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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results*.

*Individual exercise results may vary.

Client of the Month

September 2019

We're so proud of Naga's hard work. She first started with the overall goal of toning up, by putting on some muscle and losing fat. Incase being a busy mother wasn't enough of a challenge, she was also facing dietary restrictions as a challenge. When we met with Naga, she was very open with us about feeling hungry all the time given the nutritional guidelines we'd given her. Knowing that the proper diet should never leave anyone feeling hungry, we hit the books. Naga started logging what she ate, and with that feedback we were able to help guide her nutrition in the proper direction. Since making her dietary changes, she no longer feels hungry and within two weeks she dropped 5 pounds of fat! We're so proud of Naga's persistency and honest with us, as well as her ability to adapt her eating choices to get the results she wants, while maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle. Keep up the amazing work Naga, so proud of you!!!

Kim Dsilva

Client of the Month

February 2019

Kim’s strength gains and body changes have come full force! Within the past few months, we have seen Kim step up her lifting game to the point she is now squatting 65 lbs with the barbell for 12 reps! Kim can also glute bridge a full plate on each side of the barbell for 12 reps! That’s 135 pounds and she’s dropped to a size 2! As an avid food logger, she’s been able to slim down her waist while continually gaining muscle! Kim understands nutrition is key! Way to go Kim!
Kim’s energy throughout her workouts (along with her usual couple cups of coffee) is infectious! She’s always smiling while bumping her favorite rap music. We are all so proud of her and cannot wait to see what her future holds!

Client of the Month

August 2019

The characteristic that stands out the most about Kathy is how giving she is, so when she came to us for help, we couldn't help but jump at the opportunity. She is one of the strongest and most humble people we've ever met. After juggling responsibilities and staying strong through the challenges some health issues brought to her loved ones, she decided it was time to make her health a priority. When she turned her fabulous-fierce-focus onto herself, she became unstoppable. Kathy is now down 20 pounds, because she has a nutrition program designed to help her drop weight and an exercise routine that respects her spondylitis. With the proper diet and excises Kathy has become an unstoppable weight-loss machine, headed full force towards her goal. We can't express how lovely it is to work with Kathy, especially when challenges arise. She is able to keep an open mind (even when what we have to say may be challenging to hear) and is willing to take our advice. Kathy has the discipline to follow through to get her desired results and takes time to inspire others. Kathy has the natural ability to lead others and is using it to change their lives for the better. She has already inspired her sister to start her fitness journey as well! We always look forward to working with Kathy and seeing what fabulous nails she has week after week. You're amazing Kathy, keep up the great work, and we can't wait to see how far we can take this journey!

Client of the Month

July 2019

Every now and then we get to work with individuals who surprise us, and I'm very happy to say that JoEllen is one of them. JoEllen came to us looking to tone up, lose some weight, and put on muscle. We're excited to tell you how she blew these goals right out of the water! In two short months, JoEllen's entire body toned up as she took off 2 pounds of pure fat, and put on a full pound of muscle. JoEllen comes in ready to give her work outs their all, which has lead to a major increase in her endurance. Where JoEllen was able to properly lift 5 pound weights she is now easily lifting 15 pound weights, and where she began at 10-12 reps, she's easily do 25-30. This type of lean muscle is going to bring JoEllen directly to her goal, as well as help her maintain her results once she's there. We're so proud of all the amazing results she's earned and are happy she's put a year back on her life for herself, husband, and boys! Keep up the amazing work JoEllen, you silent threat you!!

Dan Blinn

Client of the Month

December 2018

“I can go heavier” has become Dan Blinn’s mantra! During his program, Dan decided to kick it into gear, and we all caught on just by looking at him! It seemed like over night Dan’s shoulders, chest, and upper back started chiseling out! We first noticed Dan’s transformation while we was hanging from a TRX working on his shoulders, then Sheila shared she couldn’t give him enough weight! Dan has gone up in weight, substantially, on all of his exercises. As of today, Dan can shoulder press an additional 10 pounds, pull an additional pounds PER ARM on his lateral-dorsi- pull downs, increase his back squat from 25 pounds, to 110 pounds, AND doubled his weight for his reverse flies! The stats just keep going: his glutes can push 80 pounds, up from 50, his triceps extensions weight increased to 60 pounds from 40 (10 pounds per triceps), and an even build of a 10 pound increase for his biceps as well! His bench press has also had an amazing increase from 30 pounds total to 80, and a 15 pound increase per leg per lung! I can’t say enough about the absolutely amazing progress Dan is making this winter, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was jealous!!

Client of the Month

June 2019

Ann Linsky, you are a power-diva!! This career driven, mother of two has shred 10 pounds in the last 6 months! By outsourcing her food journaling to an application on her cell phone, and getting a few nutritional pointers, she has really taken the initiative to include responsible eating choices into her busy lifestyle, and the proof is in the chia-flax seed pudding! In her "spare" time Ann also does a TON of volunteer work for AIDS CT, such as helping organize and execution of fundraisers (yes, many of them require a 5K walk/ run commitment!) One of our favorite memories of working with Ann is her bringing her children in with her so they can see their mother:working hard, struggling, and persevering, to instill healthy lifestyle habits into her children. We're happy we get to support you in all that you do, keep up the amazing work Ann!

Client of the Month

May 2019

David started breathing life into our studio about a year and a half ago, and what a pleasure it has been going through this fitness journey with him! David, not only has one of the WORST work schedules we've ever seen for any human being, but he's also had to adapt and work through many different health challenges. None of these challenges have hindered or side tracked David from reaching his goal. Now down 26 pounds overall, David has shred 26 pounds of fat, and gone from 26.7% muscle to 29.7%! David loves to work out to every kind of up beat music and crushes his cardio by adding choreography to his work outs. Combining high intensity interval training and power lifting has pushed David to the next level, not matter how "BOOOWWWIIINNNNGGG" he thinks it is! Keep it up David!!

Nicole Fritch

Client of the Month

November 2018

Ever since Nicole joined Fitness Together she has been unstoppable! She’s been staying strict with her diet as well as coming to FT three times a week and has certainly seen some incredible results! Nicole has lost almost 4% body fat and gained almost 2% skeletal muscle! Despite it being insanely difficult, she also managed to pull of those percentage changes while also being down a total of 16 pounds over all and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon! Nicole’s work ethic and positive attitude continually impress all the trainers and every member of FT. We are all so proud of how far you’ve come Nicole! We’re so happy we get to join you on you journey to your Wedding Day!! Congratulation Fritch Family!!

Client of the Month

April 2019

Irma is one of the rare people who can make getting up as early as we do, feel like a pleasure. Having been an athlete her entire life, Irma came to us with a wealth of knowledge about physical exercise, form, and nutrition. Every morning she brings the sun up with her consistently kind mood, and works her hardest. We have put together some of our hardest workout for Irma, and she easily crushes them (without the fan on I might add!) In her time here she's gained 2 pounds of muscle and lost inches from her thighs, biceps, and waist. Irma's current body age is 10 years younger than her chronological age, and despite her being challenged with illness and injury, she has continued to overcome adversity and press forward toward her goals. Irma thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate us, we appreciate you!

Client of the Month

March 2019

If you haven't seen Cheryl lately, it's likely you won't recognize her by the next time you get to! Cheryl's process is an awesome example of doing fitness the healthy way. Although it is the long, often untraveled road, her results really resonate with us. Despite not needing to lose any weight, Cheryl chooses to focus on getting healthier, eating more clean, and having a more balanced lifestyle, which has lead her to losing an additional pound and a half of fat and gain a half pound of muscle! In her time with us (a little over a year and a half) Cheryl has lost and kept off 7 pounds, HOWEVER it has not been just any 7 pounds, it has ALL been pounds of fat. Cheryl has lost 7.4 pounds of fat in a little over a year, as well as, put on a half pound of muscle! That is a prime example of making lifestyle changes. She has continued to keep these result so long, that in the last year she has also put an amazing 3 years back on her life, with her actual age being older than her body thinks it is!

Melissa Puzzo

Client of the Month

January 2019

Melissa can commonly be seen pulling Mr. Jelly up and down the hallway on the sled, for a total pull of 260 pounds. Melissa came to us with the goal of putting some weight on and getting in top shape for her Corrections Officer physical exam. In the past month, we’ve seen a huge difference in Mel’s approach to training, and her dedication towards reaching her goal.

Since the beginning of February, Mel has dropped a pound and a half over all, while putting on skeletal muscle and shredding body fat. She has shred 1.4 pounds of body fat, while putting on another half-pound of muscle, that’s 1/8 of a pound per week!! Mel continually impresses us by increasing the number of pull ups she can complete, an increased modification from her original exercise, push-ups. Oh, and the icing on the cake? Mel completes all this while working overnight shifts and working multiple jobs. We’re working our hardest while we count down until her exam on April 15th, and we couldn’t be prouder. Keep it up Melissa!

Sally Harris

Client of the Month

October 2018

Sally has been killing it lately with her workouts; going from 2 sessions a week to 3 has sky rocketed her strength measured by her increased weights and sets, and her endurance has made a made a very noticeable improvement that we couldn’t be any more proud of. Her progress can be seen not only in her numbers, but in the physical changes we’ve noticed in her face, stomach, arms and chest since she made the switch.

Between horseback riding and increasing her workout frequency, she has become a workhorse herself! We’re so proud of Sally for fully taking charge of her health heading into this holiday season. She shows up every single workout ready to give her all and have a good time. Her attitude perfectly embodies what we’re all about here at Fitness Together and we are beyond excited to see her numbers continue to get better with us. It is a trainer’s job to push and motivate a client, but Sally has turned the tables and inspired us with her clear desire to achieve self-improvement inside and out of the studio!

Cathy Gentile-Doyle

Client of the Month

September 2018

We are proud to make Cathy our September client of the month. She is one of our long-time clients at FT, and if you don’t recognize her, don’t feel bad, we hardly do too! She has been consistently coming in three times a week and in recent months she’s been working hard on her nutrition to improve her strength. It has paid off for our world traveler in many ways. One of the ways was during her summer trip to Italy, relatives not only thought she looked terrific, but she kept them going with her new energy! Her increase in stamina was evident during her son’s wedding while she danced her feet off, and during her recent trip to Paris with her husband, she circled the city!

In the past 7 months, Cathy has lost and kept off 14 pounds, dropped her BMI 2.6 points, lost 8.1% overall body fat which is equivalent to 18 pounds of fat, and put on 2 pounds of muscle! Most important, above all, Cathy has put 8 years back onto her life since March. We couldn't be more proud of Cathy!!

Paul Wolfer

Client of the Month

August 2018

Paul Wolfer, or as he’s well known around FT “Wolfski”, embodies everything we want in a FT client. Wolfski comes in to kicks butt in every one of his sessions and has a hunger for success that you just can’t teach! We’ve seen Wolfski change many of his lifestyle habits to help increase his success in fitness/health including meal prep, increased water intake, and more sleep. All these little changes have helped him drastically and everyone (including Wolfski himself) notices it!

We’re all so proud of the progress he’s made physically and mentally since first stepping foot in here (you should see how much he can bicep curl). He seems so excited about what his future holds in fitness and excited to get his body where he wants it. We’ve got your back every step of the way Wolfski! Congrats on being FT’s Client of the Month for August! P.S. If anyone likes Polish Food, talk to Wolf about his food truck. He is a darn good cook!

Clara Morales

Client of the Month

July 2018

One of the newest members of Fitness Together, Clara is a rising SUPERSTAR. Clara has been a member of FT for about two months and as of her last measurement (ONE MONTH IN) she is down 7.8 lbs! She has lost 2% body fat while adding on 1.1% more skeletal muscle! Way to go Clara! Clara is a joy to work with. She always comes in smiling and ready to work hard, constantly striving for more. Whether it be heavier weights or more reps, Clara always pushes herself. We’ve also been very impressed with her dedication as she always makes it in time for her warm ups even though she is the last client of the night! Very impressive! Even though she is only two months in, we have seen drastic improvements physically, mentally and emotionally. We love when she flexes her biceps in the mirror to show how proud she is, or when she busts a move to her favorite work out songs by the Imagine Dragons! Keep killing it Clara and congrats on being FT’s client of the month for July

Corinne Santos

Client of the Month

June 2018

Good thing all of Corinne is in this photo, because if we had to guess who this was based on her upper-body alone, we very well may not recognize her! We are so proud of the nutrient dense, smart calorie, healthy eating machine Corinne has trained herself to be in order to push forward towards her goal of sculpted arms, hamstrings, and calves.

Corinne’s SMART goal is set at gaining 10-15 pounds of muscle, and in order to achieve this goal, a few numbers needed some tweaking. Corinne spent her first months with us getting her visceral fat, body age, and BMI all within the healthy limits, which is an amazing feat in itself, and this was just her beginning! Since getting all those numbers in alignment, she’s been an unstoppable muscle building machine, increasing her overall skeletal muscle by 1.2% while decreasing her body fat by 1.5%. In total she put on a whopping 3.54 pounds of muscle in one month from May to June! Almost ¼ of her total goal, keep crushin’ it Corinne!

Ayan Banerjee

Client of the Month

May 2018

One of the most common goals that people have when they first come into our doors, is to lose weight. One of the most admirable characteristic of those clients however, is the immense discipline needed to reach that goal, which was exemplified this past May, by Ayan.

Since starting in April, (yup, you read that correctly) Ayan has lost a whopping 16 pounds, and the number keeps climbing! In addition to never missing a workout, he’s also been following a very strict diet program, becoming the leading example of patience and consistency paying off.

In addition to his weight-loss journey, Ayan has also been working extensively on increasing his range of motion, specifically in his lower back, to decrease discomfort! Now doing squats, birddogs, and supermans as stable as can be, we couldn’t be more excited for him as his exercise program progresses and we get to see him blow his next goal right out of the water!! Keep it up Ayan!

