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Fitness Together Rocky Hill named Franchise of the Month

Apr 6, 2010

Congratulations to Fitness Together in Rocky Hill, CT for being named franchise of the month for March 2009! Michael Kaman opened the four-month-old studio in early November 2008.

A little under four months ago, it was only Michael and his now manager/head trainer, Kevin Katilius. Michael says since then they have hired a new trainer every month to meet the needs of the studio's growing schedule. The studio now has about 50 active clients, and 3 additional trainers, Nelson Wyman, Anna Isola, and Violet Gromek

"As far as being successful, I have done my best despite the economy to stay optimistic. Michael has made sure he hires trainers that are experienced, very people friendly and the entire studio dresses very professionally to distance them from the gym atmosphere.

"I have paid attention to what has worked for others and tried to do what they did, even better. My goal is to really set a good foundation early on as to who we are and what we do and to solidify us in this area as the best," continued Michael.

Michael strives to go above and beyond for their current clients. "Treat your clients the way you would want to be treated. Continue to reach out to them and get their feedback. We Try to match up clients with the right trainers to maximize their positive experience."

"My favorite part about being owner is no matter how stressed I am, I enjoy the challenge. Every day is something new and at the end of the day we are helping people with their health and that is definitely rewarding. I am optimistic about the coming year because people need FT,and no matter what the economy is people can and should invest in their health," concluded Michael.

Congratulations Rocky Hill!


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