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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

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Sam Artis

Sam Artis starting training at Fitness Together Bown Crossing in August 2012 He enjoys gardening and travel. Sam has improved tremendously over the last few months. Not only is he stronger but he has lost 17 lbs and 8% Body fat since.*

"After 40 years of almost NO physical activity, Fitness Together has helped me establish a routine. A routine that is always challenging but one I actually look forward to. First my diet improved. I am more aware of what I am eating and how much! Second, I have lost more than 20 lbs and dropped from a 40" waist to 35".* Finally, I look and feel better which goes straight to my self esteem."

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Sue Jones, aka Sue Baby

Sue Jones, a.k.a Sue baby!
For her long dedication to Fitness Together and as winner of "Catch Me If You Can" summer cardio challenge.
"I was in my late forties when my doctor gave me a choice to be on high blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life or lose weight. I opted to lose weight, so I went back to Weight Watchers and joined a gym. I was losing weight, but was not getting the results I wanted from the gym. I realized I needed to talk to a fitness expert. At the time, the gym did not have personal trainers. Through a friend, I was introduced to Fitness Together. My goal was to be fit at fifty. They had their work cut out for them! I lacked balance, strength, flexibility, and had never used a treadmill for cardio. I thought my diet was under control until we started discussing nutrition. I found out that my lack of energy was the lack of protein in my diet. I finally understood that nutrition, strength training, and cardio exercise all have to work together to make any difference in your health.

When I joined the Fitness Together franchise, I wasn't ready to stop training. I realized I still needed that personal fitness coach to challenge me and keep me accountable. Through the years, with the help of the trainers there, I have improved my health and fitness. I even ran a half-marathon last summer!* I continue to be a client because I know I can't do this alone. Now, with the help and support from my trainers Corinne and Adam who have made this commitment to a healthy life easy to follow, but also very challenging. Now my new goal is to be strong at sixty!


CeCe lost 30 lbs in 3 months after getting started with Brian at Fitness Together.* She hardly missed a session and did everything she was told to do.

"When I was in High School I was not a very active person. Once I graduated I started immediately gaining weight. I tried to lose weight on my own but nothing was working. I realized I needed help, someone who was an expert. As soon as I started working out with my fitness coach Brian I saw results. He planned workouts that were actually fun for me and that I didn't get bored with. Fitness Together taught me good nutrition and good exercise techniques. Im very glad I became a client here. " - CeCe

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Adam Schaub

"Everyone here at Fitness Together was great to me. The trainers are fun to work with and I thought my workouts were the best and at the same time they were always challenging. I made great progress, overall I'm extremely happy and thankful for everything! " - Adam
In 4 months since starting with Fitness Together, Adam has lost an overall 14 lbs, 5% body fat, 5 inches around his waist, and 10 inches around his belly.* Adam now has the confidence he needs to further his fitness goals on his own, thanks to the help of our Fitness Together trainers, Kalynn and Janell.
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Ashlee Dean

Cristina and Vina

Cristina and Vina started training together at Fitness Together for 4 weeks now and together have lost 5 % Body Fat and having fun doing it.*

Cristina - Enjoys playing Tennis, being with her family and volunteering at church. "Training at FT with Kalynn and Corinne has helped me stay consistant and improve her overall strength. I actually enjoy working out now, and I can hold a plank".

Vina - Enjoys writing, cooking and speaking Spanish. But most of all she loves training with her mom Cristina at Fitness Together. Together they have fun while they work out. "I use to dread getting up and going to work out on my own, but now I get excited to come to Fitness Together with my mom and really enjoy it, I can actually hold a plank longer each time I come in."

Our trainers have been awesome. They're friendly, real people and they know what they're doing. They offer the right balance between driving motivation and keeping the workouts enjoyable. The experience has been a positive one and we are very happy with the progress they've helped us accomplish

Together Cristina and Vina have lost 5 % body fat and increased their strength and energy levels.* Vina is our winner for the "I HEART FT" social media challenge and give a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

Hank and Brandy Fitchett

Hank and Brandy started working out together at Fitness Together in Febuary 2012, and are still going strong. Hank and Brandy have made huge progress at Fitness Together, Bown Crossing. They were motivated from the start and are very committed to making changes to their activity level.
Hank says, “Fitness Together has helped me get results. I have worked out before but wasn't getting the results I desired. Having a trainer keeps me accountable to not only to exercise but help me, by pushing me for one more rep each time. It has really been great working out with my wife Brandy! My overall fitness is much better and I have leaned up quite a bit since I started with Fitness Together. I am in better shape than I was at 30.”
Check out these results...*
Inches lost off waist = 3
Body Fat decreased by 5%
Strength = 20-25 push-ups to 63 push-ups
Brandy says, "Fitness Together has helped me keep a regular exercise schedule. I enjoy working out but doing the same thing over and over again can get boring. Working with each of the trainers has been fun, since each one has their own style and they are all great people. I have toned up quite a bit, I was getting pretty "jiggly" but now I feel firmer with less jiggle! Also, I have more energy and think more about the effects foods have on my body. I am not perfect with my diet, but I am definitely better."
Check out these results....*
Increase in energy levels
Strength = 12 push-ups to 25 push-ups