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Whey Protein Benefits and How it Affects Fat Burning

Apr 5, 2011

For centuries people have been using whey proteins for their beneficial health properties. Whey is derived from milk and is the by product of cheese production.

Today it has found its place in nutrition as it offers optimal health and enables good fat burning. The modern high fat, high calorie food intake that is low in nutrients is one of the major causes of obesity. Whey protein provides the opposite. It is a low fat, low calorie and low carbohydrate food that is placed low on the glycemic index (GI) Scale. Replacing high fat and high calorie meals with this protein will melt the fat away because the body has to work hard to process protein. Any fast fat burning diet has to include whey protein.

Why should we eat whey protein?
When we are looking for fast fat burning foods it is important that we find the elements that will work best for us. We need to control what we eat and what we drink and water is a good way to process waste that is caused by the conversion of fat into energy. Increasing protein is important too as it helps build lean muscles which in turn burn more calories and accelerate the fat burning process. Our body uses protein as its building block and uses it to create lean muscle. One of the best proteins that can be taken is from whey as it provides the most protein without the carbohydrates or fats. This means your body can use it more efficiently in your quest to burn fat.

This protein is a highly safe supplement and supplies about 19 grams of protein per serving. When used in conjunction with a good exercise regime whey protein will build lean muscle. It usually takes large amounts of calories to build and maintain lean muscle. In order to gain lean muscles and burn fat relies on an adequate supply of protein. Our bodies rarely convert protein into fat so this protein will not interfere with fat burning.

Whey protein is a dairy product so it is easy to digest and is safe for people of all ages. It is important to drink water when taking whey protein as this will enable you to deal with the waste created by fat burning. Waste is stored in our livers and may even go into the blood stream and then into the lungs if not flushed out.

Facts about whey protein
It comes from cow's milk which contains 80% casein and 20% whey. While casein is a protein, whey is considered the crème de la crème in protein standards and has been scientifically proven as being the most nutritious form of protein supplement available.

Whey is today considered a co-product of cheese making and is the most pure form of protein to be found. It contains no fat or lactose and has all the essential amino acids we need. It is also a source of "naturally occurring branched chain amino acids".

Whey protein promotes weight loss by first helping us feel full, but more importantly by helping the body burn fat. It is nutritionally complete and is easily absorbed into the body. It contains bioactive ingredients such as lactoferrin which helps boost our immune systems. This protein is also known for its abilities to help athletes repair and rebuild muscles after an intense workout.

Whey protein is neutral to the taste, so it won't alter the foods it is added to. It won't produce hormonal affects as it contains no isoflavones. All these factors make it one of the best fat burning foods and a great way to burn fat calories.

Whey protein in women
In order to burn fat more effectively and more efficiently it is necessary to change our lifestyles to include a healthy diet coupled with exercise. This protein has the ability to supplement a diet at the same time as aiding in weight management by helping control metabolism. An active metabolism helps burn fat.

Whey protein is easy to digest and as a supplement to exercise burns fat naturally by burning calories. It also aids in muscle mass and lean tissue without the risk of bulking up as women lack the hormones that create bulky muscles. A woman will instead start getting overall toning and belly fat will start disappearing.

As women grow older they lose muscle. This protein helps turn calories into muscles while burning fat.


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