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9 Nutrition Myth Busters

Nov 15, 2020

9 Diet Myth Busters

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another myth is released to the public….poor, trusting consumers of the “truth.” Balanced Habits has had enough and is fed up! We wanted to dispel the most commonly used Myths, giving you the upper hand.

#1 Myth: If you exercise, you can “get away” with eating more food.

Truth: That depends if you are exercising to lose weight. If you’re exercising to lose weight, eating more food defeats the purpose of burning more calories. No matter who you are or what you do, your metabolism can only process a certain number of calories per meal and anything more than that gets stored as fat.

#2 Myth: To lose weight/gain-retain muscle, you must eat within your “Metabolic Window.”

Truth: Also called the “Anabolic Window,” is a term used in strength-training to describe the 30-min. period after exercise. There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support this theory.

#3 Myth: Fat turns into muscle when you lose weight through exercise.

Truth: Lean body tissue (muscle) and fat tissue are not the same type of tissue and therefore cannot be exchanged in this way. Although there is truth that your lean body tissue, including organs and bones do contain small amounts of essential fats.

#4 Myth: You have to consume fewer calories to lose weight.

Truth: This depends if you are already over-consuming. To lose body fat, you must take in the right balance of calories, and fewer than you expend, although this is truly a science and not so black & white. Learning how to properly balance your calories in and calories out is the right formula; not just eating less.

#5 Myth: If you exercise regularly, you shouldn’t have to watch what you eat.

Truth: Certainly you have an advantage if you are exercising, but this is not a reliable nor positive way to approach a lifestyle of health. Food is nourishment and fuels the muscles during exercise; eating whatever you want is not a good formula and should not be utilized.

#6 Myth: “Fasted Cardio” is the best way to burn more stored body fat.

Truth: The rationale behind this myth is that forgoing food before exercise will force the body to burn more fat during exercise….remember that you’re trying to maintain muscle, not eat away at it.

#7 Myth: Vegetables are a free food. You can eat as much of them, and whenever without repercussion.

Truth: In truth ALL FOOD is calories, therefore everything needs to be “counted” as calories and not eaten with abandon. Too much of anything will eventually be detrimental and work against you. (Reference Myth #1 on this page)

#8 Myth: Eating fat makes you fat.

Truth: It isn’t that simple. Despite fat having more calories per gram than protein or carbohydrates, fat does not make you fat. Dietary fat and body fat are not the same bodily components. Fat is an important part of any healthy and balanced diet.

#9 Myth: Nuts and nut butters are a great source of protein.

Truth: Although there is in-fact protein within nuts and nut butters, they are both primarily derived of healthy fats and not consumed as a source of protein. Additionally, the protein in nuts in considered an incomplete protein because they do not have all the essentials.

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