Emery Frick

Client of the Month

April 2018

We couldn’t be more proud of Emery! In the past 6 months, she hurdled towards her goal with a downward weight-loss trend, not once, but twice! It took Emery only 3 months to take off her first 7 pounds, but more importantly keep it off! With her muscular strength increasing, where most people tend to see a weight gain, Emery was able to stick to it and pull off maintaining her weight by continuing to burn fat between her 3rd and 4th months with us.

Along with her cramming for exams, wrapping up going to school, and taking her GRE’s this spring, Emery also managed to continue to lose another 5 pounds while maintaining her hard earned muscle gains! After 6 months with us, Emery is down a total of 11 pounds, 8.7 of which came from body fat, and has put 2 years back on her life. Keep up the amazing work Em!

Suhana Neemcharan

Client of the Month

March 2018

Suhana (– ou- na –na) started with us back in October of 2017 with the goal of toning up! You’d think that this may be an easy goal, however, Suhana is 20, in school, working, and spends most of her day running around, and driving to the next place.

One of the biggest challenges that Suhana faced, that we’re so proud of her for conquering, was thinking ahead about her nutritional goals which would support her physical goals. After a few tweaks here and there, persistence, and some guidance, Suhana is well on her way to mastering: her meal prepping every week, thinking about when she can eat, and how much food she should leave the house with in the morning.

As a result of all her resilience she’s gotten amazing results. In the past 5 months she’s: lost 6.6 pounds, 1.2 points on the BMI scale, put two years back on her life, and lost 3.1 pounds of pure fat! Way to go Suhana, we’re so proud of you, keep up the awesome work!

Laura Speno

Client of the Month

February 2018

Laura is one of the strongest and most resilient clients we are fortunate to work with. Not only has she been capable of working through injuries, but she does so with an amazing can do attitude. Laura started with us last June, and since then has recovered from a lower back sprain, increase the range of motion in both of her shoulders, an ankle sprain, and increased her wrist strength in that a short amount of time!

Laura has also put on two pounds of muscle, while maintaining a healthy visceral fat percentage, taking a year off her body age this past month. The fact that she has been able to maintain these healthy, positive changes, is a huge tribute to all the work she’s doing when she’s out of our line of sight, making sure she feeds her body well to recover and feeds her body well to have the energy to train. I always know when Laura is here training because the building is filled with laughter. Laura’s mini pep-talks to amp herself up and fierceness keep us motivated as trainers! Keep it up Laura!

Karen D'Arco

Client of the Month

January 2018

Our protein-queen started last August and since then has not only lost, but kept off 2.5 pounds, while increasing her skeletal muscle a whopping 3.4%! Karen’s warm ups consist of a nice jog on the treadmill, and she knows no-such-thing as a break, running anywhere from 3.2-7 miles on her off days.

As a result of all her hard work she has: dropped 1% body fat, has put 2 years back on her life, and dropped her visceral fat a whole 2 points! In addition to training on her off days, Karen is also an active marathon runner, and probably most important of all her results thus far, is the conditioning of her hear. Over the past 5 months, she’s dropped her resting heart rate from 92 down to 78. We’re thrilled with all of Karen’s hard work, and excited to see what she can do in 2018! Keep it up Karen!

Scott Shea

Client of the Month

December 2017

After his 50th birthday, Scott came in with the drive and determination to lose 5-10 pounds and strengthen his core with no time left to dedicate other than his lunch hour. After being with us a little over a month, in combination with his dietary changes, he’s already created astonishing results.

In addition to having much stronger stability, he’s dropped 4 pounds, increased his skeletal muscle percentage by about 1% of this lower weight over his original weight, and dropped 2% body fat. Most important, above all, he’s put 2 years back onto his life, and his body age is a mere one year off from his chronological age.

We couldn’t be more proud of his seemingly quick lifestyle turn around, and our next goal will be to work on a maintenance program with increased cardio vascular health to make sure we don’t lose the amazing results he’s worked so hard to produce for himself!

Una Park

Client of the Month

November 2017

Una has been coming to Fitness Together for three years, but has recently been making some major changes to her habits, and we couldn't be prouder! With her body muscle percentage and weight increasing more than 2% over the past couple months and her overall body fat percentage going down 3.6% since July, she’s become a mean, toning machine and lost a pant size!

We’ve also seen her make huge improvements increasing her core strength and balance through slowing down and perfecting her form which is something that takes an incredible about of mental strength and patience. Aside from working out, we appreciate Una’s love of all things Tofu and ability to consume it even cold, and how she continues to make time for herself despite balancing two jobs, including one that is full time. Una has mastered Turkish Get –Ups and is now going to be working on her body weight exercises which includes pull ups and hanging crunches. Keep up the great work Una!

George Dunnery

Client of the Month

October 2017

George is the absolute man! He comes in crankin’, ready to go with a positive attitude and is always a breath of fresh air! To say that George is consistent would be an understatement. He comes in to his work outs non-stop, rain or shine, with such a can-do, positive attitude, that it leaves us all in an awesome mood. He is capable of pushing through time and time again, exercise after exercise, with a smile on his face, sweat in his hair, and cracks a joke that makes us smile.

In addition to patiently rehabbing his injuries no matter how slight or major, caused by the recreational sports George loves to play, he manages to increase his range of motion and stability, lose pounds and maintain healthy blood pressure, as well as increase his muscle mass extensively. Some of the exercises that he puts to shame are: the cable loaded lunge ups, split lunges with the slides, and Turkish-get-ups!

Judi Wildfeurer

Client of the Month

September 2017

When we ran the numbers, we had to run them again to make sure what we were about to say was 100% accurate. Judi has literally become a fat burning machine, the prime example of what it means to “tone-up.” Since starting with us, she has lost 24 pounds, but not just any 24 pounds, Judi has mathematically lost 24 pounds of pure body fat, while maintaining her skeletal muscle.

After having put on ½ pound of muscle and losing 24 pounds of fat, Judi has lost exactly 24 pounds, which means no water weight fluctuations! To make it even sweeter, Judi dropped her visceral fat by two whole points, an amazing tribute to her healthy diet, over the past five months, which has put an amazing three years back onto her life!

With nothing but positive, consistent life-style changes and a great attitude, we couldn’t be happier for Judi and all that she’s accomplished in such a short time.

Vita Paonessa

Client of the Month

August 2017

One of the first things we noticed right away about Vita, was her persistence. Rain or shine, energetic or exhausted, Vita makes it here with vigor and gives her all to her workouts. Never skipping out on her cardio and giving her best efforts, two times a week, we started seeing amazing changes right away.

After two weeks, her core strength and balance had greatly improved. After one month, her knees had stabilized and her range of motion in her hip joints improved, now re-allowing capability for a full lunge! She continues to blow us away, with her latest accomplishment, doing three full, single-leg push-ups, without being prompted!

When Vita isn’t busy crushing it in the studio, she’s giving her all to her family and friends, constantly hosting guests, and helping out family whenever she can. We’re fortunate to give her some well-deserved support while she provides unconditional love and support to all those around her. Keep up the great work Vita!

Diane O’Brien

Client of the Month

July 2017

Diane started coming to Fitness Together three times a week to gain strength in preparation for surgery. Shortly after she started, she began dedicating four times a week, despite her rigorous full time job. Her drive and ambition towards her goal was admirable to say the least!

Diane always came in early before her sessions to warm up and her hard work absolutely paid off! Not only was she able to increase her strength and stamina, but Diane also WOW-ed the doctors when her recovery went faster than expected and she was back in the studio one month to the day of her surgery! Over time, she became a fan of planks and we’ve become fans of Diane, being a shining example of dedication and an example of the true benefits of exercise. Nice job Diane!

Ivette Santos

Client of the Month

June 2017

If you’re looking for a consistent, friendly face in your PACK classes to keep you motivated, look no further! Ivette has been sweating it out at FT since April! Working out with us is her first time EVER setting foot in a gym and she’s already increased her physical balance and coordination. She’s also felt a decrease in her back pain since she’s started! Ivette started working out to be mentally healthier, and has made the challenge of establishing an exercise routine with proper form, an achievement she is most proud of!

Over the past several months, she has felt her self-esteem, energy and stamina increase, and now enjoys almost all of the exercises we throw her way! She particularly enjoys body-weight exercises such as squats and push-ups. When she’s not working out, Ivette feeds her soul with music, and plays the guitar. If you have the opportunity, say hello and congratulate her on all her success!

Deb Colletta

Client of the Month

May 2017

Deb started in the beginning of this year with a goal to improve her strength and overall health. She had been taking Zumba for a while, but she wanted more than just a cardio workout and hoped for something personalized. Upon starting training, we found that her flexibility was sufficient but she could definitely improve upon her strength and stability. Deb always comes in for her sessions with a smile and often speaks out about how much training has changed her perspective on exercise.

Recently we overheard Deb talking to a new client about how much she has enjoyed training and the difference it has made in her life. Deb has also seen good results on her assessment in addition to her increased confidence and more positive body image. In the latest assessment, she lost 2 lbs of body fat while gaining about 2 lbs of muscle*. From the end of January to early May, that’s a great change within a short period of time! For people like Deb who don’t have a huge amount of weight to lose, it can often be difficult to see progress. Even though it was only a few pounds in total, both Deb and the trainers can see the difference in her body composition. We hope to see her continue on this path for the rest of the year!

Tom Ballachino

Client of the Month

April 2017

Tom has been coming to Fitness Together since Fall of last year, and he made it his mission to improve his diet and overall health. The trainers were especially impressed that he worked on his own to change his eating habits and completely cut out processed foods. He eats mostly according to the paleo diet, which emphasizes whole foods and a reduction of added sugar. As a result of his exercise (in the studio and alone) and healthy eating, Tom cut his body fat by 8% between the end of October and May! At the same time, he was able to increase his muscle mass by nearly 4% as well*. For someone without a significant amount of weight to lose initially, this was a great improvement. He has noted that his energy and general well-being have also improved since he made those alterations to his diet.

Tom is diligent about doing his own workouts in addition to his training, and he enjoys learning new techniques and tips from Nelson. On his own time, he golfs and runs for extra cardio. Recently he informed Nelson that he ran a 5k and achieved his best finish time in many years*. We hope to see his body composition and strength continue to adjust over the next few months!

Mike Elloian

Client of the Month

March 2017

Mike started late last year at Fitness Together with a significant weight loss goal. He had some occasional back and knee pain, but otherwise no injuries. At first the change in pace from walking to strength training as exercise was difficult, but Mike adapted well. In the first few months, he improved the amount of weight he could lift in every exercise. By the second month he was happy with his strength gain but decided it was time to change his diet. He began logging his food intake into My Fitness Pal.

On the next assessment, Mike was already down over 10lbs in total and increased his muscle mass by nearly 6 lbs*. In addition to the body composition changes, he is also able to perform many exercises that were a challenge when he started training. For example, he initially could not do glute bridges due to tightness in his back. Even with his feet on the floor, it was typically uncomfortable. Recently he has reached fifteen reps of the glute bridge with a 55lb bar as resistance and his feet elevated on a stability ball. He has also increased his bench press (a personal favorite) from 125lbs for 6 reps to 135 for 8 reps*. As he continues to improve, we know he will be able to achieve his weight loss goal!

Sue Krutt

Client of the Month

February 2017

Sue has been working out at FT for over a year and she is a familiar face for any clients who work out on Saturday or attend Sheila's barre class. She has a busy schedule, but she always makes it to barre on Sunday. Sue previously worked with a trainer, but her situation had changed since that point. She was looking for training with professionals who would be able to work around several injuries. Sue has made huge improvements from the time she started, including the ability to perform many exercises that she could not do before.

Sue always challenges the trainers to find new ways to exercise her legs, but she errs on the side of caution when it comes to injury prevention. She cannot perform traditional leg exercises such as squats and lunges due to a knee problem. She fell in love with the barre class because it allows her to get a good low impact cardio and strength workout at the same time. Another area that she has had amazing progress in is her shoulder. When she first injured it, she was not even allowed to even hold something as small as a pen. At this point she is able to perform push-ups and overhead presses with relative ease*. The trainers have been extremely impressed with Sue's progress in all these areas. Sometimes we have to take baby steps when trying out new exercises, but it's worth it when she finds out she can do something she was not able to do before!

Andrea Haas

Client of the Month

January 2017

Andrea started last summer with a hectic schedule and a readiness to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She has been one of the most committed clients when it comes to nutrition, and it shows up in her assessment results! Even with a busy teacher’s schedule and the stressful responsibility of running an art show, she improved her eating habits to reach her goals. Sometimes Andrea’s sessions would be at vastly different times, but she always made it a point to come in at least once every week (and supplemented with horseback riding or dance when she did have to skip training sessions!).

The trainers immediately noticed a difference in Andrea’s first assessment after her nutrition overhaul. Since July of last year, she has increased her muscle mass by over 3% and reduced her body fat by almost 6%! Andrea is a great example of discipline when it comes to eating and staying active. We coached her through many events and holiday parties where her will to eat healthily would be tested. After all the winter holidays were over, she maintained her progress and continued to move in a positive direction. We can’t wait to see what great improvements Andrea will make next!

Nick Piersall

Client of the Month

December 2016

Nick has only been working with us for a few months now, but he has made some serious progress in that short time! He is currently finishing high school and will be starting college at CCSU in the Fall. He decided to pursue training after being chosen for the golf team at Central. Nick’s main goals were to build muscle and improve his golf game. He managed to achieve that and much more within a few months!

After the first assessment, the trainers calculated that Nick had gained two pounds of muscle and decreased his already low body fat percentage. Even after the winter holidays, Nick maintained his progress and continued to improve. He has built a great foundation by strengthening the core and leg muscles necessary for his sport. Nelson and Shelby have observed significant progress in Nick’s core stability and overall leg strength since he started training. He can now perform well-controlled bridges and core exercises that were a challenge during his first sessions. We all hope to see him reach even more goals before he leaves for school!

Heidi Parchmann

Client of the Month

November 2016

Heidi is a longtime client of Fitness Together who fine tunes her fitness level with each passing year! Even though she has been working out for a long time, Heidi still manages to make improvements. In her November assessment, she lost 0.7% body fat and gained 0.6% muscle. Considering her current body composition, that’s a great improvement! After many years of training, Heidi has made it a part of her schedule. She comes in consistently and works hard (even on her warm up). Her main goal is to keep in shape and get stronger, and she has definitely achieved that this year.

