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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Chris Farley

Owner, Pacers Running Stores

Great video explaining his success story with training and how it helped with his running.*

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Ken Smith

"When I first came into Fitness Together, I knew that I needed help keeping myself accountable. I had honestly never made my fitness and overall health a priority before, so I knew I'd need to have a support system outside myself. It's only looking back now, after the months of progress I've made and the goals that I've accomplished, that I can see how much my lack of respect for my physical well-being translated into negative impacts on my mental well-being. I did not set out to make a lifestyle change. I did not set out to do anything other than lose some weight so that I didn't have to feel uncomfortable in my own clothes. But as I kept making progress, with the plans and the support of literally EVERYONE at Fitness Together (even those I didn't see regularly), I did change my life. My health and my overall well-being matter to me know in a way that I couldn't have imagined before.

What worked for me was just getting all the sessions on the calendar. As an executive, my day is filled with appointments, so having my workouts scheduled and on my calendar eliminated any decision-making or opportunities for me to negotiate my way out of showing up and putting in the effort. Scheduling that first consultation with Fitness Together ranks in the top 5 best decisions I've ever made in my life. I am genuinely grateful for everything that they have helped me accomplish, and I continue to look forward to the progress we can make together."

-Ken Smith

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Lisa Hundley-Reeves

Race Director - Pacers Events*

Courtney Frey

United States Army

Courtney has had her head in the game since she first started with FT with aspirations of getting into the Army. Her first goals were to be able to merely meet the minimum requirements for her PT Test, but now, we're happy to say that she's SHATTERED the minimum requirements and then some! Her achievements are as follows:

Weight - 50lbs lost total (and counting!)*

Body Composition ~11% body fat reduction*

Heart Rate - 11BPM reduction in resting heart rate*

VO2 Max - from 33.6 (average) to 39.1 (above average)*

Leg press - 215lbs. x 12 reps up to 500lbs. x 3 reps*

Bench Press - 55lbs x 8 reps up to 100lbs x 8 reps*

Pushups - 19 pushups on knees to 42 pushups on toes!*

Situps - 24 reps to 38 reps in :60 seconds*

~6" Reduction in waist and hips!

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Rhonda K

Public Speaking Consultant

I came to FT about 7 months ago with one major goal: to be able to climb Machu Picchu in Peru with my family. I broke my foot in 2014 and had two surgeries and almost a year of non-exercise. So I felt like I was starting from scratch. Clark and the other FT trainers (Kate, Elexi, Klaudia, Mike and Scott) designed a program for me to get me to my goal. The balance of support, expertise in knowing what would get me to my goal and pushing me farther than I thought I could go all worked. I am proud to say I climbed to the top and felt great! Also the cardio work helped me with a week of snorkeling several hours a day in the Galapagos Islands.

Coming to FT felt is always a good feels like being with friends. Laughing...encouragement when I feel like I want to stop always makes me look forward to my workouts. I can honestly say the FT not only helped me meet my fitness goals of getting stronger and increasing my stamina but helped me experience an adventure with my family I didn't think I would be able to.

FT has changed my life for the better and given me my confidence back.

My goals remain to continue getting stronger and more fit and I have already planned another mountain hiking adventure in a couple months. I am grateful for what FT has given me active, healthy life!

In Health and gratitude,


Public Speaking Consultant

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After *

Eric Perkins

Eric came to Fitness Together after losing a good portion of his original weight on his own, looking for that last little "push" to get him closer to his goals. Since Day #1, Eric has brought nothing less than his A game to the studio and really pushes himself to the limit. The energy he brings to the studio is absolutely contagious, and you can almost feel everyone else working out a little harder when Eric is around.

We knew as the weeks went by that he would destroy his first fitness re-assessment and he did just that. His results after about 10 weeks are as follows:

Weight - 14.5lb reduction*

Body Fat - 6.7% reduction*

Upper Body Endurance Strength - 11 pushups to 25 pushups*

Upper Body Max Strength - 13% Increase*

Lower Body Max Strength - 29% Increase*

Flexibility - 38% Increase*


Chest - 3" Reduction*

Waist - 2.5" Reduction*

Hips - 3" Reduction*

We're happy to move Eric into his next phase of his fitness goals - more updates soon to come!

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Brian Shankman

Pat Booth

I have been a client at Fitness Together for a little over 18 months. I've always enjoyed the luxury of a personal trainer but it had been a few years since I have been involved in any type of exercise. I found Fitness Together and with their semi-private training rooms and dedication to their clients to hold them accountable to their goals, I knew we would be a good fit. I have been training with Lawrence Soto as my Fitness Coach for two days a week and April Snoparsky on my third day. They are the

perfect fit for me and my goals. Since I am "as old as the hills" most of the trainers have had a tendency to treat me with "kid gloves" but not Lawrence and April, they continue to give me harder and harder challenges, to push myself in every workout. Working with them is like having my own personal "drill sergeant" - and I love it. I can't say enough about Fitness Together and my two Fitness Coaches, Lawrence and April. Their knowledge of resistance training and cardio workouts as well as encouraging me on improving my nutrition, as been great for me in getting in the best shape of my life. I continue to improve in each of my assessments. With their encouragement, I now go to Fitness Together 5 days a week - 3 with a personal trainer and 2 for cardio. Coming to Fitness Together at 7:15 am is a perfect way to start my day and the best thing I've done for my overall health. Thank you Fitness Together!*

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Business Owner- Alexandria

I have been a going to Fitness Together sessions for 2 1\2 years and I have been happy with the level of professionalism of the trainers since the beginning. The benefits have been extraordinary for me. I have suffered from heart disease since childhood and never thought I could attain a level of strength and fitness that most people attain.

