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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Success Stories

Wendy W.

I joined Fitness Together (FT) about five months ago, even though I had made inquiries two years earlier.  I had some very low goals to start with:  to be able to get up off the floor without having to pull myself up on something; to achieve better balance; to get stronger; to become fitter and to lose weight.  Along with that I did not want the exercises to make me so sore and hurt that I didn't want to come back.   

I haven't achieved all of these goals yet, but I can see huge changes already.  I can get up by myself now; it isn't graceful or pretty, but I can do it.  I am stronger and I no longer have so many aches and pains every morning *.  Once I make some small gains, my trainer changes things up a little, both to avoid boredom and to continue getting stronger.  The trainers are wonderful, ensuring that I maintain proper form so I am gaining the benefit of the exercise I am doing.  

How I wish I had followed through on my earlier inquiries - I would be so much further ahead than I am now.  On the other hand, when you stop exercising completely, as I did, you have to start somewhere.  I have done that with the help of the Fitness Together trainers and I am happy with what I have accomplished so far.  I look forward to continued progress.

Kris M.

I came to Fitness Together Tysons after hip replacement surgery and before undergoing knee replacement surgery.  Initially I thought that I would not be able to exercise due to my limitations, but quickly learned that Fitness Together Tysons would design a program specifically for me and that I could get strong despite my limitations.  I am now stronger than ever!  

I had my hip replaced in July 2014 and started physical therapy in September 2014. The focus of the therapy was on my hip, but at the time I also had back pain and tendonitis in my arms due to my dependence on using my arms and upper body during the recovery phase of my hip replacement. Additionally, my flexibility had been greatly reduced and I realized I was becoming very inactive. I knew I had to do something for myself. I also knew that I was facing two knee replacements in the near future.

I decided to get some massage therapy to help with my flexibility and pain. I knew I wanted to get involved in some organized physical activity that would allow me to strengthen my full body. I also knew that I did not want group classes and that I needed to find a place that had the ability to work with someone in my physical condition. I did not know where to turn, and my massage therapist recommended Fitness Together Tysons to me.

I was sure that after my initial consultation I was going to be told that I would not be able to perform any exercises and that they could not help me, but during my consultation I was assured that the team at Fitness Together Tysons could work with me. I felt comfortable in the environment and could see that I was not going to be judged for my lack of ability. Coming in I was concerned about working with a personal trainer that would be overly aggressive, but after my first session I felt so positive and had no back pain! I knew I was in good hands and that the team did not have their own “agenda”. They wrote a program that was specific for me. Before my knee replacement surgery, the program focused on my posture, building upper body strength, and strengthening the muscles in my legs.

I wanted to go into my upcoming knee surgery as fit as possible. I wanted to ensure I had a speedy recovery after surgery, that I would only need a minimal amount of physical therapy, and that I could do things for myself using the rest of my body while my knee was recovering. I started at Fitness Together Tysons four months pre-surgery and exercised three times a week until the time of surgery.

Going into my knee surgery in April 2015, my legs were strong, my back felt great, and I had gained significant upper body strength*. The medical staff that I worked with were all impressed by my energy and strength.

Post surgery, I was able to move around within a short period of time. I had the minimal amount of physical therapy, I was only using a walker for a week, and I was driving within three weeks*. I was able to go down stairs four weeks ahead of the typical 12-week time frame that was outlined. And I felt positive and confident!

I returned to Fitness Together Tysons after six weeks. My new program was adjusted to allow for my limitations and continues to be adjusted appropriately as I get stronger. The team stays up to date on my status and while they are solicitous of the surgery, no one treats me like a baby! I am able to do all of my normal day to day activities and don’t even feel like I am in recovery from a recent surgery.

The entire staff is excellent. They all know about my needs and me. Each trainer is vigilant and meticulous, watching every detail and making corrections on minor things that make a big difference.



Myra G.

Shovel the snow off the 6-car driveway?  Sweep a deck the size of 3 living rooms?  Reach up high for a vase on the topmost shelf?

Five years ago the consequence of doing any of the above would have been soreness for a good week or even much longer.  However, since working out at Fitness Together Tysons, I can do these tasks and other reaching, bending, arm-exerting movements with minimal or no “after-pain.” *  I no longer panic or despair when I’m hit with some new muscle twinge.  Instead I now know how to analyze my movements and take corrective action.

This is because working at Fitness Together has given me confidence, strength, and a greater understanding as to how to move my body to avoid injury.  The trainers write a specific program of exercises to target key areas and then watch me closely as I go through those exercises.  I’m always amazed at the detail they notice, and how, when I make the corrections they suggest, new little pains that have popped up miraculously disappear.  I also appreciate the fact that they adjust the exercises to avoid irritating any soreness I may have walked in with.

The Studio manager and the trainers always answer my questions about what particular exercises are supposed to do or how the body works.  If they can’t answer right away, they look it up and get back to me later.  They notice things like general posture and foot position even when I’m not actively doing an exercise, and on my dog walks I hear their advice in my head and thereby get in additional practice --  no extra charge!

My husband and I go together to the gym.  He has Alzheimer’s, and even though he has trouble expressing himself and following directions, the trainers are excellent at guiding him and making him feel good about his workout.  Despite cognitive difficulties and physical slowness, he has maintained good stability and mobility.*

I love the friendly atmosphere at Fitness Together and the organization’s commitment to making the workout a positive and genuinely helpful experience.  I also like their free every-month-or-so educational lectures on various health topics, and all the recipes and take-home tips.