We can see the biggest change in Heidi’s body composition over the course of several years. She is already at a healthy weight, but her fat to muscle ratio has improved significantly! Since November of 2014, she has come down 4.4% body fat and up 1.8% muscle. That’s some amazing long-term progress that we hope to see Heidi keep up in the future!

Shelia Richardson

Client of the Month

October 2016

Shelia has been at Fitness Together since August and she has been working extremely hard to keep up an active lifestyle! Even though she doesn’t have a large weight loss goal, Shelia is working toward an equally difficult challenge: increasing her overall strength. Shelia always comes in early in the morning ready to work on challenging weights and cardio! She always wears her heart rate monitor and comes in early for her warm up (even if that means arriving at 5am!)

Since she has started working out regularly, Shelia has improved her endurance and reached some amazing calorie counts during her sessions! She has reached 700+ calories in her one hour at Fitness Together on cardio-heavy days*. Her primary trainer, who also happens to be named Sheila, has noticed a great improvement in her ability to keep up with tough workouts. She is always happy to announce that Shelia can adapt to just about any exercise with a little effort. After seeing her progress so far, we hope that Shelia will continue to work hard and reach her goals by the end of the year!

Wendy Clarke

Client of the Month

September 2016

Wendy is relatively new to Fitness Together, but after the good results on her first two-month assessment the trainers felt that she deserved to be recognized. She gained one pound of muscle despite all the other stressors going on in her life*. Wendy has come in for every scheduled session and even come in at night (she is typically a morning client) to get her sessions in. She has worked around some elbow tendonitis, medical problems in her immediate family, and her son starting college. Even with all these things to worry about, she has still made progress in her assessment. She always comes in extra early for her sessions with the heart rate monitor ready to go. We will often catch Wendy out on the treadmill after her sessions as well!

Lately she has made excellent progress during balance and coordination exercises. Every time we train Wendy, we see the change in her endurance and control. She hopes to improve her time next year in the Fight for Air Climb, an event in which participants climb many flights of stairs to raise awareness for lung conditions and support the American Lung Association. We hope to see Wendy continue to progress and get stronger in the future!

Lisa Elder

Client of the Month

August 2016

Lisa returned to Fitness Together earlier this year to reduce stress and increase her strength. Despite her busy work schedule, she manages to come in for her one on one sessions and even the PACK and barre on the weekends. She hasn’t missed a barre class since it started! All the trainers have noticed that Lisa’s upper body strength has improved, especially when she works on pushups. She may be quiet during the PACK, but that’s only because she is always working hard.

Since the end of March Lisa has lost weight overall while gaining muscle and losing body fat*. She is always on time for her warmup and reschedules when she can’t make it into the studio. Lisa is a great role model for the other clients, especially in the PACK. Even if she has never seen an exercise before, she catches on quickly and helps others stay on track in the circuit workouts. We know Lisa will continue to give 100% effort, and we can count on her to work hard for her results!

Sue Kemp

Client of the Month

July 2016

Sue came back after two years to join the weight loss challenge and lost exactly 20 pounds by the end of the six weeks. Since mid-March, she has lost 8.9% body fat and gained 3.8% muscle. She also managed to reduce her visceral fat by 3 points and lose a total of 32 pounds overall*. Her body composition is even better than it was when she left Fitness Together two years ago! A combination of exercise and healthy eating have helped Sue make this impressive change.

Sue has been very committed to her workouts and trying more difficult exercise progressions. She has also set a great example for other clients by eating well and journaling every day. She tells anyone asking about her nutrition regimen that using My Fitness Pal is the best way to stay motivated. Sue has also learned that eating paleo doesn’t mean you have to eat boring foods (but you could make vegetable soup every day if you want to!). We hope that Sue enjoys retired life even more now that she has improved her fitness!

Matt Callinan

Client of the Month

June 2016

Matt used to work out at Fitness Together a few years ago and returned to the PACK recently to participate in the six week weight loss challenge. With a young son at home and a busy work schedule, Matt thought it would be difficult to find time to work out. He has impressed the trainers by frequently staying after class to use the cardio machines and always giving 100% effort. His energy in the morning PACK keeps the other clients awake and encourages them to challenge themselves.

Matt has also been following the paleo eating plan even when that means modifying it to eat out at restaurants. When we discovered that he was not eating enough calories, Matt tried to adjust right away and added some extra food each day. Between food journaling and exercise, he has lost 20 lbs and gained almost 2% muscle mass since the end of March*. Matt is back to the weight he started at when he joined in 2014, and we know he will keep improving past that point!

Dan Blinn

Client of the Month

May 2016

Dan has been doing one on one personal training with Fitness Together for several years and he always comes in prepared to work hard. Unlike many clients, he doesn’t mind being pushed out of his comfort zone and he is open to trying new exercises.

Lately Dan has been working on a virtual bike ride, using the stationary bike to travel the distance between Connecticut and Key West, Florida! Although this project will take nearly a year, Dan has been diligent about working on it. He’s even 45 miles ahead of schedule! He is more dedicated than ever when it comes to cardio and recently met his elliptical goal by completing a mile in under eight and a half minutes*. His commitment to this year’s goals has affected his assessments as well. In the May fitness assessment, Dan lost 10 lbs while gaining 1% muscle and losing 2% fat*! He has also been making up missed sessions, even if it means coming in four times in a week (and that isn’t including the workouts he does on his own!). Dan’s dedication to his goals and improvement on the assessment are the reasons we chose him as client of the month.

Shri Madhusudhan

Client of the Month

April 2016

Shri has been training at the studio for a while, but she has more motivation now than ever before. In March, Shri made a set of short-term 21 day goals to get her weight and nutrition back on track. Most clients only put their long term goals on the board, but Shri asked that we include her 21 day goals so she could see them every time she came into the studio. Even when she is traveling, Shri tries to keep up with her cardio workouts and make up any missed sessions. She always wears her heart rate monitor and has been known to come in and burn up to 1000 calories doing additional cardio*!

This month Shri has shown real dedication to her results by keeping track of her eating habits and making time for cardio. Since December of last year, she has lost seven pounds (mostly body fat!) and added muscle*. When Shri has a bad day, she makes it up by working even harder the next time she comes in. Her motivation and ability to face her biggest nutrition problems made Shri the obvious choice for client of the month!

Peg Bray

Client of the Month

March 2016

Peg has been doing PACK workouts for several years, but she recently made some lifestyle changes that made her stand out to the trainers. She enjoys being the leader of the group because she comes in four times per week and knows the exercises well. Peg may not be the most energetic client, but she has a friendly attitude and good sense of humor. As 2015 progressed, Peg noticed that her weight and visceral fat slowly crept up. Between vacation and the holidays she had stopped focusing on her diet and the negative effects began to show. She promised to make a change by using more challenging weights in PACK workouts and incorporating running into her cardio routine. She also worked on her diet and tried to choose healthier foods. Within a month the trainers and other clients were able to tell that Peg was losing weight.

Peg impressed everyone in the next assessment by losing 8.5lbs, 3% body fat, and reducing her visceral fat by 1 point. She even managed to gain 1% muscle while losing weight overall*! Peg has good intentions when it comes to staying fit; she wants to make sure her visceral fat stays low. However, if you ask her why she works out, she will tell you she is working on her “Michelle Obama arms.”

Lorraine Hritcko

Client of the Month

February 2016

Lorraine is a self-described disco diva who is always full of energy and ready to “rip it up”. She has really fought hard for this achievement enduring years of “abuse” from her trainers. While she thought the trainers were out to get her, it was in reality tough love. The trainers of Fitness Together knew Lorraine had so much more in her deep down and she was holding back (though it is true that she despises sweating). She likes the studio to be cold and blasting disco music and always enters the studio with a loud “Whoo-Hoo”.

Over the 7 years she has been training at Fitness Together, she sometimes achieves the exact same assessment statistics for months at a time. If she gained a pound she would flip out and increase her effort. She deserves the award for her impressive consistency (along with being married to the January 2016 Client of the month) but we also wanted to see her break through that plateau. Despite a hectic travel schedule, she has been working consistently with our trainer Sheila. She panicked when she tried on a dress and it didn’t fit as well as it used to. Within only one month, with some determination and a few extra disco moves, Lorraine rocked the dress on New Year’s Eve.

Phil Hritcko

Client of the Month

January 2016

Phil is one of Fitness Together’s longest running clients and he has made impressive progress throughout his years working out here. Phil can be particular about what exercises he does and how he wants to perform them, but he always has alternative suggestions and works hard nonetheless. This year Phil really dedicated himself to his goals and exercise regimen. His regular schedule is one of the reasons that he has seen such great results. Phil works with the trainers three days each week and comes in for additional cardio on the days that he doesn’t have a session.

Although he was reluctant at first, Phil decided to use the Polar heart monitor consistently. Now he enjoys comparing his calorie burn for each workout and in the last few weeks he has seen some impressive numbers in his sessions. During one session he burned over 700 calories! Phil has also been journaling all year with My Fitness Pal. He does a great job staying within his calorie goal and eating healthy foods. These positive behaviors have gotten results for Phil and should be an inspiration to all the clients!

Jeff Michelson

Client of the Month

December 2015

Jeff has been at Fitness Together for almost four years, which speaks volumes about his dedication and commitment to staying healthy. His last Client of the Month nomination was just over a year ago but the trainers thought he definitely earned it! Despite having a chronic ankle injury and the instability that accompanies it, Jeff always works hard and strives to improve. He enjoys working with different trainers and trying new exercises. Jeff's easygoing personality makes him enjoyable to work with and helps him get great results.

This year Jeff set simple and concise goals to improve his assessment results even more than last year. During 2015, he has maintained a good body composition while still losing weight*. Coming in for three sessions each week and making up missed workout time has kept Jeff on track toward his goals. He came in for extra cardio very consistently which is key to getting great results. Whether he is having a good morning or not, Jeff comes in with a smile and a sense of humor. In 2016 we know Jeff will continue to do his best on every workout and this is why we chose him as Client of the Month!

Shannon Noonan

Client of the Month

November 2015

Shannon has been coming to Fitness Together since August of this year in an effort to get into shape. She had always been active in a variety of sports, but decided that she wanted the motivation and accountability that comes with personal training. After her mother bought her some trial sessions, she found exactly what she was looking for. As a graduate student in law school, Shannon is often busy with classes but still makes time to come in three times per week and stay after for extra cardio. She always wears the Polar heart rate monitor and recently bought her own.

Shannon’s dedication has led to great results on her assessments. In only two months she improved her body fat, muscle mass, and cardiovascular performance*. One of the most impressive results was the reduction in her heart rate during the step test from 138 to 110*! Shannon plans to keep working on her cardio and run a 10 minute mile within the next few months. During every session Shannon tries to improve on a skill or increase the weight she uses for each exercise. Her enthusiasm and effort inspires us all!

Cathy Chobot

Client of the Month

October 2015

Cathy recently moved back to the Rocky Hill area after 30 years away and along with this change in location decided a change was needed in her lifestyle. Being a physical therapist, Cathy helped others and cared for them but now at age 60, she realized it was time to help herself after so many years of neglect. After only a few months working with the trainers of Fitness Together, she has seen remarkable progress.

After Cathy’s recent medical issues she has demonstrated the dedication and commitment to exercise. Once needing blood pressure medicine she no longer needs it, and the insulin she needs to maintain her diabetes has decreased.* Cathy regularly uses a heart rate sensor giving her more effective and efficient workouts. She has also been journaling using MyFitnessPal. This has helped her track her eating and always gives 110% during her workouts. Cathy plans to walk/run a 5k in the future to support a medical charity. We look forward to working with her to accomplish this goal and if she keeps up the hard work and dedication it will come easy!

John Hagerty

Client of the Month

September 2015

Adamant about becoming physically fit for his last season of softball, John joined the FT team in March with a strong desire to gain muscle, reduce body fat and become faster on the field. A nagging injury to his lower calf had taken its toll on both John’s body. He quickly regained confidence and mobility through his personalized functional training workouts and began to understand the importance of consistency to get in and stay in shape embracing this new healthy way of life*.

John lost an astonishing 13 lbs. in body fat and increased his muscle mass during his first few months of training*. Along with increased energy, stamina and agility, he is now a believer in the importance of stretching and foam rolling to help heal and stay mobile*. Encouraged with his progress in such a short time John is ready to plan his training schedule to get ready for the next softball season knowing that the time and effort he puts in will directly affect how much better, stronger and faster he will end up. Great work! Keep it up!

Taylor Deguzis

Client of the Month

August 2015

Taylor began her journey with Fitness Together in 2014 with her mother Meg. At first Taylor seemed to just be keeping her mom company but soon began to up her game and was asking for a harder version of each exercise. Taylor is inspired by her mother Meg and the dedication she puts towards her health and fitness. This has only added to Taylor’s own drive to improve her health.

As a Type 1 Diabetic, Taylor faced many challenges and sometimes needed a break during her workouts in order to check her sugar levels but if she was able to she would jump back in and it paid off.

In July of this year, Taylor got married and was very happy with the level of fitness she achieved for that day. Her determination and focus and easygoing personality let us bring out the best of her strength proving that nothing can stop her from reaching her goals! Taylor, you are amazing and we are so proud of you!

Natasha Ortiz

Client of the Month

July 2015

In the spring of 2015, Natasha was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease disorder that changed her life forever. For quite a while, she found herself lacking energy and suffering from a dull type of pain before her doctor discovered the underlying issue. At first, Natasha felt overwhelmed as well as a bit lost.

Then her beloved boyfriend Nick encouraged her to embrace an active lifestyle with fitness and healthy nutrition. It took a little bit of time working hard within the first three months and she only saw minimal achievements. However, Natasha’s body suddenly began to respond to her training and she lost body fat as well as gained muscle which made her incredibly happy for the first time in a long time*.

