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Client of the Month April 2016 Shri Madhusudhan

Sep 16, 2016

Shri has been training at the studio for a while, but she has more motivation now than ever before. In March, Shri made a set of short-term 21 day goals to get her weight and nutrition back on track. Most clients only put their long term goals on the board, but Shri asked that we include her 21 day goals so she could see them every time she came into the studio. Even when she is traveling, Shri tries to keep up with her cardio workouts and make up any missed sessions. She always wears her heart rate monitor and has been known to come in and burn up to 1000 calories doing additional cardio*!

This month Shri has shown real dedication to her results by keeping track of her eating habits and making time for cardio. Since December of last year, she has lost seven pounds (mostly body fat!) and added muscle*. When Shri has a bad day, she makes it up by working even harder the next time she comes in. Her motivation and ability to face her biggest nutrition problems made Shri the obvious choice for client of the month!


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