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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

patrick at Fitness Together studio

Patrick H.

Client of the Month!

Congratulation Patrick!!!

You are our Fitness Together Client of the Month!!

"My hobbies are golfing, skiing and traveling."

" Fitness Together has helped me the most with accountability. While the end goal is my personal improvement, the short term motivation is complete the workouts, show continued steady progress and repeat each session, each week."

"My activity level has increased daily with my strength and cardio endurance and have continued to increase over the last few months."

Keep up the good work Patrick!!

- your Fitness Together team.

Vlad G.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Vlad! You are our FT Client of the Month!

"My hobbies include spending time with my kids, playing guitar and romancing my wife"

"Fitness Together has helped me the most with having a good time working out. Fun = coming back for more."

"I have most improved activating muscles that were in the grave. You could say that the trainers have conjured up the dead."

Thanks Vlad! Keep up the good work and keep having fun!

Your team at Fitness Together!

Jane C.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Jane C!

My hobbies include going to Fitness Together, biking, hiking, and playing with my grandchildren. Fitness Together has helped me stay strong as I get older. I am stronger and more disciplined. I work out with Lonn an McKenzie. They are awesome. They challenge me and give me a full body workout. I like how my workouts are always changing so that I get better results.

Lisa H.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations you are our FT Client of the Month!

"Fitness Together has gotten me on track with living a healthier lifestyle by keeping me motivated and accountable."

"Fitness Together has helped me become more flexible and given me some more endurance during physical activity."

Lisa's hobbies include; reading, cooking, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

Way to go Lisa! We are so proud of your hard work.

Michele R.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Michele! You are our FT Client of the Month! And 1st Place 6 Week Commit to Cardio Challenge!

"I really enjoy biking outdoors. I also like to kayak and walk my old dog." "I am hiking Havasupai in the Grand Canyon with my son this summer. The trainers have been faithfully preparing me for this extended hike" "Areas which I never concentrated on before coming to Fitness Together were my core and overall balance."

Nancy M

Client of the Month

Congratulations Nancy!

You are our FT Client of the Month!

"My hobbies are participating in sports, whether that is watching or participating. I mainly play Softball, Volleyball, and Golf."

"Fitness Together has gotten me results through teaching me Proper Exercise Technique and continued encouragement to reach my goals."

"I have most improved my Posture and Muscle Tone, which reduced my Pain in my Muscles and Joints."

Nancy started coming to Fitness Together back in April of 2018. Since starting She has lost 10 lbs, gained a lot of Strength and gained Mobility.

Way to go, Nancy! Keep up the good work!

Your FT Team

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Tiffany Bedsworth

Fitness Together Changed Woman’s Life and Career Path

Climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t the Tiffany Bedsworth's goal, when she first decided to get serious about losing weight, but it was definitely a rewarding consequence. For every pound lost, a little more confidence was gained, leading to career advancement, increased income, and recognition as a leader at the internet marketing firm where she works.

Bedsworth has shed more than 60 pounds with the help of Gretchen Ruge, a personal trainer at the Fitness Together in Lees Summit, Mo. Even after moving to Indianapolis for her job, Bedsworth says Ruge’s advice and friendship has been so instrumental in her personal success, she is willing to commute 500 miles to keep that relationship intact.

“I won’t lie, it’s been a challenge,” Bedsworth says. “I travel every single week and work 11-hour days most of time, but I try to watch what I am eating and I visit FT on the weekends I am in town. Just knowing that I have to see Gretchen makes me want to stay in shape and active because I don’t want to let her down.”

Bedsworth wasn’t always so dedicated to exercising. She felt intimidated at traditional gyms.

“The only machine I ever knew how to work was a treadmill and even then, there were always a bunch of supermodels running on the one right next to mine. Between their abs of steel and 7 MPH sprint, my two-mile stroll was embarrassing,” she says.

She struggled with her weight for years, trying everything from Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers to Metabolic Research and diet pills, but couldn’t find the right long-term solution.