Now, most people would never know that Natasha faced such health challenges because she works so hard, is determined, focused and driven. Natasha will not accept anything but the best for her life and proves this to herself and us every time she confidently walks through the doors to our FT Studio. Natasha is an inspiration to us all!

Nick Munson

Client of the Month

June 2015

Nick came to us because he wanted to make a difference as well as support the love of his life, Natasha. Natasha was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and Nick knew the one thing that could help her was exercise! A fan of sport related activities, Nick wanted Natasha to experience the benefits of exercise along with him.

Although Nick has always been involved with his favorite sport, softball, he didn’t realize that he was actually not in the best shape. Soon after joining our family team, Nick realized that he needed to improve his overall conditioning, endurance and core strength in order to be the best at his favorite sport.

In only a few months, Nick has gotten great results and has significantly improved upon his fitness level as well as achieved increased energy levels*. Nick may have begun this journey with us to support his girlfriend Natasha, but he has also thrived as well as embraced the benefits of being part of a our team. We enjoy Nick’s upbeat and humorous nature and we are so proud of you!

Una Park

Client of the Month

May 2015

Una has only been with the Rocky Hill Team since March of this year, but she has definitely made an impact on the Family Team. Before joining FT-Rocky Hill, she taught Zumba for a few years which she thoroughly enjoyed, but soon began to discover that it simply wasn’t enough. Una recognized the need to add in strength and endurance training to her workouts which is how she became part of our special team.

Ever since early spring of this year, we have become more and more impressed by Una. Not only did she add muscle to her upper body and legs, but she is also incredibly positive and never afraid or a challenge*. Una understands the need to eat healthy and pushes herself at each and every workout. Most importantly, Una knows that the secret to success is always having a great time during her training sessions. We are so proud and grateful to have Una as part of our special little family team! Way to go super fit Una!

Meg Deguzis

Client of the Month

April 2015

Meg has been with us since March 2014 and we are so proud of her dedication! Each and every week, we look forward to Meg joining our PACK classes dutifully and she is always rearing and ready to go. Excitedly, Meg is also the proud mother of a daughter who is getting married very soon!

Working with heavy weights is one of Meg’s passions! Meg is always up for a challenge. Perhaps, our Meg might even be interested in some fun weight lifting competitions. You can do it Meg and we are here to help you work hard!

Meg is truly an inspiration! We are so grateful to have Meg as part of our FT Family Team and were looking forward to hearing all about the wedding. Meg's goals are real and absolutely attainable thanks to her positive attitude and dedication*.

Way to go Meg!

Alessia Scalora

Client of the Month

March 2015

Alessia started with Fitness Together in November 2014. Her goals were consistent with most new clients being that she wanted to lose weight and feel better in an active lifestyle. She also wanted to feel better in her routine with more energy to help her through her evening work shifts. Like most of us it took some time to get the mind and body connection on track with cardio and strength training for the first few workouts. She started using the Polar Heart Monitor for external feedback in capturing calories burned and heart rate, which worked well when she went to timed cycles on the rower.

Alessia has also been working on her nutrition goals by accepting suggestions to food types and eating habits. Her work has paid off as she has been noted for her achievements on our board each month*. We continue to support all of our clients to reach their goals and get the results you all desire. Believe in yourself and continue to take one confident step forward at a time!

Heidi Parchmann

Client of the Month

February 2015

Heidi has been with Fitness Together starting in 2009. Her goal was to become physically fit, maintain her weight, and be all around healthy. In addition she intended to be consistent with her schedule and active life style to keep her emotional health in shape.

Over the years her assessments showed a steady decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle mass*. She has achieved moderate consistent improvement with enough protein intake to build muscle and cardio at a fast enough pace to burn fat. Heidi wanted to keep her sessions up this winter because she recalled how difficult it was to come back after a grueling tax season and try to catch up to previous muscle structure and conditioning. This year she added an extra session in the early morning hours before work. Staying vigilant to maintain workout time seems to have done the trick. We continue to support and encourage Heidi and all of you in your acceptance, patience and persistence necessary to get the goal of great results!

Phil Hritcko

Client of the Month

January 2015

Phil has been with Fitness Together since early in our history starting early 2009. His first goal was to strengthen his body and second to lose some body fat to help him feel better in an active lifestyle. He planned to walk 40 minutes a day in addition to his workouts at the studio. He kept this up quite a bit but soon this got in the way of life or vice-versa.

Recently he rededicated himself to his goals of what he wanted to look like and who he wanted to be this year and in the future. Despite the bitter cold and enduring winter he started coming to the studio each day to work on cardio. Staying vigilant to get in workouts, including before going to work and on business travel days seems to have made the difference.

He also started journaling with MyFitnessPal and is changing his eating habits and improving the ratio of protein to carbohydrate intake and working on reducing sodium and fat. Doing this has really shown positive results in Phil’s monthly assessments*.

The trainers continue to guide him along his journey to get healthy and lose weight. We encourage all our clients to believe in themselves, their vision, and their goals and to keep taking one confident step forward at a time.

Mitch Katz

Client of the Month

December 2014

Mitch has been with Fitness Together since early 2014. His first goal was to lose some body fat to help him feel better and to enjoy an active life style. He has worked harder than he thought he could or would to make the progress which successful clients do in order to get meaningful results. But dropping his blood pressure and heart rate 15 points and developing enough muscle to go from a 36 second plank in February to a 2:00 minute plank in November proved to us that he was in it to win it*.

Also Mitch recently increased his sessions from two to three times a week, which might make his 2015 goals more achievable. Recently he took another big step when he started journaling on My Fitness Pal where he’ll get a better look at the macro nutrient make up in his diet. Mitch believes that changing his eating style and improving the ratio of protein to carbohydrates and how he arranges his meal preparation will make for a big time change.

We continue to support and encourage all the enthusiasm and persistent work needed to get the great results that Mitch and all of you desire!

Jeff Michelson

Client of the Month

November 2014

Jeff has been with Fitness Together since early 2012. Jeff’s goals were to improve his posture, to lose some body fat, and to strengthen his body to help him feel better in an active life style. He has worked hard to get results and he is vigilant about returning to the studio to do cardio on his off days.

Recently he ran into some problems that required foot and ankle surgery and had to rehabilitate from that. In addition this year he fell in the pool and re-broke some of the same bones. Through hard work he has been able to bounce back enough to take charge and get control of his body composition.

He was also persistent at maintaining a healthy balance between workouts and eating plan. Recently it all started to come together more favorably when he started journaling with MyFitnessPal and got a good overall look at his diet. He is changing his lifestyle and improving the ratio of protein to carbohydrates intake and it is showing in Jeff’s monthly reports*.

We continue to support and encourage all the good persistent work needed to get the great results that Jeff and all of you desire! Believe in yourself and keep taking one confident step forward at a time!

Brian Renstrom

Client of the Month

October 2014

Brian Renstrom has been coming to Fitness Together since October 2010. He is here bright and early beginning his workouts at 5:45 am. He has consistently worked hard towards his goal to strengthen his body and lose body fat. More specifically, he needed to strengthen his body for his long-term goal of enjoying a strong golf performance for years into the future.

Brian believes that by paying close attention to posture and breathing during the movements he maximizes the effect of each exercise. The strength and endurance he has gained along with his determination has earned him some pleasing results on the golf course. He has also been persistent about monitoring his resting heart rate and blood pressure to stay alert to the goals he and his doctor have set. At his annual checkup he was presented with positive results regarding his drop in systolic blood pressure and resting heart rate*. Through his constant hard work Brian has improved his body composition to yield 20 pounds of weight loss*. We continue to support and encourage all the persistent work Brian has put in!

Jeff Bobeck

Client of the Month

September 2014

Jeff originally started at Fitness Together late 2009 and continued into 2010, and after great experiences he came back in April 2014. Jeff started right where he left off coming in three times a week and working hard the whole session. He never arrived late and always completed the full fifteen minutes of cardio warmup prior to the session. Jeff was determined to fit into his smaller sized pants and gain strength. Within a month or two, he saw a significant increase in his overall strength and it was clear Jeff had lost inches around the waist*.

After only a few months Jeff regained discipline and willpower along with even more knowledge, and started to exercise on his own. Jeff continued to see strength gains every week directly related to his work ethic and willingness to try new exercises*. Starting next month, Jeff decided to start working out completely on his own, something that we strive for all clients to do. Jeff certainly demonstrates how we would like all clients to end at FT, having reached their goals, ready to move on and keep working hard!


Client of the Month

August 2014

Mickey his whole life has been tremendously active including playing Division-1 baseball at UNC, only later to be selected in the second round of the MLB draft. After his baseball career, he remained motivated to keep exercising and stay in good health. After retiring from a successful career with the State, Mickey saw a decline in his health and activity level which directly lead to costly health problems. These health problems caused Mickey to become unmotivated to get back into exercise and eating nutritiously; that’s when he sought help.

Mickey has been coming to Fitness Together for about two years now where he has more motivation than ever to change his life for the better. With a little push from the trainers, Mickey strives to get the most out of each session working hard throughout. As well as exercise Mickey also food journals every week, determined to get back on track in all aspects of his health. Certainly Mickey has made such a tremendous effort to improve his health and is seeing nothing but positive results*!

Elaine Somes

Client of the Month

July 2014

Elaine started at Fitness Together earlier this year with her goal to lose weight before her daughter’s wedding. She consistently came in three times a week making sure to make up any session she would have to miss. Elaine jumped right into her workout program and put 100% into every session, determined to reach her goals. She would truly enjoy every session with her humor and made her exercise routine fun by laughing and smiling throughout. The staff at Fitness Together were guaranteed to see Elaine come in well before 15 minutes before her session in order to get an intense treadmill workout in.

Come time for her daughter’s wedding Elaine had more energy, lost some weight, and most importantly to her, felt more mobile*. At the wedding her family members were amazed at the ability and stamina that Elaine possessed running around in a field with her young nephew. Elaine continues today working harder than ever and is still making the staff laugh every session!


Client of the Month

June 2014

Ginna came to Fitness Together with her husband, Rick, for overall better health and fitness for both of them. She came with knowledge of nutrition through reading and her daughters sharing their healthy eating habits. Ginna wanted to further her knowledge and add exercise as part of her regiment. Her enthusiasm and motivation to improve her family’s healthy lifestyles has not waned since her first day.

Ginna likes to challenge herself and continues to feel even better mentally and physically than she has in a long time*. She is inspirational, even encouraging younger women at her business to begin exercising. They talk of their common goals, struggles, workouts and accomplishments. Her family is proud of her efforts and support her wholeheartedly. We applaud Ginna for her hard work, positive attitude and the changes she has made in her life and to others lives as well!

Tahlia Martinez

Client of the Month

May 2014

Tahlia started at Fitness Together with a strong desire to lose weight and tone up. She started on day one working hard each and every session doing the right amount of cardio as asked by her trainers. Despite being her last six months of high school dealing with all the stress and lack of time she managed to fit in 2-3 days a week. She was determined to succeed and like others in the past, that determination would result in Tahlia reaching her goals.

Tahlia continued to work hard during her sessions and was diligently improving her eating habits. This took reading about nutrition, journaling on a regular basis, and implementing better food choices. She learned through her trainers that she was not eating enough. The trainers held her accountable and despite some hiccups she fixed her eating habits and her results only boosted her motivation even more. The exercise and nutritional changes were becoming a part of her lifestyle and that makes the staff at Fitness Together proud!

Cathy Gentile-Doyle

Client of the Month

April 2014

Cathy has always had the goal of improving her overall health with fat loss and exercise but has struggled with consistency in her eating habits and coming on time to her sessions. As a result, she became frustrated with herself and lack of results. However, after her assessment in early March, she decided to start journaling her eating using the computer. Writing things down and keeping a journal with her never worked for her but the computer method was working. Cathy immediately changed her attitude and pledged consistency and was determined to arrive for her full workout time, and leave stress at the door.

With her goals in place, Cathy worked herself harder than ever. She even added a 4th workout day to her schedule. She lost 8lbs of fat the first month and last time we checked she was down to 18 pounds of fat loss over the last 4 months*. Her awesome results only strengthen her motivation. Cathy has become living proof that if you put your mind to it and work hard you will succeed!

Renee Bennett

Client of the Month

March 2014

Renee started at Fitness Together to improve her body composition, lose weight, and increase muscle. She hadn’t exercised regularly since her son was born a few years ago. She started off a little hesitant but ramped things up quickly and is always open to advice from her trainers. With hard work, her motivation increased as did her commitment. She saw excellent results after her first month that only added to her motivation*. She brings a great sense of humor into her workouts and spreads it to those around her. Renee balances work, family and time for herself, particularly her health and fitness. She makes the extra effort it takes to eat healthy for her and her family, understanding the importance of good nutrition and the example it sets for her son.

Renee did more than what was asked of her and not surprisingly achieved great results for her hard work. She is constantly looking ahead in ways to better her life for herself and her family. Stay motivated!

Tom Spazian

Client of the Month

February 2014

Tom Spazian started with Fitness Together in May 2011 after seeing his wife, Linda and daughter, Lisa achieve great results. Tom dealt with work conflicts as most of us do, but soon had the opportunity to retire. With that obstacle gone, Tom began to bear down on his goals. He joined a PACK session enjoying the camaraderie of group interaction while working towards his goals. Tom has improved his strength and body composition over this time*. He also made significant positive changes in his heart rate and blood pressure while challenging his body with exercise, both strength and cardio*.

Tom, who is 70 years of age, returned to work at his company’s request and is able to fit his workouts into his routine while continuing employment with more ease than he ever imagined. He’s glad to be in such physical condition that allows him to keep up with life specific goals including skiing with his family, which he knows he couldn’t have done without these vigorous work out routines!

Srividya Madhusudhan

Client of the Month

January 2014

Shri started at Fitness Together with a goal to improve her strength, bone density, body composition and flexibility. She started strong into cardio respiratory improvement and learned quickly to adapt to developing her strength*. By accepting advice and buying into concepts of nutritional changes she has developed better eating habits. Shri believes learning to eat to nourish and fuel the body rather than just because she is hungry or bored has really helped.

