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Trainer Tuesdays, July 23, 2013

Jul 23, 2013


What are some sources of dietary sodium that people may not know about?


Did you know that about 80 percent of the salt we consume is in the prepared foods we eat—and does not come from our saltshakers? According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, about half of all the sodium we eat in a day come from just 10 foods most Americans eat. So here are the top 6, AKA the “salty six,” with some foods that will surely surprise you as they really don’t taste salty!
1. Bread and rolls
Most bread will have 100 to 200 milligrams of sodium per slice, which is not bad, but the problem is we just eat so much bread that it adds up quickly. Read the label and find a whole-grain bread that has less than 200 milligrams of sodium per serving.
2. Cold cuts and cured meats
Just six teeny slices of deli meat can add up to over half of a day’s worth of recommended sodium intake. Ham is especially high in sodium, and there’s no close alternative. If you do indulge in lunchmeats, find a low-sodium variety.
3. Pizza
Who knew? Pizza brings together a melting pot of ultra-high-sodium ingredients: cheese, pepperoni, sausage, tomato sauce and crust. Make pizza night a special occasion and go for the veggie pizza. Better yet, make your own sauce.
4. Poultry
Did you know that most poultry products are injected with broth or sodium solution preservatives that boost sodium content up to 200 milligrams per serving? Your best bet is to buy fresh poultry that has not been processed.

5. Soup
Most people know that prepared soups are overflowing with salt. You can easily blow an entire day’s worth of your allotted sodium intake just by eating a single serving. Better to go for the low sodium varieties or make your own and season with salt alternatives.

6. Sandwiches
Rounding out the “salty six” are restaurant burgers and sandwiches. Order grilled, not fried, no cheese and added veggies to your sandwich. Also watch the condiments such as ketchup and BBQ sauce which are loaded with salt.


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