For me Fitness Together is more than a place to work out.  Rather, it is a multi-faceted health experience where the trainers and staff are like friends.  Their humor, their warmth, and their skill and expertise make the time spent there a welcome addition to my weekly routine.


John A.

72 years old

Like a lot of people in Northern Virginia, I sit at a desk and slump over a keyboard for most of my waking hours. This is not good. I’ve been coming to FT twice a week for personal training sessions since September 2010, and I am happier, healthier and less stressed as a result of my regular visits.

When I first came in for my consultation, I was 67 years old and my exercise was mostly limited to walking.  I knew I needed a professional to teach me to exercise the correct way; all of the FT trainers are highly educated and credentialed. They know which exercises to challenge me with to exercise muscles that have been ignored or forgotten. I believe that form is very, very important in getting the maximum benefit from exercise without injury, and I need someone to correct my form. The personal attention I receive during the sessions has been critical to my success. Having a personal trainer observe my exercise performance makes all of the difference in the world to me.  Exercising alone is fine, but never as good as when there is a trained observer. 

I suspect that many people who select a personal trainer are primarily motivated by wanting to lose weight.  In my mind, this is not the best motivation, although it may have the benefit of helping to maintain weight. Weight loss is going to be more a function of diet than exercise.  Also, in reality, two times per week at FT won’t be enough if you think these sessions will help you to lose weight.  To derive the greatest benefits from your FT sessions, you will need to do some exercise in addition to your FT sessions, including walking, stretching or other exercises which your FT trainer can suggest for you.

I talked my wife into starting FT training and she also can attest to a feeling of better health that comes from regular, trainer-supervised exercise*. Although it isn’t inexpensive, I always remind her that we can either spend the money now on training at Fitness Together, or we will spend it later on medical care because we are unhealthy and out of shape.

I am always impressed by the cleanliness of the FT facility (someone cares enough to take care of the place) and the welcoming atmosphere when you walk in the door. The trainers are the best; they take an interest in me and want to help me to feel better, be stronger and more flexible, and I like the system. FT has had a very positive impact on my life; in fact, I would say my regular FT sessions have changed my life. FT is a beautiful place!

Bernadette B.

When I was asked to write a short statement about what Fitness Together means to me as the team wanted to highlight my progress, I was very excited - goodness maybe this was proof that plan C was working!!

I have been married for thirty two years to my long suffering husband, David. I am a working mom of four children ranging in age from 28-16, have one son in law and two granddaughters. I have always had to watch my weight. Within the past two years I have tried all sorts of things to help both with my weight and keeping my bones in as good a shape as possible as I am at risk for osteoporosis.

My first attempt at "getting fit" was with a doctor  recommended DVD exercise course. Without supervision, this led to a pulled back, agony, days in bed and two months of chiropractor visits. End of plan A. Trying to be more cautious, that was followed by a nine month period with an excellent Pilate's instructor but something was missing- the weight kept creeping on, my back was twinging and it just wasn't a good fit for me - end of plan B. Enter my two good friends concurrently: Donna S. who so impressed me with her 25 lb weight loss (she is now a FT client, too) and Susan K, who told me about her new found secret - Fitness Together Tysons - she had been a client here for a while. These two amazing women inspired me to really make a concerted effort to lose weight and get into better shape. I asked my family if they would get me a gift certificate for FT for Christmas 2013 and God bless my hubby David- he did just that.

To cut a long story short, I rearranged my diet with the help of and have lost twenty eight pounds and three dress sizes*. I am working out with FT twice a week and walking two and a half miles the other five days a week.  I have reversed the bone density loss I had been seeing for the past three biannual scans (which my doctor tells me is very unusual) and am feeling better than I have felt in years.*

I have come to know the professionals at FT and really appreciate their expertise and friendship. I have not had one issue with my back and usually have no idea what weights I am using- I just trust them all! They even told me how to work independently while I was out of the area for six weeks this summer. I think I have challenged Lynn, as I often have wacky ideas about things- right Lynn!!. I tell my family every chance I get( mother's day, my birthday etc.): "Don't buy me presents- just send me to FT!!. And yep, you guessed it -all I want for Christmas is a gift certificate to FT Tyson's!! You guys are the best!!


Bernadette B.

Vienna, VA.


Brad L.

Fitness Together Tysons is proud to share another success story. Here Brad Lytle shows how Fitness Togeether Tysons changed his health and his life:

Do you suppose our bodies crave repetition, while at the same time our minds pass judgment on what we are actually doing? I started thinking about that in my mid-40’s, because I seemed to spend more energy criticizing myself for getting puffy than doing anything about it. My daily zombie routine was to stay up too late every night, be tired all the next day, indulge in periodic sugar rushes to survive the day, and then collapse on the couch with another bag of chips during the late night news. My mind was perpetually critical of my routine, but I could never break the addiction long enough to make a lasting change.

Thank goodness for my wife, Cathy, who set me up with a series of sessions with the Fitness Together Tysons Team. I didn’t plan them – they were planned for me, and they changed everything. There was no longer that early morning mental debate about whether I should sleep for another half hour, or if I should go downstairs on the treadmill. I knew that my trainer was going to be waiting for me at 7:30 AM sharp. I became accountable to them, and the debate was gone. It was on my calendar, I knew they were there for me, and I wasn’t going to stand them up. This is the key – showing up is the hardest part. Once you are there, the workout will be over in 45 minutes, and once it is done you feel better, every single time. 

