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How to Recover from Holiday Diet Damage

Dec 28, 2010

Instead of dwelling on how you overate during the holidays, get back on track and you'll be on the way to recovery from your diet damage.

It's natural to splurge over the holidays and eat more than you should, but no need to worry, you can overcome the diet damage. You can't undo what you did, but you can bounce back. The key is to get back on the wagon right away, and we can tell you how.

  1. Start watching what you eat again.

    You have to get back to your regular nutrition and exercise plan right away. The holidays don't need to keep going. You had your fun, now it's time to regain control. Remind yourself how good you feel when you eat right. Fight through the cravings and get back on track. Don't wait!

  2. Get to the gym again.

    Sometimes you feel like you have to bump up your workout after overdoing it, but that can make you feel overwhelmed. Start back on your regular routine and leave the past behind you. Go for a run, head to your pilates class, and get back to your regular routine.

  3. Toss the leftovers.

    Don't let the food pressure you. Get rid of it! When those leftovers are staring you in the face every time you open the fridge, you're more likely to feel like you have to eat them all. Give it away, throw it away, whatever you feel is best. Just remove the temptation to keep eating that pumpkin pie.

  4. Forgive yourself.

    Perception is important. You had a good time with your family and friends, and you shouldn't be upset with yourself. Keep the pictures and start anew. Don't spend all day on the scale or in the gym, just be happy that you had a good holiday and move forward.

Be gentle with yourself as you would with a friend. This is simply a roadmap to get you back on the right path. It's normal to feel a little off track after a holiday. Just continue on the healthy track you were on before and go on as if nothing happened.


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