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Trainer Tuesdays, April 30, 2013

Apr 30, 2013


May is National Osteoporosis Prevention Month. What are some good bone-building foods? How does strength training help build stronger bones?


Bones are living organisms. Exercise not only helps to increase the density and strength of the bone but also tones and strengthens the muscle connected to it.

The best exercises for bone health are weight-bearing exercises. I recommend strength training, walking, hiking and anything else that force you to work against gravity.

Strong bones and muscles help reduce injuries and improve balance. Later in life, strong bodies minimize injuries caused by falls. This is important to note because reduced bone density and balance, affected by aging, can cause serious fractures. Muscle strength and strong bones are building blocks to longevity

A few foods:

Milk and dairy products are high in calcium, which is critical for strong bones

Collard greens are another food that is high in calcium

Nuts provide magnesium, which plays an important role in how your body uses calcium

Salmon - helps the body absorb calcium


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