I’ve been working out with the Fitness Together Tysons gang for over 4 years now, and it has become my routine. As long as I’m in town, I never miss a session, and my trainer is waiting for me every morning. I’m far from being in prime shape, but I’m in pretty good shape, and I feel much, much better.* Nothing happened fast for me, but on the other hand, I never hurt myself, and my progress was steady. I’m not interested in being a health nut, but I do want to be healthy for a long time, and I believe Fitness Together Tysons is doing that for me. Overtime, the waistline has dropped, my muscle mass has improved, my energy level is solid, and I’ve met some pretty nice people along the way. I am now highly protective of my time at Fitness Together*. Working out is now a part of my routine, and my mind beams me positive vibes as a consequence. Thank you to Cathy and Fitness Together Tysons for caring enough to get me back on track. 

Brad Lytle
Vienna, VA

Ryan C.

FT Tysons Client

Hello, my name is Ryan Cotnoir. I have been working out with Fitness Together since September 2012. I have always liked to exercise. When I was very little my parents learned I had cerebral palsy. I wore leg braces for many years and my mother and father would stretch and massage my muscles. Today I am 34 and use a walker to get around. When I was 15 I had surgery on both of my legs, and after I got home from the hospital a physical therapist came to my house to help me build my strength again. That is when I really started to enjoy working with trainers, and I especially like the trainers at Fitness Together Tysons. We work on balance, stretching and strength training. The training rooms are quiet so I can understand the instructions. If you have special needs, or know someone who does, the trainers at Fitness Together Tysons can help you too.*

After *

Mike M.

For the basics I am a 32-year-old attorney born and raised in Oklahoma City. Prior to joining Fitness Together, I was living a (far too typical) sedentary lifestyle. For a while, the most exercise I would get on any day may be the walk to and from the parking garage at my office building. But this has been typical my adult life, dating back to high school, always being a bigger fan of "spectator sports," rather than being a participant.

However, I started to develop health problems in my late 20s including high blood pressure and high cholesterol, in addition to the excess weight I had been carrying around my whole life. It wasn't until I developed a back injury playing golf that I realized that I needed to start taking control of my health. The original back injury caused so much pain that I passed out a parking lot and spent 11 hours in an emergency room. The injury would flare up on me over the next two years causing me to miss full days of work at a time.

When I finally came to the (now obvious) conclusion that I needed to fix my own personal health I knew I needed to find something other than the gym, as I have had access to gyms most of my adult life and decided never utilized them. I knew I needed help to make sure I would not aggravate my back injury or exacerbate my high blood pressure. I was drawn to Fitness Together because of the individualized attention I would receive and that they would customize my work out to address my specific health problems. I still remember my original length phone consultation with Lynn describing the philosophy and features of training at Fitness Together. I may still have difficulty describing what exactly “functional training” is, but I know that I am appropriately sore and sweaty after each session. The one-on-one attention with trainers that know when and how to push my abilities, while at the same time emphasizing proper technique to make sure I am doing exercises correctly without injuring myself.
I have been scheduled for training three times per week since the beginning of my training. I usually do make it in for three weekly sessions, and Fitness Together’s flexibility in scheduling has been particularly valuable. There are nights were it is approaching 8pm and I am still at the office, with a pile of work still to do that night. Being able to reschedule on short notice has let me maintain my momentum with the training routine I am in.

The trainers and staff of Fitness Together have been phenomenal. It is easy to tell they enjoy their work and are dedicated to helping me improve my health. One of my concerns when I was starting at Fitness Together was that I would not have any particular trainer to train me and that it could be a crapshoot getting a “good” trainer. After nearly two years at Fitness Together, I am confident that all of Fitness Together’s trainers meet high quality standards, and comfortable being trained by any one of the entire staff (although I’m still not all that sure about Jaffe). Quite simply, Fitness Together’s trainers know what they are doing and do it incredibly well, far exceeding my expectations.

The net result of all my training? I have lost over 50 pounds since starting at Fitness Together*. I have had to replace my entire wardrobe twice now, a good problem to have. People have been complementing me on how great I look, which never happened before, and being a true test of my ability to stay humble. I have not had any issues with lower back injury this year and my blood pressure is under control*. I can say unequivocally that I feel better now than I ever have in my entire adult life, and have annihilated my own preconceived notions of what I can and cannot do in my life. I have started running because, well, I can physically do it for the first time in my life. My goal is completing a half-marathon at the end of the summer. I am excited that I am running my first ever 10K on June 8th, in the ironically-named Lawyers Have Heart race, and will be tracking the race on my Twitter account (@okiedukie). 
I am thankful for all of the encouragement I have received from the trainers and clients at Fitness Together and I wish everyone success on meeting their own fitness goals.

Pat T.

