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An Eating Plan You Can Love

Jan 18, 2017

While dieting will never be a completely one-size-fits-all experience, we do have a few tips and ideas for a way of eating that will suit nearly everyone.  Will it get results?  That’s up to you.

Surefire Ways to Make Your Resolutions Stick

Jan 11, 2017

However, if you’re afraid that this year’s list of good intentions may fall by the wayside, we’d like to equip you with some surefire tips to make sure this year’s list of resolutions are ones that will become actual lifestyle changes.

How Your Trainer Can Be Your Resolution's Best Friend

Jan 4, 2017

At Fitness Together, you’re never flying solo with working toward your resolutions.  Your goals are our goals, and we’re thrilled to be able to help you meet them.

5 Ways to Stick to Your Goals During the Holidays

Dec 28, 2016

Want to better your chances for staying on the right path, even during the holidays?

Why Not Start Your Resolution Early?

Dec 21, 2016

Why wait until the new year to start working on your fitness resolutions? We've got some great reasons why you should be starting now...

4 Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Holiday Vacation

Dec 14, 2016

Although it is so tempting to use the holidays as an excuse to sit with propped feet, drinking eggnog, for an entire week, we encourage you to fit in at least a little bit of exercise in between baking sessions and board games.

Top 5 Ideas to Eat Healthy at Holiday Parties

Dec 8, 2016

Is it possible to enjoy yourself at parties without flushing your efforts down the toilet?

Ready to Stay Healthy During the Winter?

Nov 25, 2016

Yes, it’s chilly, and yes, the weather does sometimes prevent us from doing certain exercises outdoors.  However, you don’t have to bid a sad adieu to your much-loved outdoor fitness habit. 

How to Shake off the Holiday Stress With Exercise

Nov 16, 2016

It’s true – holiday stress happens.  It’s inevitable when our once-routine days are suddenly filled with lists and shopping and high expectations and extra doses of family and friends and a ton of social engagements.  What’s not inevitable, however, is letting stress negatively impact our minds and bodies.   

Is Your Body In Need of Some Stretching?

Nov 9, 2016

Aside from feeling great and giving your body and mind a few seconds of pause and reprieve, stretching is actually necessary for proper muscle and joint health, especially as we age into the later “innings” of our lives.  So when was the last time that YOU had a good seventh inning stretch?

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