As a result, Shri has made steady progress on reducing body fat and increasing muscle (lean body mass)*. She can’t believe how much energy she has. Shri has high expectations of herself and sometimes becomes frustrated like many people do. However, with the patience and guidance of her trainers, Shri stayed focused on the process rather than obsess over what the results would be. This kept her on track and consistent which is what helped lead to her great results. Shri is a great example of someone who truly wants to change for the better!

Dale Greenwood

Client of the Month

December 2013

Dale is not a typical client of Fitness Together. Most people don’t start exercising at 70 years of age. Despite her small stature she is big at heart. Quiet and kind but her words mean more especially with the look of determination on her face that inspires everyone who meets her. Dale trains hard each session which is amazing when you learn she does it all despite having lung cancer. She misses sessions only if the treatments leave her feeling too weak.

Dale is making good progress, both in strength and energy*. She enjoys the workouts and positive reinforcement she gets from her trainers and others in her small group. Recently, her trainer clapped for her which made Dale’s day! She shows how important the right attitude is. Over time, those positive thoughts help people stay consistent and focused. Dale latches onto those markers of improvement and progress rather than the typical loss of weight, or inches, or body fat. If Dale can do it, so can you!

Matt Eisner

Client of the Month

November 2013

Matt started training at Fitness Together in early 2012 as his first formal fitness experience. Matt knew his bad habits were starting to catch up to him and he was ready to do something about it. Matt has a unique ability to push himself and not let his mind get in the way. When others sink to the floor and admit defeat, Matt maintains he is simply taking a short break and then continues. He knows his limits but he will keep going and going.

Not afraid to sweat, Matt pushes himself and others in his sessions. Matt has helped motivate another client to reach his goals. Well liked at FT, Matt sometimes gets distracted during workouts but as soon as it happens, the trainers bring him back to focus. He hasn’t reached his goal yet but is learning new ways to eat healthier rather than eating unconsciously. He took 5 minutes off his 1 mile run in only a few weeks and recently ran 2 miles*. No matter what you say about Matt, you definitely can’t say he doesn’t try!

Jen Sheehan

Client of the Month

October 2013

Jen started training in order to increase her energy, strength, balance, and muscle; especially in her lower body. She immediately put her trust in the trainers to motivate her, guide her, and hold her accountable, all while having an enjoyable experience. She proved this by never missing a session, always filling in her nutrition journal, and smiling the entire workout even as the sweat dripped down her face.

With these efforts, she has already lost 2% body fat and gained 1% muscle*. In addition, her energy throughout the day is better than ever*. With the help of her trainers, Jen is setting short term goals and quickly reaching them. She knows small goals are one step closer to reaching her long term goals. Despite not enjoying cardio, Jen is working on completing more. The constant reminders from her trainers is helping her realize the true importance of cardio and how much better her results will be. We think Jen may actually be starting to enjoy cardio!

Lisa Marcantonio

Client of the Month

September 2013

Lisa started training at Fitness Together with a renewed focus on her health after dealing with some personal issues. She began to concentrate more on her sessions and their purpose. She began to embrace what it means to be fit and started living this on a daily basis. She has told the trainers that she “needs” the sessions each week to feel normal. She has latched onto the goals the trainers set for her because they will lead to her own goals.

Lisa may occasionally whine during her sessions but she does what is asked of her in and out of the studio. Like others, she doesn’t like to sweat and feel like she is about to overheat but she will if it means helping her achieve results. Along with her parents who have trained at Fitness Together for the past few years, Lisa understands that healthy eating and exercise are a necessary part of life. After she gets her kids off to school, she heads to her next appointment, an exhausting but exhilarating workout at Fitness Together!

Dianne Bertucio

Client of the Month

August 2013

Dianne started at Fitness Together with a goal to get moving and feel comfortable with her health. She wanted to drop some weight and body fat. She wanted to increase her fitness level and for us to help her eat better. Dianne immediately started training with a rare intensity. She truly wanted to see results and not surprisingly she started to. She lost inches, weight, and gained 2% muscle but she wasn’t satisfied and kept her eye on the target and after only two and a half months has lost 10 pounds of body fat*!

Dianne will do what the trainers ask of her without complaint. If it helps her towards her goals then she is all for it. If she shows up a few minutes late she will push herself harder to make up for it. She isn’t afraid to sweat and she can get a little intense when she is training so keep a safe distance. When she isn’t working so hard she is a good natured lady with a great sense of humor. She is proving that when you truly want to reach a goal you will.

Michele Coddington

Client of the Month

July 2013

Michele came to Fitness Together to get herself moving. She had spent the last few years concentrating on her family which caused her to neglect her own health and fitness. She was very dedicated from the start, training three sessions per week and within only a few weeks was seeing progress not only in the changes in her body but in her food choices*. She was becoming more aware of what she was eating and correlating that with how hard she would need to work out to burn it off.

Michele always has a smile on her face and has been a pleasure to train. She finds the joy in just about everything she does. She has lowered her stress and increased her energy*. She progressed very quickly from a beginner to someone who was looking to make each exercise harder and get more out of it. With her strong dedication and desire to learn we have no doubt Michele will make exercising and eating healthy part of her everyday life from now on.

Tara Brunelle

Client of the Month

June 2013

Tara has been training at Fitness Together for a while. Her motivation and dedication have fluctuated over time but she has been on a roll the last few months. She is getting in her cardio workouts every week. She is putting more effort into her training workouts and has begun consistently coming in for yoga classes. Like many people, her busy schedule causes her to miss sessions but she tries very hard to make them up. She knows she could fall back into a rut if she doesn’t keep up with her workouts.

Tara lost a good amount of fat over the last 6 months which helped her stay motivated*. Sometimes when people don’t see the fruit of their labor soon enough they lose interest. She did that too many times and finally listened to the Fitness Together trainer on her shoulder. After sticking it out for 6 months of consistent training Tara is smiling!

Jodie Belniak

Client of the Month

May 2013

Jodie came in after falling off the wagon and needed help getting back into a routine. She had some weight to lose and wanted to get back into running. Despite not having an ACL in her right knee she pushed herself every session and started seeing results early on. She began to run a few times a week, short distances at first but has built up to 2 to 3 miles each time*.

Jodie was craving the exercise and results so much she flew to South Carolina and attended a week long fitness camp which further increased her fitness level, knowledge, and desire for more. She is very receptive of diet and exercise advice and she is very honest about when she makes a poor eating decision. Despite a hectic schedule full of stress Jodie has gotten much better at balancing her family and home life as well as her exercise and eating habits.

Nicole Giannotto

Client of the Month

April 2013

Nicole started at Fitness Together after deciding she had struggled with her weight long enough. As she started to lose weight, she found the trainers of Fitness Together who worked to keep her focused and serious about her workouts. Over time she became more and more determined to not only become healthy and fit but to remain there. When she started moving in the wrong direction, she knew it and the trainers of Fitness Together reeled her back in and onto the right path.

Despite her hectic work schedule, Nicole has dedicated certain days to working out and has ran a handful of 5k races. In only 6 months, Nicole lost 6 pounds of fat, took 2 minutes off her mile run, and increased her plank time by 2 minutes*. She has even started to crave exercise. Like most people, her motivation and consistency fluctuate but when she is on her game, watch out!

Mike Walton

Client of the Month

March 2013

Michael walks in to Fitness Together each time with a smile on his face, ready to tackle any challenges that are placed in front of him. He comes in early to do his warm-up and foam rolling. Michael puts 100% into each exercise he does. Even when the trainers tell him he can go easier if he wants, he kindly refuses to, and pushes through. This helps motivate others working out with him. Not only does he work hard, he is upbeat and optimistic as well

Michael shows how important it is to keep a positive mindset. He puts his mind to the workout and tackles an exercise head on, never giving an excuse for himself. We chose Michael for client of the month due to his efforts and inspiration he gives to others who train with him. As trainers, we can explain exercises well but it is hard to explain effort, simply pushing more weight or completing more reps isn’t the whole picture. Simply watching Michael train for a few minutes would explain it well though. Lastly, his results fit his efforts. Great work, keep it up Michael!

Lisa Smyth

Client of the Month

February 2013

Since Lisa became a dedicated client at Fitness Together, her goals have remained the same. She wanted to strengthen her body and lose body fat to help her with her active lifestyle. Specifically, she needed to strengthen her legs to help her knees, so she can ski all winter with her husband. She is the first client of the day and puts in 100% effort each session (as every successful client does) before dashing off to work. Lisa has learned that paying close attention to her posture & breathing during each repetition helps her maximize the effects. Her added strength and endurance along with her determination has earned her a few medals in studio contests*.

Lisa has always been persistent in trying to eat healthy but recently it started to come together for her. With the help of the trainers, Lisa has found the right formula of protein and carbohydrates. In the last 5 months Lisa has dropped 5% body fat, 6 lbs, and 3 ½ inches off her waist*. Lisa learned firsthand that results may not happen as quickly as we would like but staying committed to the goal and being persistent does work!

Andrew Miano

Client of the Month

January 2013

Andrew is one of our youngest clients at Fitness Together but is one of our most dedicated clients. He originally came to Fitness Together to lose weight and improve his stamina in preparation for the upcoming lacrosse season.

When Andrew first started training at Fitness Together, completing a set of pushups was very difficult. We had Andrew start doing pushups every other day and today he is able to complete multiple sets of 15 pushups*. During a PACK session in late December, Andrew completed 175 pushups, 175 body weight squats and 175 crunches in less than 45 minutes*!

Andrew is an exceptional young man and his dedication and effort to reach his health goals serve as an inspiration and to others to increase their effort. He never complains and never takes the easy way out with any exercise. He truly wants results which is rare to see at his age. After using the rowing machine at Fitness Together Andrew decided he will be joining the Crew team next season! Keep up the dedication and hard work!

Bob Chusmir

Client of the Month

December 2012

Bob has been a Fitness Together client for over a year having signed up after watching his wife and daughter get great results at FT. Bob spent over 20 years in the army, some of which was as a Drill Sergeant. Time has taken its toll on Bob, he gained weight and his cardio respiratory endurance was lacking; now he needed someone to guide him and whip him back into shape. Bob dedicated himself to the program from the start. He started training 3 times a week and changed his eating habits.

During a contest, Bob proved he never lost the ability to push himself beyond “normal” limits that is ingrained in every soldier. He took 3rd place and like any good soldier is looking forward to the next challenge setting his sights on 1st*. Bob never complains and always has an upbeat attitude and gives maximum effort. He has lost a lot of fat and gained a significant amount of muscle*. His stamina increased substantially which means he now can train harder during the sessions*. Continue to be all you can be!

Mike Wacht

Client of the Month

November 2012

Mike signed up with Fitness Together in February ready to get down to business. He wanted to lose 20 lbs under the advice of his doctor. He also wanted to increase core strength and decrease his waistline. With the help of the trainers Mike began pushing himself and stayed consistent along with watching his diet. Less than a year later, not only did Mike reach his personal goals, he went beyond and excelled in many ways*. He went from a walk to a run in his warm-ups and assessments which strengthened his cardiovascular system. His resting heart rate improved by 12 bpm*.

During a contest at Fitness Together Mike showed his improvements by taking 3rd place overall in his age category along with improving his plank from only 30 seconds in February to 6 minutes and 45 seconds in August*! He is almost at his goal of losing 20 lbs. He has lost 16 lbs, all of which was fat*. His doctor is happy and so is Mike. Keep at it!

Sean Cunningham

Client of the Month

October 2012

Everyone who signs up at Fitness Together has unique goals but usually it’s related to weight loss, muscle gain, fat loss, or improving overall fitness. Sean had a different goal; he was going to be a police officer and in order to pass the physical fitness aspect of the hiring process he would need to drastically increase his flexibility. Sean spent most of his sessions stretching out with the trainers. The trainers at Fitness Together shared their knowledge with Sean and would physically manipulate him to further his flexibility. Sean was very receptive to everything the trainers taught him. Sean was introduced to SMR or foam rolling which significantly improved his tight hamstrings and calves as well. In addition the trainers put him through PNF stretching which helps to encourage flexibility and coordination throughout the limb's entire range of motion. Each week Sean tried the sit and reach test at the studio and each week he saw an improvement.

Sean took the fitness test twice in the last 6 months and passed*. Sean plays hockey often and some days instead of training he opts to have the trainers kick his butt. Either way its working towards Sean’s goal which is to do what is necessary to pass the physical fitness test and become “a protector of the peace”. Sean is dedicated to doing what’s necessary because he is passionate about achieving his goal. His true desire to succeed is the difference between minimal results and great results.

Beat your Best Clients

Client of the Month

September 2012

This is for all who participated in our Beat your Best contest and proved that with a little effort and determination they could push themselves to beat their best. The efforts given on the 1 mile run and plank were by far the greatest determined not only by how many clients beat their best but also the substantial margin they beat it by. Although many scores and times weren’t enough to win a medal everyone trained just as hard and pushed themselves just as much. Here are just some of the stories that showed determination, effort, and true grit.

Matt E showed unbelievable determination when he dropped more than 5 minutes off his 1 mile time in less than a week ending the week at 8:40 just shy of 3rd place*!

Mike W showed some true grit during plank week completing a plank time of 6:45 which beat his previous plank time by almost 5 minutes*!

Tracie C did 50 box jumps in practice but after seeing someone else did 65 she decided she would beat it. She showed amazing effort by completing 66 jumps in 1 minute to take gold*!

Bob C really wanted to win the rope slams. He strategized with our trainers and perfected his technique. His determination and hard work paid off knocking out 102 slams to take 1st*!

Lisa S proved she is a true competitor by completing the stair climb even though she has very bad knees. Despite some pain and swelling she pushed herself through it and took 3rd*!

Jeff M had a hard time accepting anything but 1st place. He took 6 gold medals after showing unbelievable willpower and determination, producing awesome results each time*!

