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Top Ways to Sabotage Workouts

Fitness Together® Personal Trainers Identify Actions

That Can Kill a Person's Motivation to Workout


Highlands Ranch, Colo. (October 21, 2015) -- As the days get shorter and temperatures begin to drop, so does the motivation of many individuals to remain physically active. As one of nation's largest one-on-one and small group personal fitness training franchises, the personal trainers at Fitness Together® (FT)* have seen and heard just about every kind of excuse in a client's fitness training or weight loss efforts. During the change in seasons, they say it's important to stay away from certain minefields that can sabotage the success of any workout.


These negative thoughts that can sabotage a workout were provided by nationally certified personal trainers, who train and/or own, a Fitness Together® franchise studio.

  • Alcohol and sweets. Clients are typically disappointed at their Monday morning weigh-ins after a weekend of partying and carefree eating.
    John Unverzagt, Owner of FT – Maple Grove, Minn.: “It's not really the alcohol and sweets themselves, it's the excuses and rationalizations that are used to make it sound like it's OK to have a treat or cheat every weekend. Finding a balance with sweets and alcohol will greatly improve anyone’s health and wellness plan.”
  • Exercising to bad music. Exercising is about getting pumped up, but nothing can kill a workout high like bad music during the workout.
  • Negative affirmations.
    Steven Bell, Personal Trainer at FT – East Cobb, Ga.: “Statements like, "I'm always going to be fat," I can't do that exercise," or "I don't have time to cook healthy meals" is tantamount to throwing in the towel before getting anywhere near a person's full potential.”
  • Staying well below a person's target heart rate (THR) during a cardio workout.
  • Consuming anything high in fat before a workout.
    Stacy Adams. Owner of FT – Georgetown, D.C.: “This is a guaranteed buzz kill for a workout. Fat is a slow-digesting macronutrient, which takes longer to break down, and is not a direct source of energy. Consuming anything high in fat, including healthy fat, before you train makes for a guaranteed bad workout.”

To prepare for a really good workout, individuals should eat a balanced and healthy meal or snack at least one-hour before strength training. The optimal pre- and post- workout meal should include a combination of lean protein and a starchy carbohydrate.  Consider a lean protein before the workout and a starchy carb that includes rice or bread after the workout that will digest faster.


WellBiz Brands, Inc. is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado and is one of the largest health and wellness franchise organizations in the United States.  The company owns Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, which franchises one-on-one and semi-private personal fitness training studios called Fitness Together®, Elements Therapeutic Massage, Inc., which franchises Elements Massage™ studios, providing custom therapeutic massage to meet clients’ individual needs, and Fit 36, Inc., which franchises the FIT36™ high intensity interval training workouts that are done in a group.

Fitness Together® began franchising in 1996 and has approximately 175 locations across the United States. Elements Massage™ began franchising in 2006 and has over 210 locations in 34 states. FIT36™ began franchising in 2014 and has a single location in downtown Denver, Colo.  For more information about Fitness Together®, visit For more information about Elements Massage™, visit For more information on FIT36™ visit


*Each FT location is independently owned and operated by an individual franchise owner.

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