Pat’s first visit to Fitness Together was in July 2011. In her own words……

I’m reluctantly going in to old age kicking and screaming. I’ve carried extra pounds for a number of years - and then a diabetic medicine suddenly added 30 very unneeded pounds. I was having difficulty walking, avoided going up a curb at all costs (much less stairs) and kept a folding cane in my purse “just in case”. One day I happened to drive by Fitness Together and saw the sign. I went home and checked out the web page, printed all the information on the trainers and took it to my doctor. He looked it over, agreed it looked good – and the next thing I knew I was having my first encounter with Lynn. I could do absolutely NONE of the tests she put me through – and yet she made me feel confident that the FT team would be able to help me. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed to do something. I was terrified of my first training sessions – but, it didn’t matter which trainer I worked with, I was reassured, pushed only to the point to which I was comfortable, and gained a little more confidence with each session. 

After several years, I’m still amazed not only at what Fitness Together has done for me, but how they work as a team. Sure, now they push me beyond where I think I can go, but there is genuine concern and the feeling that each of them understands how I feel. At the first sign of any real pain, they have only one word: “Stop!” Each client has a training program designed specifically for them – and it’s changed frequently. As much as I might complain to the trainer or program designer, I am truly amazed at the time, effort and care that go into designing each program. 

I really had no expectations when I went into this program – I thought I was too old and out of shape and beyond help. Today I don’t even know where that cane I carried everywhere is*. I don’t hesitate at a curb, stairs have been conquered and I have confidence that I can continue to improve*. I feel better, I’m told I look better and carry myself much stronger. I’ve lost many inches*. Unfortunately, the weight isn’t dropping like we’d hoped, but that is a medical issue that is being addressed. 

I’ll never be someone who is thrilled at the idea of working out – but I know now I will feel great after doing it. The FT Team, collectively and individually, makes a workout such a positive experience and I leave each session feeling as though I have reached another goal or achieved another milestone. I never expected to feel that way. Fitness Together has truly changed my life and made a better, happier, more confident person out of me! 

And, due to diet and my workouts, I no longer need the diabetic medicine that started all this!*

Ann L.

My friend called to me from across the parking lot. “Hey Ann, you look pretty good for an old broad.” At my age -71- these words sound sweet. I owe Fitness Together credit for the compliments.

I became a client of Fitness Together Tysons in July of 2012. After falling from my bike three times (in one day), I promised my daughters that I would get help with my balance. I spoke to a friend about her workout program at Fitness Together (FT) and, in fact, followed her into the studio that very day. I received the warmest welcome from Lynn who patiently described the unique qualities of the FT program from strategies to address balance issues to the completely individualized workout routines. I was impressed by the credentials of the trainers and became a Client. 

After a few short weeks, I saw definite improvement in my balance resulting from improved core strength*. As weeks turned into months, I achieved upper body strength that I had never before enjoyed and a real change in muscle definition. I don’t need a mirror to confirm the changes. Comments from friends and family members provided that. I also lost weight and a dress size.*

I have developed an addiction (a good one) to my workout experience. The FT trainers (all of them) work from the same play book. All are skilled in coaching good form. I have never once had a “bad” workout: they are sensitive to my lower back issues and gently chastise me when I risk injuring myself. They also encourage me to push beyond my perceived limitations. Nothing fuels effort like success!

I’ve had memberships in a number of fitness facilities. My FT experience is, by far, the best. I keep coming back because it works.

Marilyn M.

FT Tysons Client

In the spring of 2011, I decided it was time to face the fact that I was overweight, tired of being tired, and out of shape. One lovely spring evening, I went for a walk/jog in my neighborhood. I hadn’t exercised regularly in years and was making another attempt to get started. (How many times had I tried to get started?) 
I remember thinking, “I’ll just jog to that corner, and then I’ll walk.” Somehow, in the next few steps, something grabbed in my back; my left leg gave out, and I face-planted on the sidewalk.
I must have passed out for a while because when I finally sat up there was dried blood on my hands and face. I cried because I knew I had done some damage, and I was sad that no one had stopped to help me. It turned out that I had a concussion, a broken nose, a dislodged tooth (that required 2 surgeries), and missed 4 days of work. After the trauma to my face was more under control, I realized that I had also injured my left elbow which took several months to heal.

By July, I was mostly healed. I was sad, however, that at age 56 I felt so old and tired. I didn’t like where I was and knew that change was needed.

One day, I was driving by Fitness Together. I had passed many times and was attracted by the sign that said, “One Client, One Trainer, One Goal,” but I had never been brave enough to inquire about their program. I figured I had a gym membership. I could do this on my own. Reality check! I wasn’t doing it on my own and knew that the gym made a lot of money on my good intentions and failed attempts. 
During my consultation they very kindly listened to my story and explained the program to me. One of the things that really meant a lot to me was the sense that here was a place where someone would care whether or not I showed up. That has proven to be true time and time again—each trainer I have worked with has given me the sense of caring and compassion that has contributed so much to my positive experience with FT. I have found friends at FT.

I started out thinking that I would work with a trainer for a few months and that would jumpstart my exercise enough that I could go back to a “regular” gym. I’ve never wanted to go back and have now completed 2 years at FT. I know that I will continue for the foreseeable future. 

I now feel stronger than I have since I was in my early 30s. I have lost 25 pounds and kept it off*. (I’m still working on losing!) I have changed many of my eating habits and am now gluten-free and feeling better than I have in a very long time. 

During the past two years, personal training has given me the strength to keep going when I might have been overwhelmed and knocked flat by the difficulties of life. Often I come to FT after work, feeling stressed, sad, or exhausted, but I always leave feeling uplifted, stronger, and happier. It really is magical at times.

