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Client of the Month September 2016 Wendy Clarke

Sep 30, 2016

Wendy is relatively new to Fitness Together, but after the good results on her first two-month assessment the trainers felt that she deserved to be recognized. She gained one pound of muscle despite all the other stressors going on in her life*. Wendy has come in for every scheduled session and even come in at night (she is typically a morning client) to get her sessions in. She has worked around some elbow tendonitis, medical problems in her immediate family, and her son starting college. Even with all these things to worry about, she has still made progress in her assessment. She always comes in extra early for her sessions with the heart rate monitor ready to go. We will often catch Wendy out on the treadmill after her sessions as well!

Lately she has made excellent progress during balance and coordination exercises. Every time we train Wendy, we see the change in her endurance and control. She hopes to improve her time next year in the Fight for Air Climb, an event in which participants climb many flights of stairs to raise awareness for lung conditions and support the American Lung Association. We hope to see Wendy continue to progress and get stronger in the future!


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