So, FT has made a big difference in my health and my overall wellbeing.* While all the trainers have been good, Patrick Newhall has been fantastic! He strikes a perfect balance between being my personal trainer and personable trainer. He actually shows great empathy towards me and my progress and he makes the experience rewarding, challenging and fun. Patrick stands above the rest and I love to meet the challenges of the workout he puts in front of me. Now, his taste in music... Patrick is in my opinion the FT trainer of the year.

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Debra King

Corporate Executive - Alexandria

In August 2006, I relocated from Miami, FL to Alexandria, VA. I had a goal to hike from 500 feet above sea level in Lima, Peru to a height of 11,500 feet above sea level in Cusco, Peru and only 8 weeks to train, I knew I was not prepared. My FT trainer designed a program that focused on my cardiovascular fitness and improving my physical strength. Although the workouts were extremely hard during that time, while I was in Peru, every step I took at such a high altitude I was thankful she pushed me. I exceeded my own expectations when I climbed to “The Gate of the Sun’ 1500 feet above Machu Picchu.* Since my success with this hiking trip I have continued my training at FT and hiked Patagonia the mountainous landscape shared by Argentina and Chile, just 200 meters north of Antarctica. This trip included 12 mile hikes and the Perito Glacier.* My deepest thanks and gratitude to the very supportive staff at FT Alexandria.

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Kathleen Fitzpatrick

From Running Injury to being better, stronger and faster

I went to FT in 2011 as a present to myself following a deployment. I was in decent shape and did well on the Air Force Fitness Test, but I wanted to be in good shape - beyond sit ups, push ups, and running. I also came to FT with an injury that kept me from running for several months. The trainers were awesome! First, they suggested I might have muscle imbalances (weak back, hamstrings) which could be contributing to my injury, so they helped me get strong all over. My pains disappeared pretty quickly, and when I started running again, I was actually faster than before my injury! Klaudia was always encouraging and sweetly pushed me farther than I thought I could go, and Lawrence was so full of energy! I worked with a few other awesome trainers as well, who all helped me get in great shape. I've moved and I'm a poor college student right now, so I use regular gyms. Thanks to the FT trainers I know how to use the equipment and spend a lot of time in the weight room. Someday I'd like to return. Thanks so much!

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

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Pamela S. Roberts

President - CommerceBasix, LLC

It took only one session to know that I had finally found a trainer who exceeded my expectations; whose services were focused on the client and the client’s goals and provided training in a professional atmosphere. Fitness Together provides a stark contrast to clubs that appear to be more focused on improving a client’s social life rather than their physical well-being. A year later I still work out at Fitness Together where they continue to exceed my expectations. Not only do I see the results but others as well. Kathy, at Hysteria, from whom I buy my clothes, has seen my metamorphosis over the past year as well as my chronological move from age 50 to 51. She says: “I’ve watched Pam move from having a good figure to having the toned figure of a 30 year old.”* The R.O.I. (Return on Investment) that I’ve received from Fitness Together would turn the most Bearish Wall Street Investor to a Bull.

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Nancy Smith

Business Owner - Alexandria

Thanks to Fitness Together Alexandria, for the first time in my life, I really enjoy working out! They have inspired me and helped me to see the benefits of working out. It is more than losing weight, it’s about being healthy. The improvements in my strength, endurance and energy are a benefit to my daily routine.* The staff at FT, and my trainer Allie, is also very good at adjusting the workouts as needed- no matter what I throw their way. FT has truly helped to make fitness a part of my life.

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Holly Herman

"I started working with the trainers at Fitness Together in October 2012. I wanted to re-invigorate my workouts which had become stale. My goals were to create definition in my arms and abs. Fitness Together listened carefully to what my goals were and designed a customized program to fit my lifestyle. The trainers provide a different routine each time to ensure I'm working the areas I want without becoming routine. With each session I find challenge, encouragement and motivation to improve. Fitness Together tracks your progress every six weeks to measure overall fitness and in specific areas such as strength, flexibility and endurance. Over these few short months I've improved in all areas of my fitness. Thank you goes out to Jennifer, Alfonso, Michael, April and Laurence for the excellent training you've provided. Thank you Claudia for your encouragement during the fitness evaluations. And a special thanks to Matt for gathering and training a tremendous team. I've tried other trainers and programs, Fitness Together shines above the rest with its comprehensive services, consistent training and customized approach to overall fitness. I'm ready for my summer wardrobe!"*

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