“I hated the way I looked in my clothes, didn’t want to take pictures or look in the mirror, and barely would leave my house, except to go to work or to get something to eat,” Bedsworth says. “I wanted to go back to the basics of dieting and exercise – something I had never really tried. I made a decision to stop lying to myself, and for the first time, stop trying to do it alone.”

In January 2014, Bedsworth spoke with Ruge at FT.

“I went in and met with her and had more hope in that first meeting than I had in years,” Bedsworth says. “I felt like she really cared and she inspired me to commit to the process.”

The two women immediately clicked. They met three times a week for one-on-one sessions and Bedsworth started following some diet plans that Ruge laid out for her.

“Tiffany was insecure at first,” says Ruge. “I think the private setting was really good for her and made her feel more comfortable.”

Bedsworth started to see changes in her body along with increased energy. She even looked forward to the new and fun workouts Ruge would plan, and she began walking two to three miles on the days she didn’t train at FT.

By May 2014, Bedsworth had lost 52 pounds and could run four miles without stopping. She dropped eight pant sizes and wore a two-piece swimsuit for the first time.

Despite her positive progress, Bedsworth hit a bump in the road when she was promoted and had to work one hour away from the Lakewood studio. She tried commuting so she could stay with FT, but it became too difficult and she stopped seeing Ruge. She started to backtrack on all the progress she had made. She tried working out at other gyms close by, but it wasn’t the same. A year later, she called Ruge back.

“Tiffany and I have really become friends, and it’s that connection with a client that really works at FT,” Ruge said. “I felt if Tiffany was willing to make the commute, I was going to give her my all, and we started seeing results again.”

When another promotion meant moving to Indiana a few months later, Bedsworth had learned her lesson. She didn’t want to give up on her workouts at Fitness Together.

“She’s amazing,” adds Ruge. “She’s so competitive. You can see it in her work and workouts and that’s what makes Tiffany so successful. We now keep in regular contact by email or in texts, and I try to give her tasks so that she can keep accomplishing things … not too much, because her plate is really full and I don’t want to overload her.”

What sets Fitness Together apart from other fitness studios is its commitment to work with its clients in a private one-on-one setting, offering a personalized fitness and nutrition program. For people like Bedsworth, it’s been life-altering in many ways.

“Personal training can sound intimidating, unnecessary and expensive. It did to me anyway,” Bedsworth says. “Nothing is more important than your health and happiness. Don’t lie to yourself. There is no pill or diet that will fix your issue. You have to quit lying to yourself and ask for help! It is life changing, a necessity and worth every single penny. Go for a month! What do you have to lose?”

Well, at least in Bedsworth’s case, more than 60 pounds.

Brenda R

Client of the Month!!


Brenda R!!

You are our FT Client of the Month!!

"My hobbies include reading, working out, sprucing up the house and travel".

"FT has helped me stick to a weekly plan and keep consistent on my workouts. I have been able to add, Pilates to help round out my routine. Without FT Pilates wouldn't have been possible."

"I have definitely upped my strength and fitness abilities. I am able to work out smarter an not harder. Working with the trainers is a big help in preventing injury and working through roadblocks."

Deb P.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Deb!

You are our Fitness Together Client of the Month!

"My husband and I enjoy traveling and spending time up north at our family cabin. I enjoy theater, movies and volunteering at our church."

"I feel stronger and more in control of my body. I'm in better shape at 51 than I have been for years."

"I have lost weight and have a healthy BMI! I also have more upper body definitnion."

Congratulations Deb. You are one of the most inspirational people we have ever meet! She is one of the hardest workers in the studio. and is the definition of true dedication!.

Kathy S

Client of the Month

Congratulations Kathy!! You are our FT Client of the Month!!

"I enjoy music, playing my flute, singing and attending live events or listening. Outside of that, you find me at one of my child's activities."

"The trainers at Fitness Together are great! They push me further than I would push myself."

"My strength has greatly improved since starting to work with Fitness Together."

Kathy has been with Fitness Together for about 6 months now. She has made a lot of progress since then and says how much better she feels since starting with FT.

Kathy tells me how great she feels after a workout and that she has personally felt the progress come along.

In Kathy's recent Fitness Assessments, she improved on almost every aspect of strength and cardio exercises.

