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  • Heather Dennee, Personal Trainer/Movement Specialist

    Years of Experience

    • 24 Years


    • B.S. Kinesiology, George Mason University
    • B.A. Communication & English, Christopher Newport University
    • AmSAT Alexander Technique (Functional Movement Therapy)
    • EMT-B
    • Reiki Master
    • USAF National D License Coaching
    • Metahealth Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach
    • Precision Nutrition Certification
    • Specialization in youth athletes in mindfulness and functional movement

    Heather, AmSAT, EMT-B, graduated in 2014 from the Alexander Technique Training Center program in Charlottesville, VA. The Alexander Technique, a body movement educational method is used to improve flexibility, posture, and performance in addition to relief of chronic pain, tension, and stress. Heather is an accomplished collegiate soccer player and USAF National D licensed coach. She has developed and facilitated an individualized program for the players on her teams, providing support to increase speed and accuracy of responsive movement. Heather has been a Reiki Master since 2009. Reiki can be used in any situation where there is a desire and openness for healing. By gaining greater body awareness, coordination, freedom of movement, and strengthening the relationship between mind and body it can have a profound and positive effect. She looks forward to bringing out each and every authentic self and reducing chronic pain, stress, and enhancing performance and freedom of movement.

    in my free time I like to
    Heather enjoys other sports such as tennis, horseback riding, and has a Black belt in Taekwondo. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, singing and playing guitar.

  • Kevin Wong, Personal Trainer/Operational Coordinator

    Years of Experience

    • 5 Years


    • Virginia Commonwealth University - Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Virtual Coaching Specialist
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Physique & Bodybuilding Coach
    • American Red Cross - Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, AED
    • In-Body - 270 Certified

    Kevin's programming revolves around the concept of progressive overload, meaning that change is elicited by increasing intensity over time. In regard to exercise, intensity is defined as how hard you are working. Or, in other words, how close you get to failure. Kevin structures workouts to prioritize functional strength training. Workouts will consist of the fundamental movement patterns: squat, hinge, push, pull, and core.

    in my free time I like to
    Kevin likes energy drinks and lifting.

  • Jennifer Lancaster, Personal Trainer/Client Engagement Coordinator

    Years of Experience

    • 15 Years


    • AFAA Personal Trainer
    • AFAA Advanced Personal Trainer
    • AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
    • Pilates Unlimited Mat Certification
    • The Pilates for Golf Pro golf specific certification
    • Inner Glow Circle Life Coaching Certification

    Jennifer grew up figure skating from 3 to 19, competing with the Washington Figure Skating Club. The artistry of figure skating and a home dance studio made Jen passionate about music, expression, art, and dance. Although an art major, she took PE credits and lived in the gym when she wasn’t painting. As a personal trainer in Dallas and Hawaii, she ran the off-ice conditioning program for the Dr. Pepper Star Centers and learned golf to understand the mechanics, unexpectedly loving it, especially the mindset. She trained for the women’s tri-fitness competition in Las Vegas, hiring a sports psychologist to prepare mentally. She made daily meditation non-negotiable, and began learning about the mind. In 2013, she hired her first life/mindset coach and subsequently became certified herself with Inner Glow Circle. Her philosophy is that fitness, health and wellness are created with your mindset first before manifesting into physical form. Mindset is the most important part of health.

    in my free time I like to
    In her free time Jennifer likes to be in nature, on the dance floor, creating art, writing, or in the kitchen cooking. She currently writes for multiple publications. Jennifer is a huge foodie, loves to meal prep, and is an avid house music lover.

  • Diego Gonzalez, Personal Trainer/Social Media Coordinator

    Years of Experience

    • 6 Years


    • B.S. Exercise Science, Virginia Commonwealth University
    • American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist

    Diego graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2019 with a degree in Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science. After graduating, he became a certified Exercise Physiologist, with the American College of Sports Medicine, where he began working as a technician in Cardiac Rehab. During his time as a cardiac rehab tech, he gained much of his experience working alongside registered nurses, clinical dietitians, and masters of exercise physiologists. Since the clinic mostly focused on cardiovascular training, he wanted to branch out and incorporate strength training programs on trainees outside the clinic. Diego eventually settled his sights on pursuing a career in the fitness industry and became a personal trainer.

    in my free time I like to
    Diego enjoys spending time with my family. Additionally, a great pastime is grabbing food and drinks with close friends. Running and swimming used to be huge competitive sports of mine in the past but currently, he utilizes playing paintball on a weekly basis. He is also a huge freshwater aquarium nerd. A part of maintaining an aquarium is the balance in water chemistry and how aquatic organisms co-habitate. The payoff is a beautiful mini piece of mother nature in his very own room.

  • Sarah VanHorn, Personal Trainer/Nutrition Coach

    Years of Experience

    • 6 Years


    • Personal Training - ACE
    • CPR - American Red Cross
    • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - Institute Integrative School of Nutrition
    • Herbalism & Supplement courses
    • Licensed Cosmetologist

    Sarah started her career as a hairstylist in 2012 with a passion as a colorist. Her health journey began when her dad passed away unexpectedly in 2014. During this difficult time, she developed chronic health issues. Despite seeing doctors and trying medications she was getting worse. To improve her health, she decided to take action to heal herself. She started regularly exercising, researching nutrition and herbalism and found it drastically improved her mental and physical health. As she and family began to see a shift, Sarah decided to dive into the fitness and nutrition industry. This led to her to starting her own business in holistic health called Sarah’s Holistic Health, where she is coaching and guiding individuals on improving their health. As a Military wife, Sarah moved to the DMV in 2022. This move has given her the opportunity to dive back into coaching people on improving their health, in person and with a team.

    in my free time I like to
    Sarah is very lucky to love what she does for her career and has made health and wellness her whole life. Sarah enjoys making recipe, wellness, and workout content on social media. She also enjoys reading health books and being creative with photography, writing, and creating recipes and holistic products. She also loves nature, exploring to new areas, hiking, one wheeling and most outdoor activities.


here’s how it works


signature fit evaluation

A complimentary signature process where we learn about your goals, health history, and take you through a mini workout so we have the information we need to begin building your customized program.

full body assessment

A comprehensive fitness assessment to collect baseline metrics that will help us track your progress.

personal training session

Meet your trainer in your private suite (or virtually) for your 1:1 session to begin your completely customized workout program.

progress checks

A comprehensive assessment every 6 weeks so we can celebrate your progress and set new goals.


  • I started working out after having breast cancer and heading to osteoporosis. My primary goal with FT was to increase bone density. I now have normal bone density.

  • Friendly people who care about helping you achieve your goals. FT helped me prepare to hike the Appalachian Trail at age 65. If you have the will, FT will show you the way.

  • I have been working out at FT for a couple of years and it has made a dramatic difference in my health. I no longer need hip surgery and I am able to dance and hike again.

  • The high quality training and nutrition advice at Fitness Together has helped me reach my fitness goals. I’ve lost 20 pounds and have a BMI of 22.8!