I love the association with every member of the FT team and appreciate the high level of expertise, instruction, and compassion that is consistently given. I have the greatest respect for the young professionals who are willing to work with a now 58-year lady who giggles at the expectation to jump up on a box! But I’m doing it and loving it!

Thank you, FT!!

Steve F.

Super Dad

I just finished my first year with Fitness Together.  It's been great.

I went "adventure" camping with my daughter and her Girl Scouts this weekend.

A year of squats, lunges and step ups gave me the leg strength to hike 6 miles up the Massanutten ridge without fatigue yesterday*.

A year of bench rows, pull-ins and pull-downs gave me the upper body strength to canoe 7 miles down the Shenandoah without so much as a crick in my neck.

And a year of dead bugs, kettle bell swings and RDLs gave me the core strength to do this!*

Liz M.

FT Tysons Client

I have always thought of myself as someone who works out, but over the past few years have found that it became more sporadic and I realized that I was not going to do this on my own. I needed outside motivation and encouragement. I needed someone to be accountable to other than myself. I needed Fitness Together Tysons.

I first learned of Fitness Together from my Mom. I remember how much she enjoyed going to this "gym" and asking her if I could go with her to see what she did there. I went with her and the trainer had us workout together. I remember a few things from that day. I had a great workout, I enjoyed it. I was sore, but still wanted to do it again! 

When a co- worker told me about Fitness Together Tysons a couple of years ago, those memories from when I went with my Mom came back. I was at a point with exercising where I needed some additional assistance to help move me toward my goals. 
They customized workout programs for me in order to help me succeed in gaining strength and muscle and I quickly realized they want me to succeed as much as I do. Through my exercise programs I have been able to accomplish my goal of getting more into shape. I have started enjoying working out and am no longer sporadic about it. I actually look forward to going to the gym and working out and see the benefits of consistent exercise.

Now that I'm 7 months pregnant I am even more aware how important working out is. The trainers have made the necessary modifications to my program to allow me to continue to successfully work out. I thought it was going to be hard at first, being pregnant and working out. I wondered if I'd be able to continue and how it would be different. My trainers had the knowledge to make the necessary modifications, explained them, and let me know when they would be implemented into my program. I was really impressed and flattered and it was more evidence that they truly did care about helping me continue to succeed in my desire to stay fit, even during my pregnancy.*

Fitness Together has been everything and more than I could have wanted in a gym. I would definitely recommend Fitness Together to family and friends. I have worked with them at least twice a week for the last two years and have enjoyed every minute. Some days are harder than others, getting up at 5am to be at the gym by 6am. But, you do it. You do it because you want to and because someone is waiting for you to train you, to listen to you, to motivate and to ultimately help you reach your goals.

Amber J.

My name is Amber Johnson.  I’m 34 years old and I have been the proud “owner” of 7:30 am Tue & Thu at Fitness Together Tysons since February of 2009. Since as far back as I can remember I have always been interested in sports and being active.  I played softball all through middle school and high school and absolutely loved it.  A few years after high school into my early 20’s, I was no longer playing softball and getting out as much as I use to. Around that same time, I started eating more and slowly gaining weight.  Early in 2003 I was at my heaviest and at that point, I decided it was time to make a change.  At first it was a complete struggle to change my eating habits and get up every morning to workout; but after 2 weeks went by, I was on track and ready to fight the weight off of me. Just 6 long grueling months later I had lost 85 pounds!*  During this time I realized food and I had a love hate relationship – I was always going to love it and it was always going to hate me.  I continued my rigorous cardio sessions and trying to eat right, but as the years went by my weight fluctuated up and down.

In 2009, I felt it was time to step up my game and try something new that was going to get me motivated and back on track. That is when I found FT. Two days a week I was being held accountable by someone else to get in gear. It was a slow uphill process at first.  I hadn’t done weights, squats, lunges and all of those other crazy things they come up with in years.  I diligently went to my sessions and pushed through each one at 110%. Over the course of time I felt myself getting stronger, faster and leaner by the day.  I continued to do my cardio on my own and my FT trainers were nothing but supportive, kind, caring and extremely motivating!  I have always felt that they honestly have the best intentions for tailoring a program to each client's individual needs.  When it comes time to renew my sessions I always tell myself --  hey I can do this on my own but , FT has become a part of my life and exercise routine.  I really feel at this point it would be extremely hard to give it up.  This group of trainers at FT Tysons is by far my favorite.  

I have come a long way in 5 years – I have pushed through arthritis, ankle and back injuries*.  I have learned to not be so obsessed with the number on the scale and to just go with how I feel.  Even more important, I now understand that it is okay to fall off the wagon - as long as you get back up.  In the fall I will complete my 8th half marathon* (walking & jogging) in Disney surrounded by supportive friends who have also been along for the ride.  I am also pretty confident that this milestone would not have been possible all on my own.  Thanks to all of the amazing trainers at FT for your expertise and guidance over the years and teaching me that Strong is the new Skinny


Heather B.

Marketing Professional

Hi Lynn,

As we were discussing, I wanted to share the improvements I’ve noticed since coming to FT so that you can share them with the team.

The first thing I noticed was that I rarely take Advil anymore*. One day recently I needed it for something and it dawned on me that it had been a long time since I’d taken any. Previously it seemed I was popping it for one ache or pain or another just about every other day. 

