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    Private Studio Suites and LIVE 1-on-1 Virtual Training to make it easier to stay on track with your goals.

The hardest part is getting started.


Just because your working out doesn't mean its working

If you put in the work, you should get the results.

Customized, Private, Personal Training with Superior Results*

Our fitness professionals are ready to help you get the results you want

This year we can help you finally realize your resolution with no gimmicks and no overnight promises - just plenty of real results*.

If gimmicks and fad diets worked, you’d see a lot more people in much better shape. The fact is, getting fit takes time, skill and focus.

At Fitness Together Rocky Hill, we produce real results from one simple formula: one client, one trainer and one goal. With our customized 1-on-1 fitness and nutrition programs and the help of your own certified personal trainer, you’ll be taking the right steps to reaching your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, get strong, or improve your health, our professional personal trainers can help you make it happen.

This year make a change. Break the monotony and get real results with Fitness Together!


Signature fit evaluation that includes an in-depth health history and lifestyle review, movement and posture analysis, and mini workout, all used to design a program that is unique to you.

  • "During the pandemic I have been continuing to workout twice a week virtually with my trainer. At first I thought it would be awkward and not as effective but I have found it to be very helpful. My trainer, Peter has demonstrated his competence and expertise by making necessary adjustment to my workout routines given the limitations of working out at my home with minimal equipment. He has accomplished this without compromising my goals and desired outcomes. I continue to progress and feel good about my consistent workouts with the ongoing support of my FT Trainer."   ― C. G.

  • "Totally personalized to fit my goals. The trainers are excellent and care about me as a client. They focus on me during our sessions, no distractions and provide great tips and feedback. "   ― K. H.

  • "Personal attention, motivation and encouragement!"   ― S. H.

  • "Currently doing a virtual training session just as tough as in the studio. Like the individualized training "   ― J. M.

  • "Taylor and Peter are awesome to work with and are committed to the clients goals and health. "   ― K. S.

  • "Fitness is personal and Fitness Together gets to know you and then creates a program that is customized to you and your goals. Through their expertise and keen sense of the human aspect of motivation, they help you reach your objectives. It's a fitness/wellness journey, the individual makes the decision to "get fit" the programs develop a path for you and the trainers are coaching you to get on a path and help you through that journey. It's a unique environment and my personal training partner, Taylor has a unique ability to drive motivation and results for her clients through encouragement, accountability and knowledge of what works for you individually. So fortunate to have found Fitness Together, they have a great team of professionals that care about their clients well-being and goals for healthy living. "   ― M. V.

  • "Totally customized to my needs. All of the trainers are great! They make the sessions fun and different - it is never boring or the same. I feel as though Mike, Taylor and all of the trainers really care about me, my goals and my health. "   ― K. H.

  • "Trainers are personable, patient and knowledgeable. "   ― C. C.

  • "The one on one attention from the experienced fitness instructors is invaluable. They truly care about helping me achieve my fitness goals and they are a pleasure to work with!"   ― J. S.

  • "Customized workout, one on one interaction with trainer, support and encouragement."   ― S. H.

  • "The individual training designed for me. They go at my but push me to strive for more "   ― J. M.

  • "I have tried multiple boot camps & one on one trainers at gyms and I was always getting injured. The trainers at FT customize every workout to my needs, goals and capabilities. They push me but make sure I never get injured. That customized care is rare and everything to me! "   ― J. S.

  • "The professionalism of the staff and the recognition of the needs and the ability of the participant. So far I have the difference in the way I feel because of the exercises "   ― W. H.

  • "Trainers listen to my goals and help me reach them. They're encouraging and supportive. They also listen to my concerns and help me address them. It's a one on one session, I get 100% of my trainer's focus. "   ― S. H.

  • "Individual training based upon my needs and goals. Trainer are engaged with me and my desires. Working out is fun and I look forward to it. "   ― K. H.

  • "I like the individualized training. They have a great team of trainers Taylor, Julie and Pete that create a strong workout program. You will get your money's worth with this group of trainers "   ― J. M.

  • "I have worked with two trainers; both are very knowledgeable and inspire confidence in them. They keep things moving which keeps my heart rate up. And they are friendly and fun! I like the setup as well, doing cardio for 15 minutes and working individually with the trainer for 45 minutes. It’s efficient and respectful of my time."   ― V. H.

  • "The personal attention, the support for helping me reach my goals."   ― S. H.

  • "Individualized training who will work you out at your pace. its up to you to make it a satisfying workout experience. At FT the trainer is there to make it happen"   ― J. M.

  • "I started at FT several years ago. The owner, Mike, who is a veteran is very committed to offering the best services to his clientele along with serving his country. The trainers at FT are professional, knowledgeable and personable. It is a small studio, which I prefer, and I have experienced working out with all of the current trainers. They are absolutely the best all around. In the past I tried working out at several larger gyms in the area and was disappointed by the limited knowledge and lack of professionalism of their staff and personal trainers. I appreciate the genuine concern that the FT trainers have for my personal and individual physical fitness needs and their understanding of how this is an integral part of my overall wellbeing. The staff are encouraging, supportive and patient, especially with someone like myself who is not a naturally physically active person. I attribute all of my progress with weight loss, adopting a healthy diet and participating in regular exercise to this program. Even though I have met my goals I continue to workout at FT 2-3 times a week in order to maintain my gains. In the last year and a half I have trimmed off a fair amount of body fat and have built up muscle strength and endurance as well as improved my sense of balance. My weight has been reduced by approximately 30 lbs. I am down from a size 14 to an 8 and my body age has decreased to 51 years; my chronological age is 64! I would also like to add that the studio is inviting and clean as well as equipped with an excellent variety of high quality workout equipment. "   ― C. G.

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