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30 days!

Mar 30, 2021

Thirty Day Challenge

I took out my yellow “Happy Planner” and turned the page to a new month. Thirty days laid out in front of me in neat square boxes. Thirty days that will quickly fill up with plans and to do’s. With life. Thirty days stretched out before my eyes. The buoyant spring energy and warmer weather has ignited a desire to embrace outdoor exercise. Hiking, biking and walking are relatively free and are a great compliment to strength training at the gym. Even a fifteen-minute walk can perform as much magic as a double espresso for one's mood. I saw an opportunity before my eyes in these neat untouched boxes. I thought to myself, what if before scheduling the rest of my life, I make the commitment to exercise everyday for the next thirty days. I would place a pink sticker on each box for each day that I took a hike or rode my bike. If I wasn’t feeling up to a three mile walk I’d go for a fifteen minute stroll and call my mom. I’d remind myself of how good my mind and body felt after exercising even for a short while. The first few stickers were easy to fill, but come the middle of the month I faced negative thoughts and a poor night’s sleep. Then I looked back at planner and saw fifteen stickers. The competitive college athlete in me wanted to reach my goal. I had fifteen days filled with endorphins and increased confidence. I had to get creative. I created new playlists and found new walking routes. Not only did l lose five lbs., my sense of well being greatly improved. I was sleeping better and making healthier food choices. Thirty days became sixty and I ran out of pink stickers. I challenge you to set a fitness goal for thirty days and see what happens. Who knows, it could become a lifetime habit. But you just have to start with one day, one sticker.

Hope you have a great day,



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