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Yoga at FT Reading

Mar 5, 2014

Over the past 6 weeks or so we have been practicing yoga in our studio. The FT clients have been enjoying the benefits of a practice based on the principles of YogaFit. This is a style of yoga that focuses on each posture being anatomically correct for each individual. It has been a wonderful experience to see our beginner yogis learn how to perform the postures in a safe, injury free environment, while our more experienced yogis have been able to have a better understanding of how to properly move through and improve their postures.

Our class has a specific structure that starts with a focus on breathing and concludes with a final relaxation pose that allows us to absorb the benefits of the class.

The warm up consists of some breathing and gentle postures that are focused on oxygenating the body creating heat and encouraging blood flow. From there we move into our Sun Salutations, which helps us link our breath to movement. The focus on breathing will help you both on and off the yoga mat as each movement is cued toward an appropriate breath.

Our standing postures provide time to build strength while continuing to focus on breathing. The standing posture gives each individual the time to listen to your breathing and use the breath to determine if going deeper into the pose or backing off is appropriate for the practice. Each practice is different and only the breath can determine how far into the post one should go. If you cannot breath in a certain position, then it is your body’s way of telling you that you should back off a bit. Our balancing poses allow our bodies to equalize and prepare for the cool down. My favorite part of the practice is the cool down where we focus on lengthening the muscles and reducing tension. Our final relaxation pose is held for several minutes and is usually everyone’s favorite. This part of our practice is critical to restoration and healing. The final relaxation also provides an opportunity to transition out of your practice and back into your daily routine.

Yoga is not just for the flexible. Our Yoga class will teach you the areas where you need to gain flexibility as well as strength. This can be a very good addition to help uncover those weaknesses that may need some extra attention!


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