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Healthy Habits for a Great Summer

Jun 28, 2024

Plan Ahead: Just because you are attending a cookout with great food, you still need to fuel your body with breakfast and lunch beforehand. This will also help you prevent overeating at your summer cookout!

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies: Pile those fruits and veggies up on your plate! Ideally, you want to eat the rainbow when it comes to fruits and veggies.

Use Less Sauce: Condiments and sauces such as ketchup and mustard are filled with unnecessary sugars and fats. Don't drench your burger and hot dog in sauce. Just a little bit will do the trick.

Drink Lots of Water: Summer drinks can always be fun to have, but make sure you are also drinking plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Practice Portion Control: To avoid overeating, try using a smaller plate, try not to go back for seconds, and make sure that you have all the food groups on your plate.

Get active: After you eat, play some backyard games, go on a bike ride, or take a swim. Spend some time outside moving your body, and enjoying time with others.

Conclusion: You can still have a FUN summer while making healthier choices!


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