We always have a good time training and Kathy is a great client to have here at Fitness Together.

Mary H.

Client of the Month!


"I enjoy reading, movies, DIY home projects, working in the yard so I can spend time outside and volunteering for a couple of local animal rescue organizations. I am always looking for new healthy recipes to try and working out whether it is my training sessions at Fitness Together, walking or pilates when I have the time."

What do you feel Fitness Together has helped you with the most?

"Now that I am in my fifties I wanted to make a change to the way I was living and take my health more seriously. I want to be stronger and prevent those injuries and issues that can happen as I age and also allow me to stay in and maintain my home. And of course to lose some weight and look and feel better in my clothes."

The Biggest Change!

"Since coming to FT I can really see the changes in myself. I feel stronger, my balance has improved and I have more energy. The minor aches and pains I was feeling have gone away. I actually look forward to working out which is something I never thought I would say. I've lost 25 pounds which has helped me become more confident and motivated to keep working towards my goals. I can say now I am someone that works out and mean it. While I have a ways to go on this journey I feel like I'm moving in the right direction with the help of the FT team."

Meg G.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Meg!

You are our FT Client of the Month!

"I enjoy traveling, theater, movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends."

"Fitness Together has helped me stay accountable. By making appointments for m sessions I stay on task and keep coming to work out. I enjoy the personalized training, the trainers and the workouts. When I finish a work out, I am generally energized and feel great!"

"Mostly I think I have improved my strength. I feel stronger and more flexible. I am working on my endurance and hopefully will begin to see changes in my body shape over time."


Client of the Month

As January Fitness Together Client of the Month, Michele shares (in the video above) how she found Fitness Together Maple Grove and how it has helped her to work toward her fitness goals.

Tony B

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Tony!! You are our FT Client of the Month!!

"I enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, yard work and landscaping and hanging out with the family".

"Fitness Together has helped me everything! It has helped make me a stronger, healthier and fitter person".

"I have improved the most with strength and lean muscle since working with Fitness Together".

Tony has improved a lot since he first signed up with us a couple months ago. He always works incredibly hard during his training sessions and is always willing to learn new exercises.

Tony asks about correct form and upping his weight every time. He recently made the decision to move from 3 times a week to 4 times a week.

Tony makes the most of his 45 min session and I have enjoyed training him.

- Katie Erickson

Maureen Steinwell

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Maureen!!

You are our Fitness Together Client of the Month!!

"My hobbies are golf and teaching". "Fitness Together has helped me the most with knee pain and balance". "I have also improved my upper body strength since working with Fitness Together".

Maureen comes to all her sessions and works really hard every workout. Her overall balance and golf game has improved because of the exercises we do. Within the last couple of weeks Maureen has substantially improved on all her exercises as in being able to up her weights.

Maureen, you have come a long way since she started a year ago.

Thank you,


Breanne Larson

"Working with the personal trainers keeps me motivated so I can achieve my fitness goals. I wouldn't be where I am today without the trainers at Fitness Together."

"Fitness Together has helped me the most with upper body strength and a more stable and stronger core."*

After *

Lauren Boulware

My name is Lauren Boulware. I’m a financial advisor in Minneapolis. I’ve been working out at FT in Maple Grove for about six months. I work out primarily with Logan in PACK and One one One Training Sessions.

Since I started my training I’ve lost about 20 pounds and gained a lot of energy*. I’ve also been able to improve my diet as a result of the nutrition classes and consultations, which have made the weight loss easier.*

I work long hours and have a lot of outside activities. I have more energy, which helps me to fit everything in. The workouts are also a wonderful stress reliever and I always leave FT in a good mood.

If you want to finally get results in a fun environment, FT is the place for you. Logan and the other trainers are very knowledgeable about fitness, training, and nutrition and really care about your progress. They work to help you achieve your goals.*

After *

Rachel T

Fitness Together Client and Business Woman

I had hit a significant plateau for six months after losing the initial 40 lbs on my own. Fitness Together broke that plateau and it really started coming off quickly! I am down 16 dress sizes.* I am most proud to carry my "before" pictures (I never am without them) to encourage others and show people it can be done.

