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Trainer Tuesday

Trainer Tuesday

Trainer Tuesday

What’s the best thing a working mom can do to stay in shape?


Involve the family in physical activity: go for a bicycle ride, play a physical game like tag, badminton or basketball, add a daily walk to your routine. If you can fit in ten minutes of exercise, add simple resistance exercises like bicep curls or triceps kickbacks with a filled water bottle or canned food.


Be diligent with food intake Create a plan and stick to it. Also make sure to carve out a time for exercise. This becomes increasing difficult with time demands between work and family but it must be done. During summer months make it a family thing take the kids to a park while creating your own park workout using a trx or just good old fashioned body weight moves (every rep counts)


Schedule time to move and plan/journal food intake using a smart phone app such as myfitnesspal is quick and simple but can really help the busy person stay on track.

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