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Sheila Sheridan - Trainer

Mar 24, 2017


Sheila has been working as an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer since 1997. She recently moved from New York City to the Rocky Hill area allowing her to share her years of experience and pleasant nature with the clients of Fitness Together. Sheila has worked with a wide range of clients and has continued to improve her knowledge and skillset attending workshops in adult fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Functional Movement Screening, and nutrition. She recently obtained a group exercise and Barre certification as well.

Sheila motivates her clients to lead a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise and proper nutrition. She provides the accountability, guidance and support to help people reach their goals. Sheila, who grew up in the Catskills, spent her early years skiing and working as a ski instructor. She has spent most of her life working out and participating in field hockey, soccer, golf and tennis. Her passion for exercise is contagious! Fitness Together Rocky Hill is proud to have Sheila on the team!


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