Bill M

Client of the Month

Congratulations Bill!!

You are our FT Client of the Month!!

"My hobbies include travel to new and far away places (and warm hopefully)".

"I feel that Fitness Together has helped me the most with remaining committed to a routine and achieving my fitness goals".

"Since working with Fitness Together I most improved my strength and balance integrated together the most".

Dawn B.

Client of the Month!

Congratulations Dawn!
You are our Check-in Challenge winner and FT Client of the Month!!!

Dawn won our 30 Day Check-in Challenge with 11 Facebook Check-ins!

Her hobbies include, "Spending time with family and friends, crafting, and movies."

Fitness Together has helped Dawn the most with strength training.

Dawn has seen the most improvement in her strength and Flexibility.

Way to go Dawn! We are so proud of your hard work over the 3 months you have been training with us, and we are excited for you to reach your fitness goals!

Divya M

Client of the Month

" Cooking and dancing are my hobbies, I love watching movies."

"I have become the fittest I have been in the past decade. Not only have I lost weight, but I have gained confidence to become a fitter and healthier person with a proper diet. Fitness Together gives me that push every time I feel low."

" I have not been this fit in the last decade. I love working with my trainers. They encourage me to keep me motivated. Thank you."

Divya has:

Lost weight, reduced body fat, lost inches and gained strength.

Keep up the great work Divya, your team at Fitness Together.

Mark S.


You are our Fitness Together Client of the Month!!

"Being a Food Scientist, I love to cook...and eat. I fish every chance I get. And our family makes sure we have quality time together."

"Fitness Together has helped me the most with maximizing the benefit of my work out time. I have been working with McKenzie since December 2018 and I feel great. I have more energy and I get around easier."

"Since working with Fitness Together my ease of doing everyday things has improved; shoveling snow, picking up bags of dog food, going up steps. Getting up from soft comfy chairs is much easier."

Meredith D.

Client of the Month

Congratulations Meredith!

You are our FT Client of the Month!

"My hobbies are working out, hiking and traveling"

"My workouts have helped me to not only lose weight, but also feel better, younger and healthier. Most importantly, younger. I feel like I have turned back the clock"

"I have most improved my stamina and energy. I went on a five mile hike with my son on Mother's Day. Even he was impressed that I could do that."

Meredith started with Fitness Together's 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge and lost 20lbs in her first 6 weeks and has lost another 20lbs over the last 6 weeks.

Way to go Meredith! Keep up the good work!

Your FT Team.

Monica D.

Congratulations Monica!!

You are our Fitness Together Client of the Month!!

"I enjoy cooking and volunteering at church. I also enjoy sewing and volunteering with elderly care".

"Fitness Together has helped build confidence. I had no confidence before. Fitness Together motivates me and has become my "me time". I overall feel better. Fitness Together is a great place and has met my workouts needs and has made me feel comfortable working out"

" I can now touch my toes. My mood has improved and I have more energy throughout the day".

Peggy W

Client of the Month!

"I enjoy reading, writing, trying new recipes, walking, biking, bowling, strength training and learning to play the piano"

"In an atmosphere that encourages consistency and challenges me to reach attainable goals, my strength has improved far beyond what I could have imagined"

"In less than a year, in a slow and calculated manner, my trainer, Lonn, helped me achieve what I would not have attempted on my own."

2018 2019

Push Ups 0 reps 25 reps

Bench Press 60 lbs 110 lbs

Deadlift 95 lbs 215 lbs

Way to go Peggy, we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Susan A.

Client of the Month!!

Congratulations Susan!!

You are our FT Client of the Month!!

I enjoy golf, traveling, movies and singing in my church choir.

Because I work with the same trainers, they know when I need encouragement and when I need a challenge. They give me the support to continue making progress towards my goals to be healthy.

I have lost 30lbs, which I know is the difference of more loss of fat as I have gained muscle. My energy has increased; my balance and coordination have improved. Recently my brother said it best: "Most people our age (60's) are gaining weight, losing strength and becoming less active. You are doing the complete opposite and looking good!"