Another thing that made me realize how much better shape I’m in was last week’s snow.  I spent two hours shoveling one morning and didn't experience any lower back pain*.  Whatsoever.  Not then, not later, not the next day.  And there was no Advil involved either!  :-)  You and everyone else at FT knows what a big statement that is for me!

As I’ve shared with you, I struggle with sleeplessness now and then. One of the worst parts of this for me is feeling like I can barely get through the day when I haven’t slept well the night before.  Sometime in the last couple of weeks I had a bout of insomnia.  I remember lying there thinking “well, I have time to take a nap tomorrow if I really need to.”  At about 10:30 the next night I realized that, not only did I feel perfectly fine right then, but that I hadn’t been tired all day.  I’m sure I would suffer worse consequences from more than one sleeplessness night in a row, but I attribute the work I’m doing at FT to my ability to better handle the one-off situations like this last one.

All of these things are far more important and valuable to me than fitting into a smaller size or seeing the number on the scale go down. Those things are great and desirable of course, but the superficial stuff isn't why I came to FT. During my initial consultation, I said that, while I want and need to lose weight, I was coming to FT because I want to be more fit and healthy. With the help of everyone at FT, I feel more fit and healthy than I have in years and I know that I will just continue to feel better and better.* So thank all of you!!


Ahmed A.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was early September 2012. I was visiting my parents for an end of summer beach trip with my family down in SC. After a particular day on the beach, I was chatting with my mother and we were having a look at some photos she took earlier in the day. In that one moment, the results of decisions I had made and habits I had formed regarding my personal health crystalized. In a single word, I was DISGUSTED with what I had allowed to happen over the previous four years.

For most of my life, I had been something of a fitness buff. I prided myself on eating well, exercising regularly, and generally staying in top form. In 2006, I met the love of my life Debbie. We were engaged in 2008 and over the next five years we got married, had two kids, moved into our dream home, and I switched jobs. Somehow, I switched off completely from a fitness buff to a fitness dud. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and completely stopped exercising. It took the crystalizing moment of that photo for the results of those decisions to sink in. In five short years I went from a super-fit 175lb guy with a six-pack to a typical obese American topping the scales at almost 230lbs.

I studied chemical engineering in college and the most important thing I learned from that was how to solve problems. The engineer's code is simple -- define a problem, break it down into smaller chunks, find sustainable solutions to each chunk, and then violently execute. That's essentially what I did after seeing that photo. I knew that getting healthy again was a matter of balancing a simple equation I learned all those years ago college....the energy balance. Simply put, output had to be greater than input and to the extent you can increase that gap, you will accelerate towards your goals. I also decided that in order for this to be sustainable, I had to find solutions that were sustainable over the long haul considering my responsibilities as a husband, father of two young boys, and a homeowner.

On the input side, I credit my wife with helping me to devise a nutrition plan that fit within my goals while still being integrated into the overall family meal plan. This focused primarily on not eating out much and portion control. My wife promised me that she would create delicious meals that would be filling. And my commitment to her was that I would stick to the plan she designed. It worked beyond my wildest imagination.

On the output side, I knew that I needed a workout program that was focused, sustainable, and most importantly efficient considering my family and professional responsibilities. I found the perfect solution in Fitness Together Tysons:

1) Focused -- There's nothing quite like the professionalism of FT trainers. They do their homework and design a workout perfectly suited to your goals and your abilities. All you have to do is show, follow directions, and you will achieve results
2) Sustainable -- Key to my success was the both the proximity to my home (to minimize travel time) and the routine. FT trainers always ask how you're feeling and push you or back as is appropriate
3) Efficient -- In my 20's, I was single and could dedicate a couple of hours a day to training if I felt like it. There's no way I could do that today. FT trainers are versed in the best of exercise science and know how to fit everything you need into a 45-minute session. In that 45 minute session, the program designed by FT trainers accomplishes more than I could do on my own in 90-120 minutes.

Combining all those things, I was able to achieve my goals inside of six months*. Talk about a serious return on investment! Even though I'm in a much better place, my experience with FT was so awesome that I've decided to continue training with them for the long haul.

My recommendation to you....if you want to get traction, achieve your goals, and do this all within the confines of the modern busy lifestyle -- get a proper nutrition plan and give the folks at FT Tysons a call. You will not be disappointed. 

James R.

The name says it all.  “Fitness Together”    I finally have a partner who helps me stay motivated.  When I come in for a session, I know my trainer has done his homework and has something a little different planned each time.  It is always based on what I need and what’s best for a guy my age with my level of ability.    And it is really working; I am in the best shape of my life and have a lot more energy.*   You can’t help but feel healthier and it gives you a positive “boost” that you can apply to all aspects of your life.  Unlike other retirement plans that haven’t performed so well, I have finally invested in a plan that pays benefits immediately and will continue to pay big dividends in the future.


Marshall H.

Today I ran my first 5K.  I honestly can't believe I did it.  The whole thing--save the pain in my shins--seemed a little surreal.

When I look back at this year so far I think of other things--wearing a sleeveless shirt for the first time (and not being embarrassed about it), squatting and bench pressing more than my body weight, and of course, training for the marathon this December--and I realize that all of this is because of the amazing partners I've found in all of you at FT*.

We've talked before about the part you played in saving my life.  But you guys also have changed my life, in more ways than I can even count.  I know you know that, but as everyone's lives are so crazy all the time, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you.

Steve A.