Jessica Darling

Client of the Month

August 2012

Jessica signed up for sessions at Fitness Together wanting what most female clients want: to lose a little weight and tone up. She started off on the right foot asking lots of questions and coming to our Nutrition Together group sessions. She wasn’t making as much progress as she had hoped though and realized she needed to push herself even harder and really watch her diet. Soon, she got stronger and her stamina improved and she started to accomplish even more in her sessions. In the past 2 months she has dropped 5 lbs and almost 2% body fat*. Recently for a push-up competition amongst our clients she completed 51 regular push-ups more than any male or female and won the gold medal*!

As an example of the dedication, effort, and desire it takes to get results; one day Jessica missed a session so the next day she completed back to back sessions. She makes it her goal to come in here and put in 100% effort and sweat every session. Jessica has a great personality and is a pleasure to train because she may give the trainer’s a strange look when given a new exercise but she does it all the same. She motivates clients who train with her and even though she hasn’t quite reached her goal yet she knows she is moving in the right direction.

Nidia Lopez

Client of the Month

July 2012

Nidia came to Fitness Together in the spring of 2012 in hopes of getting into better shape for her wedding in September. She wanted to lose weight, get stronger and tone up, all very typical goals. Nidia, however, had no idea how much she would learn about her body and mind after starting to train at Fitness Together. With the accountability the trainers provide along with her fiancé's support, Nidia is improving all aspects of her health including her eating habits, realizing just how important proper nutrition is in reaching her goals*.

Nidia consistently works out three times a week and comes into the studio with a larger than life smile and hearty laugh. At first she approached every exercise with caution but she has become much more confident trying new exercises and has come to enjoy being pushed in all her workouts. She continually strives to beat her best on every exercise which will definitely ensure she is looking great in her wedding dress! Nidia is an inspiration because she continuously seeks out new ways to improve her overall health and wellness. Keep up the awesome work Nidia!

Ganesh Deshmukh

Client of the Month

June 2012

Ganesh came to Fitness Together wanting to gain some muscle and didn’t want to do it the wrong way. Having only trained in India, the personally designed workouts were a different approach than he was used to but as he started to trust the trainers, he began making progress. In addition to helping Ganesh get stronger and add muscle mass, the trainers at Fitness Together worked with him on his breathing techniques and eating habits. His breathing improved drastically in only a few weeks and his eating habits began to support his goals rather than hinder them*.

Most important to Ganesh was he exceeded his goal by adding over 10 lbs of muscle mass to his already lean frame*. He now has a better understanding of just how important nutrition and the proper exercise techniques are in achieving long term goals, not just building bigger biceps. Ganesh always comes to the studio with a big smile. He always provides a good laugh to others in the studio and his dedication to making his goals is inspirational. His new goal is improving his cardio respiratory endurance while maintaining the extra muscle he has put on. Good luck!

Ryan Curran

Client of the Month

May 2012

Ryan started training here in the fall joining in a PACK session with his wife and her parents. He knew he had gotten out of shape but learned quickly how out of shape he really was when he tried keeping up with his wife Tracie and threw up during his first two sessions. Soon he realized once a week was not going to help him so he started adding in a private session. He is still huffing and puffing through his workouts but he is accomplishing much more in the session.

Ryan is a type 1 diabetic but he does not let this affect his training nor does he use it as a crutch in any way. He tries so hard to push himself during the training session, usually flopping down in a heap of sweat after not being able to do another push-up. He has been training at home and feels so much better than he has in recent memory. His clothes are fitting much better and he has lost weight*. Ryan is an avid golfer and has been pleasantly surprised how much his golf game has improved*. Lastly, his wife signed up to do an extreme 5k and as soon as Ryan heard of this he signed up too. He didn’t want Tracie having all the fun! This is a huge change from the Ryan we first met in the fall. He has become dedicated to his training and his motivation is contagious. Keep it up!

Jeff Michelson

Client of the Month

April 2012

Jeff came to Fitness Together in January 2012 to improve his back strength, increase muscle strength and to flatten out his belly. From the start, Jeff was very dedicated and receptive to the advice of his trainers. He arrives early to each workout so that he can do some SMR or self-myofascial release, rowing and elliptical work. When he is done with that, he continues his hard work and puts effort into doing speed intervals on the treadmill.

In each workout, Jeff has disciplined himself to pay close attention to his postural mechanics and motion. He is dedicated to his exercise and resistance training disciplines. All that dedication has paid off for him. In the past four months, Jeff has been able to drop his body fat percentage from 30.3% to 23.1%*. That’s amazing. And with all that extra cardio in the morning, Jeff has improved his cardiovascular health from having high blood pressure to now being back down to normal*.

Jeff is making very positive progress and continues to make strides to achieving his ultimate health and fitness goals. Keep up all the great work!

Monica Lozano

Client of the Month

March 2012

Monica came to Fitness Together wanting to get back into shape and pick up nutritional tips to live a healthier life. Working in a stressful job situation with long days and late nights, she has managed to still find the time to work out. When Monica is away for any length of time, she always asks for a workout she can take with her on the road.

Monica has increased her squat and bench, tripled her plank score and is able to do the one mile run 2 minutes faster than her first assessment only 6 weeks prior*. Monica is currently attending FT group nutrition, working on her personalized cardio program and is up for any new exercise we throw her way. Monica enjoys a good challenge and loves coming to FT. She quotes, “I am grateful to learn how to work out properly, understand the sequence of exercises and I like all of the trainers.”

Monica has been a pleasure to work with as well as a lot of fun. She has a positive energy and willingness to learn and has brought a smile to everyone at FT. Keep up the good work!

Judy Chusmir

Client of the Month

February 2012

Fitness Together is proud to give Judy this honor. Judy has been a consistent client for over two years and has been a pleasure to train from day 1. She has made numerous improvements in her health and well-being. Judy’s daughter Tracie, is also a member of Fitness Together and both women were successful in bringing their husbands in as well, with all four train multiple one on one sessions and join together for a family PACK workout every week.

Since having her family join, Judy has changed even more which has led to a decrease in weight and body fat percentage*. These new results along with the family support have seemed to “re-motivate” Judy and it’s easy to notice during her workouts and conversations. Judy has also improved her husband Bob’s eating along with her own and always has her nutrition goals in mind.

Judy and Bob have a lot to look forward too as they prepare to welcome their 4th and 5th grandchild in the spring and a trip to Alaska that they have wanted to do for some time now. We hope that the strides they make in their health will only assist them in the months and years to come. Fitness together is proud to have such a dedicated and loyal client, keep up the work Judy!

Susan Boggini

Client of the Month

January 2012

In early 2010, Susan came in to Fitness Together ready to take her fitness and health to another level. She was already an avid runner, tennis player, and full time mother of six boys (great exercise by itself). Susan wanted to regain the definition and strength she used to have. Despite some wrist injuries, knee injuries, asthma attacks and lots of stress in her life she dropped 15 pounds and 2% body fat*.

Susan is probably one of the nicest people on earth which at first made it hard to want to push her during the workouts. We got over this quickly and 2 years later we never stop searching for fresh and fun ways to “torture” her. If Susan isn’t “whining” during the workout, then we just aren’t working her hard enough. Susan truly enjoys coming in for her workouts and we always look forward to her fun loving attitude and sense of humor. She is a great role model for other women in their forties showing that it doesn’t matter how many children you have or how much stress is in your life. If you make time for your own health and fitness it will pay off!

Cathy Gentile-Doyle

Client of the Month

December 2011

Cathy signed up for Fitness Together once before but didn’t have the dedication and commitment necessary to get great results and she knew it. However, she came back with a renewed purpose her 2nd go around. If something comes up and she needs to cancel she always makes it up the same week. She has started asking questions about what is actually happening to her body. She is becoming more in tune with the exercises and her body is reacting well. She reached her weight loss goal much faster than she had anticipated*.

Having a stressful job as a college professor was forcing her to put her exercise on the back burner but now if she has to be somewhere early for school she comes in even earlier to get in her workouts. This is the dedication we were looking for from you Cathy! Give yourself a hug!

Peg Bray

Client of the Month

November 2011

Peg Bray came to Fitness Together in the summer of 2011 looking for personal one on one training to help her get in better shape and improve her diet. As of Peg’s most recent assessment, she has lost over 21 pounds, dropped 4% body fat and increased her flexibility*. She has tripled her plank time, decreased her BMI and lost 4 inches on her waistline*. Peg is thrilled with her progress so far and she isn’t the only one. In fact, her doctor was so happy with her progress she gave Peg a big hug!

Peg has enjoyed working with a variety of programs Fitness Together offers including 1 on 1 training as well as small group training. She completed the Nutrition Together program and is keeping up with the Cardio Together program. Peg also enjoys taking her workouts home or on the road. She motivates herself to include interval power walks and packs her resistant band in her suitcase when she is away. Great Job Peg and Keep Up The Great Work!

Catherine Preysner

Client of the Month

October 2011

Catherine came to Fitness Together with an amazing dedication to reaching her goals. As a senior in high school, she aspires to attend the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. As part of the application process, not only did she need to submit her latest academic records but her results from a physical fitness test. The test consists of push-ups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run. In only 2 months at Fitness Together she made amazing progress. She increased her push-ups from 20 to 35 total, her sit-ups from 61 to 86 and her 1.5 mile run dropped down from 14:30 to 12:29*. That equated to her actual score going from a 164 to a 220 which should definitely help her chances of being accepted*.

While Catherine awaits word from the Coast Guard Academy, she has committed to keep training at Fitness Together to further improve her level of physical fitness. It is such a pleasure working with someone so dedicated to doing what is necessary to reach their goals. We hope others will read this and be inspired to reach for their goals as well.

Harry Simonsen

Client of the Month

September 2011

As a former client Harry came back to Fitness Together with a renewed goal to improve certain factors of his health by losing weight. However, this time he knew it was a must to improve his health and maintain it. Harry has worked out at FT twice a week since he restarted and has started taking his nutrition very seriously and closely monitors the foods he takes in every day. He plans ahead for every meal and snack and records all of his calories. All of this hard work combined has led to Harry losing more than 30 pounds in less than 2 months*.

The weight loss along with added stability and flexibility has helped Harry continue to participate in his passions as a volunteer EMT and a motorcycle enthusiast. Both of these leave him on his feet and moving quite a bit. Fitness Together is proud to have such a dedicated client and is excited to see the progress Harry will continue to make in the future. Congratulations Harry and keep up the hard work!

Brian Guilmartin

Client of the Month

August 2011

Brian came in distraught with how out of shape he had allowed himself to get in the last few years. He decided enough was enough and was ready to put all his energy towards losing the weight. He started doing exactly what we asked of him right out of the gate; adding extra cardio, pushing himself in the workouts, and started working on his diet. Brian was a member of the Army National Guard during the ‘90s and so he has it in him to stay determined, focused and remembers what it was like to push his body through basic training.

In only 6 weeks Brian has pushed himself to losing over 12 lbs and 9% body fat*. That really means Brian lost 25 lbs of fat and gained 13 pounds of muscle*. That’s amazing! He also increased his pushups and sit-ups by 10 and is benching 20 lbs more than he had 6 weeks earlier*. He completed our Nutrition Together program with flying colors. Brian is on his way to reaching his goal and if he keeps this effort up he will reach it sooner than he thinks.

Tom Spazian

Client of the Month

July 2011

After watching his daughter Lisa and wife Linda get great results while working with the training staff at Fitness Together, Tom decided he wasn’t happy with how out of shape he had become and started coming in twice a week. In only 6 weeks Tom has come full circle going from mostly sedentary to very active. His desires to get fit and lose his “gut” are commendable. Tom does what the trainers ask of him whether he is training at the studio, at home or on the road. He has begun to truly live a healthy lifestyle. With his wife’s support and healthy cooking he has lost almost 10 pounds and has dropped 6% body fat which is the most body fat anyone has lost in less than 2 months since Fitness Together has opened*.

Tom had hip surgery a few years ago and while cleared to exercise wasn’t sure of what he would be able to handle. He started off slow on some things but as long as it didn’t hurt he did it and has reported that he has much more energy and is much more mobile than he was previously*. Every time Tom comes in he mentions how much healthier and fitter he feels and is simply amazed at how far he has come. So are the trainers! Keep doing what you’re doing Tom!

Mike Bordieri

Client of the Month

June 2011

Mike started in the spring of 2011 with a simple yet necessary goal of losing weight. In his late 50s, Mike had to have heart surgery and has had to sleep with a mask over his face that supplies oxygen as his weight gain had caused sleep apnea which is very common in overweight people. Mike has started out of the gates strong already dropping 15 pounds and at least 4% body fat and is not letting up until he is down below 200 lbs*. His cardio slowly but surely has started improving, going from a slow walk to a jog in only a few weeks and he is now able to go jogging with his son.

Mike’s hard work and commitment to the end result of weight loss is stellar and he sets a great example for others to follow. He brings in his old boxing gloves and the trainers put him through a gauntlet of boxing moves. He runs every time he comes in and enjoys a good challenge. His eating has improved and while not perfect he is hard at work going through Nutrition Together to get it to where it should be. Mike has realized that if you want results bad enough you just have to put in the effort and it will pay off eventually. Mike just wants it to pay off much sooner. Keep it up Rocky!

Keri Rosini

Client of the Month

May 2011

Keri lost a total of 25 pounds*. She walked in one day 100% ready to do what was necessary to get results. She has done exactly that and more and that it why she was a unanimous decision for client of the month. She lost more than 12 lbs in only 2 months and has dropped a few percent body fat*. She works hard during her sessions and followed Nutrition Together, our proprietary nutrition program exactly as it should be. She is sometimes frustrated with how out of shape she had become but uses that as fuel for her workouts. She is disciplined and the epitome of what Fitness Together hopes to accomplish with every client.

She has followed all the guidance given to her by the trainers and almost always has a smile on her face during her workouts. She is not stopping at 12 lbs either, she is determined to reach her goal weight and continues to follow the Nutrition Together program. Having done martial arts for a few years she has that intensity and knowledge about exercise and just needed a little extra motivation to help bring it back out. She enjoys doing some martial arts during her workouts and her ultimate goal is for her body to be where she is comfortable. Keep kicking butt Keri!

