, and play long sets of tennis with my younger tennis buddies. I feel so energized and so happy with where I am in my life. This is no ordinary gym. This is personal training at its best. Thank you Fitness Together!!!!*

Tary C., Amherst

"Thank you all for helping me achieve my goals. Last August, my long-term goal was to incorporate fitness into my everyday lifestyle. I was sedentary, overworked, stressed-out, and generally flabby and unmotivated.

Over the course of the past year--and particularly the past 8 weeks--you have supported and encouraged me, and you have given me the tools to take my fitness goals into my own hands. I am now 4 inches smaller, 10 pounds lighter, have 3% less body fat, and I am 150% HAPPIER! I look at myself in the mirror and instead of wanting to cry, I bubble up with laughter! My clothes are too big! My husband thinks I'm hotter than ever! But best of all--I feel like I'm 10 years younger. I can actually say that I WILL run a 5k--half marathon--maybe even a marathon--someday soon! I love, love, love my new body! I'm fitter and stronger now at age 43 than I've ever been in my entire life.

I could not have done it without you. Fitness Together has been a huge part of my life and pivotal in my transformation. I can't thank you enough.

You are fantastic--and what you do really does make a difference.*

Big Love!
Tary C.

Willie Eaton, Amherst

"I'm a lazy senior who'd been unable to get back to regularly exercising after having had an accumulation of hip replacements. Attending group programs hadn't motivated me. I am delighted to have found my competent and friendly friends at Fitness Together. They not only are helpful and responsive, but we have fun working on stregthening my muscles."*