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Support Corinne, Fitness Coach

Support Corinne, Fitness Coach


Earn her pro card in the up coming figure Competition!

I started a fitness journey of my own two years ago competing in Figure Competitions. For these who are not familiar with this sport, it is a couple steps below bodybuilding. Figure is a more feminine fitness look. I had placed 3rd and 2nd overall in two different competitions and am now on pursuit to earn my pro card and compete at a pro level. My next competition is October 17th and November 7th. In order to do this it will take a lot of time training and prepping not to mention a lot of money to go towards nutrition, supplements, custom suit, stage heels, tanning, posing classes, and entry fees.

That is why I need your help reaching my goals. Whether it is a small donation to help me or I am also offering 2 training sessions with me for every $100 donated to my cause. These sessions may also be gifted.

2 sessions with Corinne for $100

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