Sandra Buonannata

Client of the Month

April 2011

Sandra considered signing up almost 2 years ago but wasn’t ready to fully commit. She finally got the motivation at the end of January and said enough is enough. She was ready to get her body back in shape after a few years of neglecting herself. She showed a stubborn commitment to making at least 3 sessions a week since she started which was tough with her job as a middle school teacher and volleyball coach. To make matters even worse, prior to starting with Fitness Together, she rolled her ankle making her unable to push herself as much as she would of liked to.

Sandra’s commitment to herself has definitely paid off thus far. Her recent re-assessment showed remarkable progress. She improved on just about every test. She went from 1 pushup to 10 and almost doubled her sit-ups*. Her cardiovascular tests improved drastically*. Plus she dropped body fat and weight which is awesome*! She also completed our Nutrition Together program which has led her to truly think about what she is eating, when she is eating and how much.

Overall, Sandra is making very positive progress and has decided to continue working towards her goals with the help of Fitness Together. She continually asks what else she can do to increase her results. It is this dedication that is the difference between minimal results and awesome results.

Tracie Curran

Client of the Month

March 2011

Tracie began her workout routine with desire and ethic instantly. After having her second child in the early fall, as soon as she felt physically able to she signed up here at Fitness Together. She was determined to get back the body she had in her earlier days. She has seen significant results so far after having met with a trainer regularly*. Tracie makes every appointment, sleep or no sleep (compliments of her daughter) and works herself to the maximum. She followed her trainer’s recommendation of doing cardio and can be frequently spotted early mornings on her off days running on the treadmill. She even once braved a snowstorm and drove to the studio just to make sure she got in her run.

It's this determination that led Tracie to lose in her body fat percentage and begin obtaining the "leaner" look she had in mind*. In fact recently Tracie mentioned she tried on bathing suits and was amazed at how quickly she has returned to her pre-pregnancy state. Tracie is also showing gains in strength and muscular endurance as well*. All around she is doing what needs to be done and she is reaping the benefits of all the hard work. We are proud to have helped Tracie get to this point and we look forward to keeping her and continue helping her achieve the goals that she sets. We will make sure she stays focused.

Jenn Caruso

Client of the Month

February 2011

Jenn has earned client of the month through her dedication and commitment to herself and her fitness program. She joined Fitness Together in September 2010 and has been coming consistently since then. Jenn had always been thin through life but was looking to begin a routine in order to bring her to a level of fitness that she had never possessed. We suppose having her wedding approaching in the fall doesn’t hurt either. Jenn is engaged to fellow Fitness Together client Jason, and together come in 5 days per week and motivate each other daily. On the days Jason works out Jenn will do 45 minutes of cardio on top of meeting for her own workouts three times per week.

This routine has not only led to Jenn losing weight and body fat but it has left her feeling better on a daily basis*. Possibly even more important it has allowed her to fit in the wedding dress that she had set her sights on. Jenn has shown great strength gains, cardiovascular gains in her mile run, and has a much better sense of balance and coordination since beginning*. As the days become warmer and the fall draws closer Jenn along with the constant support of the Fitness Together team will push even harder to reach those last goals and reach her fullest potential in order to send her to her wedding in the best possible shape.

Mary Flood

Client of the Month

January 2011

Mary started training at Fitness Together in September 2010 having never participated in a structured exercise program. She wanted to lose some weight and get her high blood pressure in check. Mary started off slow but quickly gained momentum in her program. She became one of the most consistent clients coming in 3 times a week only missing if she was out of town. She reported her energy level had increased significantly and soon after told us a story about how a pair of pants that hadn’t fit in a long time was not only fitting but she almost needed a belt to hold them up. She is losing a few pounds a week and her core stamina has tripled*. Mary has doubled her upper body strength and cut more than 3 minutes off her 1 mile walk time*. These achievements came as a direct result of the guidance and coaching of her trainers but more importantly from the determination Mary has possessed.

Mary was worried upon signing up that she would lose motivation but her trainers held her accountable and did not allow her motivation to wither away. She is now so positive about exercise, recommending it to everyone she meets. Her only regret it seems is that she has waited so long to start an exercise program like this and experience the joy of improving her health in so many ways.

David Moore

Client of the Month

December 2010

David called one day and said he was worried about how out of shape and unhealthy he had become working on computers for the last 10 years. That was all about to change because Dave signed up at Fitness Together with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to get back in shape. Just as Rome wasn't built in a day, Dave realized first hand that it would take time to get results and the trainers kept Dave focused on making short term goals and progressing day by day.

Dave was pushed past his limits but he took it in stride bringing his body to muscle failure over and over again. Dave has stuck to his part of the bargain by coming in for at least 30 minutes of cardio on his off days. After only 2 and a half months Dave lost almost 4 % body fat, took 4 minutes and 30 seconds off his 1 mile walk time and dropped his resting heart rate by almost 20 beats*.

David also realized that he never gave any thought to his eating. He just ate whatever was there until he was full and that was that. After going through our Nutrition Together program, he realized he needed to really think things through, to plan his meals from the time he ate to what foods and how much. Dave’s hard work, dedication to getting in the right cardio, and change of eating habits have contributed to Dave entering 2011 as a much healthier person than he has been in a long time!

Jason Meade

Client of the Month

November 2010

Jason started training at Fitness Together at the end of summer with his fiancé Jenn, to whom he had recently proposed and is scheduled to marry in the fall of 2011. With the clock ticking toward their big day they decided to begin training and knew commitment would be crucial to their success. Jason and Jenn committed to a 5 day per week routine with sessions beginning at 5am! Jason works on Monday, Friday, and Saturday mornings and does a 45 minute cardio session on Tuesday and Thursday while Jenn works out.

Since he started, Jason has put 110% into his program, in fact a recent assessment showed he improved in EVERY aspect since the first day in some cases doubling or tripling the original results*. In a 2 ½ month time period Jason was able to add 27 lbs to his max on the bench press and beat his mile run time by 1 minute and 33 seconds*. Even more impressive was that Jason also saw an 11 pound weight loss while maintaining his lean mass, reassuring him that he is only losing fat*!

Jason has been able to succeed in his exercise regime while working full-time, obtaining his MBA, and not to mention planning for one of the biggest days of his life. Jason and Jenn have never been late to a session, they usually come in with their eyes half closed saying, “Please take it easy on us today,” which of course we never do. Jason and Jenn’s success is in part due to the support each provide each other. They have maintained their commitment to the training program, which has led them to see improvements. When asked during a session if he had anything to add to this write up, Jason replied, “Not now I’m too busy working out!” Keep up the hard work Jason!

Mike Giuffrida

Client of the Month

October 2010

Mike came in to see us with his wife Donna in late June. They looked over our process with a close scrutiny. They agreed that if they both got started and worked in parallel time slots the teamwork effort would overcome tough part working late in the evening after the workday had drained much of the daily energy.

They had different goals and expectations and Mike worked hard toward getting back the strength, balance and stability he remembered from those far back military days. Although he has not found all the freedom he expects from leg and hip mobility he still comes in as early as possible – sometimes 30 minutes – to grind out some extra time and mileage even if he needs to use all three cardio devices to break up the muscle group load.

Mike has made great progress in muscle strength on his reassessment – in some cases doubling and tripling some of his initial test results - as a result of his determined ambitious work ethic*. He’s about to complete his Nutrition Together sessions where he’s learning that eating often during the day – especially a big breakfast – is quite an adaptation. Mike is making good progress losing the body fat and gradually showing the results his whole family is glad to see.

Keep it up Mike!!

Liz Aube

Client of the Month

September 2010

Liz came to Fitness Together early in the year to improve conditioning and body composition. Because of work and family commitments, Liz chose to work out in the wee hours of the morning and despite the early start time, she has been faithful to her commitment.

As is the custom with FT hard workers, Liz jumped on the opportunity to earn points and prizes. She logged time and miles on the cardio equipment and sometimes (walking or running?) to and from her workouts. Liz has made great progress on her mile walk/run. She dedicated herself to working hard every day and used the mantra “work until you can’t – rest until you can”. That is, to go as hard as you can - within your limits - under control until the body says no (heart and / or respiratory rate), then when her body was rested (walk / cool down) she started again and tried to complete a slightly longer time frame but, she kept raising the performance bar.

Liz completed the Nutrition Together program and learned that total package of eating the right foods, the right amount at the right time had a big impact.

Along with the regular high level cardio – the weight training gave her the muscle tone / definition she likes to see. She has improved ten points in score in each of her fitness reassessments*. The added components are what make progress toward her life specific goals - staying fit to handle the rigors of a growing up family - so fulfilling.

Congratulations Liz on the progress to the new look and the new YOU!

Linda Combe

Client of the Month

August 2010

Linda came to Fitness Together in late April wanting back a more toned appearance that had somehow slipped away from her. She started by blitzing the cardio – often walking to and from the studio in the early spring mornings. She also joined into the contest and kept her mileage up for a shot at the prizes. After a bit she thought of a secondary goal - she wanted to look good by the time of her high school 45th reunion this summer. Given her timetable, Linda jumped right in and worked hard thinking this could be an addition to her already good progress.

Linda’s success is based on a number of factors, but one that stands out is her ability to do her resistance work with great focus, intensity and purpose. She carefully listens to instructions and then makes a deliberate effort to execute in accordingly with slow deliberate movements. She was rewarded by the quick results she obtained in developing tone / muscle mass and losing weight – 24 pound body fat - at the same time*. She has appropriately earned the nickname “Form”. Great job, Linda!

Heidi Parchmann

Client of the Month

July 2010

Heidi returned this past April after a challenging tax season, having lost a lot of the strength and tone she had developed last year – or so she thought. She got started by joining in on the contest fun, logging miles and time on the elliptical and treadmill. She concentrated on building muscle strength and cardio-respiratory endurance for her workouts. She worked hard from start to finish during her sessions, and, within a short time she felt that she was “back on the right path.” After seeing the results of her first reassessment, 9 of 11 in the 90th percentile, she learned that she had to work on adding muscle, and that's exactly what she has done*.

She embraced tougher workouts with additional weights (resistance) and advanced postures. As Heidi learns new moves and techniques, she shares her knowledge and progress with her son who is working on a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. We are sure that he is proud and excited about what his mother is doing. All of us here at Fitness Together are excited about what Heidi has accomplished since her return this year. Congratulations, Heidi!

Linda Spazian

Client of the Month

June 2010

Linda called one day and said her daughter used to train with us at Fitness Together Rocky Hill and now she wants to get great results. We made sure to tell her that it wouldn’t be as easy as it was for her daughter. She would have to work hard and be consistent and boy did she show us! Linda who turned 60 in January started in early March and recently had her 2nd fitness assessment. We couldn’t believe the progress she made in only 3 months.

She lost 16 pounds, dropped 6 % body fat, increased her flexibility by 5 inches, went from 0 to 4 pushups, went from 0 to 10 sit-ups and almost doubled her bench press*. She also took 4 minutes off her mile walk time*. Most of our other clients are in shock when we tell them Linda is 60 years of age, not only does she look much younger now but she trains as hard as clients much younger then her. Most clients need a personal trainer to motivate them and push them harder than they push themselves but Linda already had that trait and instead leaned on us for support and guidance. She came in and wanted results and even though she has made remarkable progress, she is setting new goals and if she keeps it up she will reach those as well. Great work Linda!

Tom Soudier

Client of the Month

May 2010

Tom walked in one day and told us he had to pass a special police fitness test that was only a few weeks away. He asked if it could be done and we told him if he worked hard it could. We did our part by training Tom to the best of our abilities and encouraged him to do just as much on his own as well. Tom definitely did his part by working hard during the sessions and coming in to do extra cardio whenever he found the time.

Tom has been a police officer in Rocky Hill for the past 20 years and prior to that served in the Army and Marines. His body has definitely taken a toll from all that and didn’t really think passing the test would happen. Despite bad knees and a very bad shoulder Tom took the test and came in with a huge smile on his face. He aced the test and stated that if the training staff “could take a broken down old cop like me and make me fit again, then they could do it for anyone!*”. Tom was so impressed with the progress he made in such a short amount of time that he decided to do more sessions even after passing the test. With Tom’s upbeat attitude and renewed sense of dedication to exercise he is always a pleasure to work with. Great work Tom.

Melissa Hicks

Client of the Month

April 2010

Melissa has been a dedicated client since she started four months ago. Despite her busy schedule with work, she manages to squeeze in two sessions a week, no matter what. Melissa has been very consistent since her first day and her hard work has paid off. She has gotten very good results and looks forward to reaching her goals.

Melissa was already very good at watching her eating habits but decided to be one of our first clients to go through Nutrition Together. She was shocked to find out that she was actually not eating enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle. With this realization, she decided to give the nutrition program a try and do exactly what the program was asking her to do. At the end of the six-week program, she ended up losing weight*. By eating the right amount of calories and the rights types of food, these new habits caused her metabolism to increase and burn fat off of her body. Combined with her dedicated workouts and motivation in the workout room, she continues to be very upbeat and positive about her fitness. Her optimistic attitude is a great motivator for all of us. Keep up the awesome work!

Bob Corcoran

Client of the Month

March 2010

Bob has the distinction of being our first ever client here at Fitness Together in Rocky Hill. Bob trained for almost a year and then decided to try it on his own for a while. In November 2009, after 2 months away Bob came back having gained back some weight. When we started training him again, he couldn’t believe how de-conditioned he became after only 2 months away. For example he could only do half the sit-ups he was doing when he left. This shows how important it is to keep up with your training. Within a week or so of restarting Bob became a different person, becoming much more dedicated to his training and ready to do what is necessary to get results.

Bob comes in 3 times a week and works hard each time he is here. He was our first graduate of the Nutrition Together program which really helped him get his eating in control. Bob isn’t where he wants to be yet but is making good progress since returning. He continues to ask questions on how to improve his eating, get more out of his cardio and improve his overall wellness. The trainers are very excited to have this new and improved Bob back to his training routine. Great work Bob!

