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Meet Me Monday!

Mar 6, 2013

Fitness Together clients:

Here is a great opportunity to add some cardio to your week. Meet Me Mondays is a weekly downtown non-competitive event sponsored by St. Al's and Bandanna's Running and Walking. I challenge you to start participating weekly. Time yourself and improve your time. Increase your distance. Start with a walk, then jog, then run. Recruit a fitness buddy. Train for another local event. Have fun, get out and enjoy Boise.

We GET OUT for the health of our body, mind and spirit. We GET OUT with our family and friends. We GET OUT to support our community. What do we do on Monday nights? GET OUT!!!


Meet Me Monday (MMM) is a weekly family fitness event that focuses on three things: (1) GET OUT and get some exercise; (2) GET SOCIAL and enjoy a good walk/run with family, coworkers or friends; and (3) ENJOY DOWNTOWN and explore new restaurants and retail businesses, many of whom will be offering discounts for those participating in MMM. MMM is NOT like many other fitness walk/runs. It is not timed, there is not starting pistol or flashy finish line, no blocked-off streets, and no huge hoopla. It's pretty simple actually: Come down to the Old Boise Building at 6th & Main at 5:15 to register and receive your course map. You can then head on out on your walk/run, following the directions on the map and obeying all traffic laws. When you return to Old Boise, we will do prize drawings at 6:45 p.m., and there will be drink specials and local restaurants offering discounts for participants. As the event goes on week after week, we will also hand out incentive prizes (shirts, caps, etc.) for those who have participated 8, 16, 50, 100, etc. times, so keep participating and you can wear your MMM gear with pride!

We hope you will join us week after week and enjoy the benefits of getting out for exercise & social time! Meet Me Monday is modeled after the successful "Meet Me at Maynards" program in Tucscon, and is being brought to Boise by Saint Alphonsus and our partner in health, Bandanna

Running & Walking! For more information check out the website at for regular updates and information on sponsors and discounts. GET OUT!!!


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