62 Year Old Retired Federal Employee

Q) Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A) I’m a male federal retiree, 62 years old.  For 35 years mostly what I did was sit at a desk all day.  Exercise wasn’t something I ever thought much about—in fact , I avoided it.  Once I retired, I realized I had the chance to do a lot of things I’d never done.  Exercise was the first thing I knew I needed to do--the main thing if I was going to get to do the other things.


Q) What factors made you choose Fitness Together Tysons and what were your expectations coming in (your preconceived notions)? 

A) I was hesitant to go to a gym—an older guy, out of shape.  I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I did know I wanted a measure of privacy and personalized attention.  At home, I was never able to stick with my exercises or be sure I was doing them right, so I hoped I’d get that at FT.


Q) How has Fitness Together impacted your life and how does it compare to your original expectations?

A) Not only do I get the personal attention I was looking for, I’ve been given a whole new attitude.  Every trainer I’ve had at FT has helped build my enthusiasm and appreciation for how my body works.  I feel now that my body and I are partners—if I treat it right, it will treat me right—and that every day I’m doing something to keep myself younger and healthier than I’d be if I were still just sitting behind a desk all day and on the couch all night.


Q) If you were to recommend us to a friend or family member, how would you describe the way Fitness Together serviced you?

 A) FT is nothing short of terrific.  I’ve learned a lot about just getting it done, about putting negativity behind you, about taking pleasure in just putting your body to work.  I feel fitter now at 62 than I’ve ever felt in my life.  I thought no one could ever get me to enjoy exercise—but I’d never been to FT or met the kind of professional trainers who work there.  They have a mission, an enthusiasm, and unbelievable know-how.


Q) What do you like the most about your Fitness Together experience?

A)What do I like best about FT?  The change that’s happened in my own attitude.  Even on the most routine day, going to FT makes me feel  that I’m doing something important.  Every day that I work out is a day when I’m saying that I know how precious my health is, and that I’m doing something to honor the blessing of just being alive.   What FT has given me is the environment and the people to help me keep doing that.   

Toni F.

45 year old female

I started personal training with Fitness Together because I wanted to improve my fitness level and stamina, lose some weight, and support my ballroom dancing hobby.  I had no idea then what a big impact personal training would have on my overall life and my dancing.

My day-to-day energy level and stamina have increased dramatically - just going about my every day responsibilities is much easier*.  I had read repeatedly that working out boosts your energy level, but I was never truly convinced.  For me, it seemed counterintuitive.  I figured that working out would simply wear you out.  However, I am now a firm believer! 

My ballroom dancing has also improved a great deal because I have a much more capable and strong body*.  I am amazed at the difference and I am excited to see how far I can take my dancing in the future.

I also was surprised how helpful the nutrition counseling turned out to be for me.  Given that I have had a good and varied diet all of my life, I did not expect a lot of improvement in this area.  However, learning the calorie values for certain foods and how much I should be eating each day was a revelation.

As a result of my personal training with Fitness Together Tysons, I feel more capable and powerful - both physically and mentally.  It's been a wonderful gift!

Gareth H.

68 year old male

"I am a committed regular at  'Fitness Together' since last year, for three reasons. First, my exercise and diet plan is designed and led, one-on-one, by one of FT's first-rate professional team. Second, it is shaped to my physical and medical needs, and frequently adapted to successfully get rid of aches and pains.

"Third, and mainly, the plan reinvigorates mentally as well. I do not want to be Mr. Universe or run a marathon. But with FT's help, aging body and mind are re-energized for day-to-day work and play.*

"Professionally, I am impressed by FT's healthy, diverse and collaborative team spirit, both with clients and in their well-run operation. I heartily commend their work, and urge all to give it a try."

Jeanne S.

65 year old female and Physical Therapist

From a 65-year-old woman, who is a Physical Therapist

I came to Fitness Together on the advice of a chiropractor I work with. I knew that I needed to do something aggressive to improve my muscle tone. As with some people, if left to us, it may not get done. Therefore, a structured program with personal guidance works the best for me. 

As a PT, I can assess if I am being instructed correctly. The form with which one does the exercise is very important. I found that the trainers, some more than others, have a watchful eye as to how the client is performing.  Equally important, is the experience that the trainers do not PUSH the client to do more than they feel they are capable of doing at that session. I am speaking on behalf of the middle-aged group of clients.  Important to me was the trainer’s knowledge of kinesiology, anatomy, exercise physiology, and his/her personal ability to relate to a client. Listening well to a client’s own perception of their body is very important.

Then trusting the trainer to plan a program that fits the client at that time in his/her life.   These are the essentials that I can say I find at Fitness Together Tysons.

While, I have not experienced other personal trainers at other places firsthand.

I have had experiences in the care of my patients where I have had to intervene and communicate with their personal trainer to “back off” and explain the goals and plan of care for the patient. Some trainers have one agenda to fit all and that cannot be. It may work for the young athlete, not the de-conditioned older man or woman who may have a history of back pain. I have found Fitness Together to be sensitive to the particular needs of the individual and that builds trust.

Exercise is important for the older adult. In the case of a menopausal or postmenopausal woman, all of a sudden you wake up one day and you look at your body and everything has gone south!  Sag, sag, and sag.  The eyelids are puffy, the upper arms underneath sag, the abdomen gets an unwanted apron, and the feet get flatter.  To top that, we get hot flashes whenever and wherever. We become high maintenance and not in the traditional sense of the word.

