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Score First with 5 Healthy Tailgate Recipes

We can all rejoice, Football season is here! Which means along with fantasy football; there’s plenty of tailgating. Don’t worry, just because you’re on top of your fitness game, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the tailgating fun. Try one of these five healthy spins on tailgate recipes. One quick tip: bring your grill. It’s worth it! 

Texas Style Quesadillas

You probably think there’s no way a Quesadilla is healthy, especially if it’s “Texas Style.” With white tortillas, going easy on the Monterey Jack cheese and plenty of fresh peppers and cilantro these guys are a nice snack. 

Grilled Chicken 

Don’t go the easy way out and just pick up some fried chicken. Grill all-white meat chicken breasts and use a fat free ranch or balsamic to add a little flavor. Top it off with hot sauce, and you have a very protein centric, low-fat meal fresh and ready. 

Toasted Pita Chips with Yogurt Mint Dip 

Low-fat yogurt, a refreshing bundle of mint, salt, pepper and garlic combined with baked pita chips brushed with olive oil and garlic offers a tasty substitute to the standard bowl of chips and fattening dip. 

Low-Fat Bacon Melt Sandwich 

Bacon typically can’t even be in the same conversation when it comes to healthy eating. News flash! It’s possible, and you can enjoy your tailgate with a little bacon. Use gluten free bread to improve the healthy factor. 


Get back on the grill, but this time, the options are endless. You can mix lean steak, chicken, shrimp or even tofu with some big slices of peppers and onions. All together, you’ll have an incredibly tasty, and healthy, grilled meal for the group.  

You can find a few of these healthy tailgate recipes and more from Fitness Magazine here. If you are working hard on your personal fitness, but still love football and the tailgate parties, these recipes allow you to join the fun and get in the tailgate game. If you want extra help with your fitness goals, a personal trainer from Fitness Together will guide you with one-on-one workouts and nutrition advice. If you have a personal trainer, great! If not, visit

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