Paul Corazzo

Client of the Month

February 2010

Paul has been a client of Fitness Together for the past 4 months. He just turned 70 years old; much older than our average client, but he works as hard during his workouts as men half his age. When trainers ask him to do 15 reps, he does 20. He comes in 3 days a week in the morning and after his workouts stays late for extra cardio. Paul has seen above average results in the few months he has been training. He has progressed to running on the treadmill and has gone from 5 pushups to 30 pushups*. Recently Paul was told by his doctor that he would need to have a hip replacement this year. In anticipation, Paul figured he would try to strengthen his legs prior to the surgery but recently his doctor told him he would not need the surgery anymore*. The targeted strengthen training workouts at Fitness Together have helped his muscles and bones in his hip.

Another major reason Paul came to us was to improve his overall health and wellness; but also to improve his strength and stamina so he could be better at his favorite hobby. Paul has been involved in car racing for most of his life. Not only does he want to continue this hobby; he wants to be able to compete with the younger drivers. Every time he comes in, he likes to say how amazed he is at how much better he feels. His upbeat attitude and determined approach to training make him a pleasure to train. He is such an inspiration to us all. Keep it up Paul.

Lorraine Hritcko
Phil Hritcko *

Client of the Month

January 2010

We decided to have 2 clients of the month for January because if it wasn’t for each other the other would not have gotten to where they are now. This husband and wife came to us in early January 2009 and like many others made their New Year’s resolution to better their health during 2009. This dynamic duo has trained a combined 250 sessions and only grew more dedicated as the year went on. In fact, they recently bought each other workout gloves to start 2010 off on the right foot. This is their way of showing us they are ready to take it to the next level!

Both in their late 40s, they realize that exercise is no longer an option but needs to have as much emphasis in their daily lives as eating and sleeping. They know they are not perfect and will reward themselves each week by going to IHOP. Lorraine spends much of her time traveling but still manages to get in her training. Phil, has been one of our most consistent clients since he started, coming in 3 times a week only missing if he is very sick (or if Anna sleeps through her alarm). He comes in at the break of dawn to get in his workouts while his wife is a night owl and trains in the evenings. One thing they do have in common is their love for disco and dancing. In fact, Lorraine always requests dance music at the studio and has been known to “bust a move” on occasion. As long as we’re here and they’re willing and able to train we look forward to training them both!!

Julie Tabshey

Client of the Month

December 2009

Julie signed up with her father in September and since then has come in more than any other client. She started coming in 4 times a week and still continues at that rate. Not only does she come in a lot but when she is here she usually gets here 30-45 minutes prior to her session and does cardio. Her cardio is not a stroll in the park but she took the advice of her trainers and does interval training. She walks at a fast pace and then runs for at least a minute and then puts it back to a fast walk. After her retest, Julie stated her desire to work extra hard on her core. When she was told her eating habits would have to change for the better she enthusiastically agreed. Now that’s she is working out consistently, she has found it much easier to watch what she is eating because she does not want to sabotage all the hard work she is putting in.

Julie’s trainers enjoy working with her because of her desire to achieve exceptional results. Julie doesn’t let her busy college or work schedule get in the way of her workouts. She comes at very different times each day but still she comes and works hard. She is a great example for others because of her dedication and willingness to change things for the better. Her desire to achieve results has not wavered since day 1. If that’s not enough, she is constantly helping to motivate her father to work hard as well. Awesome work Julie!

Sue Pellegatto

Client of the Month

November 2009

Sue has been an absolute pleasure to train since she started here in the spring. Currently, in her mid 50s Sue has been running races regularly for many years. She wanted to work on gaining some muscle and strength while maintaining her cardio levels. She has worked hard in the training room and has gotten much stronger and capable since she started. She has come in consistently since the spring and puts exercising at the top of her list of things to do on a daily basis. Many of us can learn from that as we tend to put more trivial things as priorities. Exercise needs to be as important as sleeping and eating.

Sue has dealt with some injuries in the last few months but still got herself in here to train sometimes even working through pain. Sue has signed up for every race Fitness Together has sponsored and is a member of the Hartford Marathon Club. She enjoys taking her dogs for walks with an occasional run. Sue maintains a garden and gets most of her vegetables from this. Sue sets a great example for others to take better care of themselves. She has done everything her trainers have asked of her and more. Keep doing what you’re doing Sue!

Jeff Strole

Client of the Month

October 2009

Jeff came to us wanting to improve his overall health and fitness and he has definitely done that. In addition to his demanding job he spends his time coaching his son’s basketball team. He has really changed his eating habits and increased his cardio. He has become one of our most dedicated clients in recent months setting his own personal goals each month and really working hard to reach them*. He comes in consistently in the morning and works as hard as his body will allow him. He has lost a good amount of weight, lowered his bodyfat percentage and feels better than he has in years*. Great job Jeff.

Miguel Vargas

Client of the Month

September 2009

Miguel served more than 20 years in the Marines retiring a few years ago. While serving, he lived a lifestyle that made fitness a part of everyday life whether you liked it or not. Now a police officer in Wethersfield, Miguel continues serving the community without the strict regimented workout routine he had in the Marines. He decided enough was enough and contacted our trainers here at Fitness Together. After signing up, he convinced his wife Heather to sign up as well. In the 4 months since signing up, Miguel has kept his session commitment even coming in twice in one day to ensure he got in his 3 workouts for the week.

Miguel is no stranger to cardio and its importance as the Marines used to make him run almost every day. He brought that with him to the training program. He has placed in the top 3 in every contest since he joined and recently got the highest overall points in our August Contest. He knows he will not reach his goals overnight but this doesn’t mean he can’t put in 110% effort every time he comes in. All this even after having to sometimes work different shifts which takes a toll on the body. Miguel and his wife try to play as much golf as possible outside of work and training here at the studio. Fitness has once again become a routine for Miguel. Ooorah!

Crystal Sul

Client of the Month

August 2009

Crystal started at Fitness Together in early April very upset about her current state of health. Crystal was in the process of switching jobs and wanted to start fresh with her health as well. At the heaviest she had ever been she was not very confident she would get results. For the first 6 weeks Crystal worked hard at the studio but wasn’t changing her eating habits or getting in much extra cardio. Her retest proved this as she got very minimal results.

Crystal used her retest as motivation to really step it up. She purchased more sessions and really began to focus on exercise as part of her daily life. She put in as much effort in her workouts but she began to listen to the advice of her trainers and started to watch what she ate and get in the right amount of cardio. She walked in for her retest and one of the trainers didn’t even recognize her. Crystal had lost an incredible 25 lbs and dropped 3% body fat*.

Crystal realized that simply signing up and training is not going to produce results. She leaned on her trainers for support and advice and did what was asked of her and more and her results speak for themselves. Awesome job Crystal!!!

Keri Lamontagne

Client of the Month

July 2009

Keri started with Fitness Together in early April. Like other eager exercisers she thought this would be a quick fix. She quickly found out it would take being strongly determined and dedicated. She would need to do serious cardio at least 5 days a week, work hard with the weights, and eat right. Since she started she has been doing all that has been asked of her.

This has been tough on Keri since she is on the road most of her work day. She doesn’t always eat right but since she started journaling she has definitely changed her eating habits. She’s being vigilant to the cause and packing more home-prepared portions which has improved her diet and nutrition.

Being dedicated to strong disciplined workouts which keep her heart rate high she now understands what a “hard workout” means and enjoys it with a “bring it on” attitude. Keri’s assessments prove she is working hard and she recently decided to bump up her sessions to 3x a week. Keri is enthusiastic and a joy to work with as she makes the most of her entire hour.

Keep up the Good Work!

Heather Vargas

Client of the Month

June 2009

Heather Vargas, 48, of Wethersfield is a newer client at Fitness Together but you couldn’t tell because since day 1 she has done everything we have asked of her and more. Her husband, Miguel, who is also a client, was impressed with things here and hoped Heather would want to try this as well. She signed up a little nervous at first at how things would go and if she would get results. She started at 2 times a week but after a few weeks decided to rev it up to 3 times a week to speed up her results.

Heather works for the town of Wethersfield and has a mostly sedentary job and hasn’t exercised steadily in a very long time. The last 6 weeks has been a big change for her. She has been filling out her accountability journal since day 1 and agrees this is a very effective tool in eating right in order to lose weight. She also has been steadily doing extra cardio even placing in the top 5 for our May miles contest*. Miguel’s support helps her stay on track and they have friendly competitions on different exercises.

Her retest at the end of May proved her hard work was paying off. She lost 6 lbs and 2 % body fat which is above average for newer clients*. She went up on every single test including doing 3 minutes on her wall sit (increase of 2 minutes) and 20 pushups (increase of 11)*. Heather is very easy going and a joy to work with. The trainers at Fitness Together enjoy working with someone who is truly committed to getting results and is doing everything we ask of her. Keep up the good work Heather!

After *

Segundo Rodriguez

Client of the Month May 2009

Segundo came in one evening with a very specific goal. He told us he wanted to lose 80 pounds before his wedding in the spring. I told him we were going to do our part to help him with this. He committed to coming in 5 days a week and in the first 6 weeks, Segundo lost lost 16 pounds*. He never missed a session. He always did at least 30 minutes of cardio after his workouts. He puts in 110% every workout. He constantly asks his trainers about healthy eating and is very committed to making the right changes in his life.

At 38 years of age, Segundo is looking forward to losing all the weight and getting his lean shape back. He is excited for his fiancée to move here from Peru and after their marriage begin this new phase of life. With his continued hard work, the motivation from his trainers, and his relentless commitment, he is on track to reach his goals.

Segundo has now lost about 80 pounds which was his ultimate goal and he has done everything we ask him to do in order to reach that goal*.

He says as long as you truly want results and it is important to them, they can get results. Congratulations Segundo

Lisa Elder

Client of the Month

April 2009

Lisa Elder of Rocky Hill wanted to lose weight, tone up, lower her stress, increase her flexibility, and lower her blood pressure and just plain feel better. Since moving from California a few years ago, she has seen her health decline. The stress of her job helped cause her blood pressure to sky rocket. Since coming to Fitness Together, she has lowered her BP significantly*. She feels better and she is toning in all the places she wanted to. Lisa also got the highest score in Fitness Together’s latest fitness contest which involved pushups and sit-ups*.

Lisa has been working hard in and out of the workout room. In addition to her twice a week workouts here, she enjoys going to Yoga, mainly because it helps calm her stresses. Her chiropractor noticed significant improvements since he had last seen her and asked what she had been doing differently. She proudly told him it was the trainers at Fitness Together that have given her a renewed sense of energy and strength*.

Lisa comes in often for extra cardio, fills out her accountability journal regularly, and puts in 100% effort in her workouts. Basically she does what is needed to get results. Her friendly smile and warm attitude make her a pleasure to train. Congratulations Lisa!

Traci Wilson

Client of the Month

March 2009

Traci Wilson of Rocky Hill came to Fitness Together with the goal of increasing her fitness level because she did not want to gain weight in the wrong places. She didn’t want to let her health decline as she has seen it do with her sister and mother. As a busy district manager for Gap, she, like most people, found it hard to fit exercise into her already busy day. Since December, Traci has been coming in 3 days a week and has been coming in consistently for extra cardio. She sets aside time in her day for exercise because she realizes its importance. The results on her latest assessment showed above average improvements on every test*.

Traci has such a great attitude towards life and it rubs off on those around her. No matter what difficulties are going on in her life she is always upbeat and positive about things. She puts in 100% effort during her workouts and loves to brag at the end of her work out how many calories she burned. Traci is a pleasure to train and the staff at Fitness Together looks forward to continuing to get Traci the results she wants.

Traci feels so much better, her clothes are fitting the way they were meant to and people continue to tell her she looks great. At 46 years old, Traci is extremely committed in keeping fitness a part of her daily routine for many years to come.

Tim Blevins

Tim Blevins of Rocky Hill had this to say about Fitness Together

"Over the last 4 years, with significantly increased responsibility at work, including traveling internationally for my job, finishing an MBA and doing whatever I possibly can to make my home life a real priority, my life has become increasingly sedentary.

I had built up a bit of muscle mass from the working out that I could fit in from time to time, but I’d also gained a bit of weight in other areas – that middle age “spread” – that were really troubling to me. I’d gone up too many shirt, pants and suits sizes and all around it was just not cool. I also knew that I was already getting a little bit of early hypertension or was at least at risk since I have such a strong family history.

I interviewed the trainers at Fitness Together, as well as other really well-respected, outstanding personal trainers in the area and decided on Fitness Together. Their flexible hours, the fact that there would be as many as 4 different trainers working with me over time, the convenient location and that I really know they really want me to be successful really made the difference.

I’m already making much better choices about my diet, especially when I travel, which can be a real challenge and getting some early results.

The trainers are the nicest people, yet firm and keep you very focused. It’s very clear that they also “walk the walk” which is really important to me.

I’ve always resisted personal training because I was sure I could accomplish what I needed on my own, but their approach to holding you accountable, keeping you motivated and being right “in there” with you really sets them apart.”


Traci Wilson had this to say about Fitness Together:

“Over the past year and half I had not been feeling great about my fitness routine, it was boring and my results were non-existent. The gym I trained at closed and I was forced to make a decision about what I was going to do about working out. The one thing I promised myself is that it was not going to be just another gym and I was going to find a personal trainer that would help me work on the areas of my body that I was just not happy about. I called Fitness Together and we set up a time to meet and share more information about the program.

I went in on a Saturday in December and Mike (the owner) met me at the door and introduced me to what “1 client, 1 trainer, 1 goal” was all about. Upon meeting the team and seeing the facility I was impressed with the knowledge and passion Mike and his team have for fitness. They got me started with an individualized program which was just what I was looking for.

In the four weeks that I have been working with the Fitness together team I have been evaluated, tested, trained, and very pleased with my results. I feel better, my clothes are fitting looser, my friends and colleagues have noticed, and that just makes it all worth the effort.

I am more committed now than I was the day I signed on with the team. Seeing results and having other’s notice is a great incentive to keep on training. I want to thank Fitness Together for helping me off to a great start and I am looking forward to a Happy and Healthy New Year."