This is a wake-up call that estrogen levels and hormones in general are imbalanced. That directly affects muscle tone. We become weaker and our activity level changes to being more sedentary. Even the mind gets foggy.

This is the time to be engaged in an exercise program on a routine basis to become stronger and protect our joints. The heart is a muscle as well, and needs cardio workouts.

The old saying, “Use it or lose it” could not be more apropos.

It is one thing to say that you “should” exercise. Anyone will tell you that. The thought that really drives the older adult, man or woman, is the fear of becoming dependent on someone else. Look at your children and ask, “which one will take care of you?” If you do not have children, the fear is even more apparent.

No one wants to face his or her own morbidity.  So when we see and feel our bodies decline, these are the type of thoughts that may scare us into doing exercise.  Do we want to travel?  Pick up a grandchild?  The list goes on. There are many motivators.

Muscles need fuel to work properly. This means minerals, oxygen, and a good blood supply to name a few. Enrich the muscles by stretching and exercising.

Maintain a good posture. Breathe!

Fitness Together Tysons can help you get started!

I hope that through this discussion you have a better appreciation for what they do at Fitness Together and the impact they can make on your life.

Anne S. and Galt B.

She is 76 years old and he is 84 years old

We were not pleased with our one previous (big) gym experience – loud music, thumping of many feet on treadmills, and crowded conditions. Both of us needed bodywork, one for cardiovascular and other issues and one for osteopenia and other skeletal issues. We weren’t aware of options until a friend told us of her experience at FT, where, she said, the goal was not to see how many machines could be crammed into an hour but rather to develop programs based on our individual needs.

FT provides a lovely, healing, serene environment, with windows in each training room (and fans for those who need them). The pleasant ambiance is enticing. Music that caters to individual tastes is available in each room.  FT is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Fluffy towels are available (even bath towels, shampoos, and lotions). We look forward to being there, to finding healthy snacks awaiting us, and to being part of the FT “extended family.”

Nutrition guidance is available, and good nutrition and hydration are emphasized.  Chilled water is available, decanted into cups – not a drinking fountain where germs lurk – and coffee and tea are offered.

We have gained strength, flexibility, and better balance. As senior citizens, we have gained a new understanding of what shoulder girdle and hip flexibility means. There’s nothing like the exhilaration of feeling the bodywork for us once it is trained. I am no longer afraid to stand on a sturdy stepstool to change a light bulb! We appreciate the opportunity to work with skilled, experienced trainers and with the owners, whose background in bodywork is impressive. All are willing to adapt to how we feel that day.  When we have experienced injuries not related to our workouts, our trainers have adapted our sessions to our requirements until we have healed and feel strong again.*


Todd H.

34 year old father of 2

Q) Tell me a little bit about yourself.

A) I am 34.  I am married with two children and one on the way.  I work for the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  We moved to Northern Virginia is 2001.


Q) What factors made you choose Fitness Together and what were your expectations coming in (your preconceived notions)?

A) After struggling for years to make gains in strength and weight loss I felt I needed help.  I also wanted to exercise in a way that highlighted functional movements.  I felt that Fitness Together’s vision of “One Trainer. One Client. One Goal” was what I needed.  Another reason was that the studio is just a few minutes from where I live.


Q) How has Fitness Together impacted your life and how does it compare to your original expectations?

A) Fitness Together helped me achieve my goals.  They pushed me beyond what I thought I could do and the results are tremendous.  I have had personal training services in the past that provided little results, so I was skeptical I would make progress.  I was wrong and not only made progress but improved my life.  I have more energy, am more flexible and stronger.*


Q) If you were to recommend us to a friend or family member, how would you describe the way Fitness Together serviced you?

A) I would promote the staff.  They are fantastic.  They are great motivators, knowledgeable, and motivated.  The session always flew by and I always left feeling like it was a challenge and that I accomplished something.  I would also talk about how personal the experience is.  Everything is focused on your goals.


Q) What do you like the most about your Fitness Together experience?

A) I achieved a very aggressive goal and have made many improvements in my life.


Q) What else would you like to share with us?

A) If you are committed, the investment you make with Fitness Together and in yourself will pay huge dividends for life.

Karen M.

Type 1 Diabetic

As someone who has had Type I (insulin dependent) diabetes for 38 years, I can assuredly say that exercise has always been a key part of my treatment regimen. Exercise (be it by walking, pilates, playing team tennis, or working out at FT) has helped me in numerous ways: by helping to regulate my blood sugars,  aiding in weight control, boosting my mood, and improving flexibility and circulation (all challenging aspects of managing long-term type 1 diabetes)*

Wes R.

In the middle of a busy day, I had an opportunity to have a de-stressing exercise session at the Fitness Together Tysons. After a 45 min session with a trainer I felt relaxed physically and emotionally and as an additional bonus I really felt connected and aligned with my physical body, which moved my mind towards a relaxed and creative mood*.

I have experienced and learned simple and effective routines for correcting my posture challenged by long hours in sitting in front of a computer.

The personal attention from Fitness Together was also essential in correcting my posture while performing the exercises I have been routinely doing on my own in the past. That revealed to me that I was putting myself at risk of injury, while exercising on my own without paying attention to my posture. I see the practical wisdom of having a personal session with a FT trainer to learn a new exercise program.


Success Stories