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Client of the Month October 2016 Shelia Richardson

Nov 8, 2016

Client of the Month


Shelia has been at Fitness Together since August and she has been working extremely hard to keep up an active lifestyle! Even though she doesn’t have a large weight loss goal, Shelia is working toward an equally difficult challenge: increasing her overall strength. Shelia always comes in early in the morning ready to work on challenging weights and cardio! She always wears her heart rate monitor and comes in early for her warm up (even if that means arriving at 5am!)

Since she has started working out regularly, Shelia has improved her endurance and reached some amazing calorie counts during her sessions! She has reached 700+ calories in her one hour at Fitness Together on cardio-heavy days*. Her primary trainer, who also happens to be named Sheila, has noticed a great improvement in her ability to keep up with tough workouts. She is always happy to announce that Shelia can adapt to just about any exercise with a little effort. After seeing her progress so far, we hope that Shelia will continue to work hard and reach her goals by the end of the year!


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