Personal Training Success Stories

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Mike Gurdjian

I lost 70lbs plus in 7 months!!!*

Mike had put on a lot of weight in college and really needed to change his lifestyle.  In just six months Mike has lost 72 lbs* and is wearing the clothes he wants to wear. ‘The trainers here make you accountable. They’re the best.” Mike’s trainer, Tom Lavoie is impressed with Mike’s commitment. “The results Mike has seen are off the charts. He’s really changed his lifestyle by making that commitment to himself and to his program.”    

- Mike Gurdjian, Reading resident

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Tracy Simpson

I have my life back!!

Tracy first came to Fitness Together to lose weight.  "After having two children, I was having a challenging time shedding the pounds on my own after many failed attempts over 3 years.  "Fitness Together has helped me to get my life back!  I have more energy, more fun and can keep up with my kids.  I lead a more active lifestyle now and have incorporated fitness into my daily routine.  It's not something I dread doing anymore, and actually have come to enjoy my sessions and look forward to coming in and rocking out to Bruce Springsteen while doing my cardiovascular exercise!  Investing in yourself and taking time to improve your physical wellbeing is something that many people undervalue with their busy lives, but you only get one body and you need to take care of it.  Since joining Fitness Together, I have come to learn that the benefits far outweigh the costs.  "I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life - and not just physically.  My overall outlook is much more positive and I have more confidence."

-Tracy Simpson, Wakefield Resident

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Mark Cullinane

Mark is a husband, father of four and busy professional that first came to Fitness Together because he had allowed work to crowd out time that he would have to work out.  “Recognizing that I was adding inches in all the wrong places, I joined FT over 2 years ago.”  Mark has been consistently working out at FT 3 – 4 times a week ever since. 

“Fitness Together has helped me the most in building discipline into my workout regimen and schedule.  Once I made the commitment to invest in working with Fitness Together to become fit and healthier, I gained a partner to help set goals and plans to achieve them.” Mark has made a huge commitment to make his health and fitness a priority.  “The support, motivation, encouragement and education at FT are a big part of my success in adopting a much healthier lifestyle.”

- Mark Cullinane, Lynnfield Resident

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Sharon Tango

Sharon made a decision to start taking care of herself after her having her fifth child.  Before Fitness Together she worked out at the gym, did the same routine and found that her workouts were stale.  “I have lost a whole roll of fat!”* she says. Sharon adds “it has made me stronger and has given me a lot of confidence.” FT has also made me more aware of my eating. “If I am working out and paying for this, it makes me think about what is going in my mouth”.

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Dr. Jason Harris

As a physician, I understand how important weight management is to overall health. For several years, however, I struggled to keep my own weight at a healthy level. When I decided it was time to make a change, I knew that the only healthy and permanent way to lose weight was to eat fewer calories, increase my cardiovascular exercise and make weight training a priority in my life. Over the past year, I have dedicated myself to these goals. As a result, I’ve shed over 80 pounds*, and I feel I’m in the best physical condition of my life. In addition, my blood pressure normalized, my energy levels skyrocketed, and my self-consciousness melted away.

Study after study in the medical community prove that weight training plays a key role in any attempt to lose weight or improve one’s cardiovascular health. Initially, I tried weight training on my own, but I needed the benefits that personal training can offer, including expertise, motivation, safety, and appropriate goal setting.

Fitness Together has played a key role in my transformation over the past year.  I get a more efficient workout than I could achieve on my own, along with added benefits of flexibility and core training. Beyond    the superior training I receive, the team at Fitness Together has gone out of their way to personalize my experience. The staff is always motivating, friendly, and respectful. They work with my hectic schedule and tailor my workouts to achieve my specific training goals. In addition, Fitness Together offers nutrition and exercise counseling to ensure your success, and periodic fitness assessments to objectively track your progress. For those serious about making a positive change in their health, I highly recommend Fitness Together, as a physician and as a client who has seen Fitness Together make a positive difference in my own life.                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                   - Dr. Jason Harris, former Reading resident

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Matt Stewart

Fitness Together Reading changed my life!  With their help I lost 60 pounds and started living the active life I always wanted.  I used to sit around playing video games and eat for fun, but now I strength train 4 times a week and hike all over!  Thanks FT!

Steph Cohen

  When I first came to Fitness Together in May 2015, I was at a point where I had lost some weight on my own, but I knew I needed some additional support and guidance to reach bigger goals. I knew I needed to do something different to successfully make the changes I wanted in my life.  

 I remember walking in for my first session and being nervous and incredibly unsure of what to  expect, and the two trainers working immediately put me at ease.  Everyone from Tom, the owner, to trainers you may never work out directly with go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome.  My trainers believed in me and saw my success long before I believed in myself, which kept me motivated at points where I might otherwise have given up.  The faith and confidence they had in me allowed me to slowly gain that in myself as well. 

Since starting at FT my friends and family talk about seeing a spark and a confidence in me that they haven't seen in a long time, but I hadn’t realized was missing.  I also have a newfound love for cardio, which is not something I ever would have predicted!  

Working with the trainers at Fitness Together, I have learned to recognize my achievements (and even give myself credit at times), but even more importantly, I have learned how to live my life in a way that is reasonable and manageable.