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    Fitness Together® is a second home where your trainer welcomes you and makes you feel like you can be successful no matter your goals, unique needs, limitations, or injuries. The Fitness Together community inspires you to reach what you never thought possible.


    Our experienced personal trainers create custom programming for goals around weight loss, weight management, building muscle and injury recovery. We combine strength and cardio, result tracking, real-time adjustments, and ongoing support.


    We believe that without your health, nothing else matters. We exist to empower you to take back your health so that you can have the energy to do what you love.

EXPRESS Gratitude

We believe being grateful is the greatest
driver of happiness and can greatly
impact mental and physical health and
wellbeing. We believe moments of
mindfulness give us perspective
on how far we’ve come and motivates
us to carry on with purpose.

our values

Fitness Together was founded 25 years ago on the
belief that without your health, nothing else matters.
Our personal trainers are guided by these core
values to empower those who have struggled
to get healthy on their own with an
exceptional wellness experience to help
them live their best life.

Take Pride in Our Service

We believe in serving those around us out
of love and respect by taking pride in
creating a home for clients. We are
passionate about providing a consistently
exceptional experience that leaves a
lasting impact.

Empower Commitment

We believe making changes turn into
learned behaviors and become lasting
commitments that shape your future. We
are a part of your journey to help you
define what you’re here for, the steps
of commitment to get there, and
hold you accountable to
your goals.

Genuinely Care

We believe in building deep, meaningful
relationships because we are your family.
We are here to help you, cheer you on,
empathize with you, empower you and
give you hope. We go out of our way to
take care of one another because
that’s what family does and
we are in this together.

Continuously Improve

We believe in progress over perfection.
Nothing happens overnight so
self-acceptance is your starting point to
be 1% better every day. We are learners,
do-ers, innovators and teachers
who strive to change the mindsets
of those around us.

fitness together Maple Grove owner

a note from your Maple Grove owner,
John Unverzagt

Hi, my name is John Unverzagt. I have owned the Fitness Together Maple Grove since January, 2012. I have been a personal trainer, teacher, coach, personal training manager and studio owner for 30 years. I encourage you to explore your options with Fitness Together. We understand that everyone is unique, with a unique situation and starting point. One of our Fitness Experts will guide you through the process, step-by-step, and design the perfect program for you. We will empower you to take back your health and fitness to have the energy and ability to do more of what you love! We make it fun and inclusive for all! Happy Training! John Unverzagt Owner - Fitness Together Maple Grove

meet our trainers


  • Individual plan based on your own goals. nice, small gym. Knowledge and professional trainers

  • Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and they always give you a great workout! The place is very clean as well!

  • I have been working with a trainer who is focused on my progress at my rate, vs. somebody who acts like I am training for an NFL career at 60 YO. The progress I am making is slow, but has had a very real impact on my everyday quality of life, whether it be having a “ dance party” with my grand daughter, or walking/wade fishing in fast water with a slippery bottom with people half my age. It is great to be able to focus on what I CAN do or will be able to do in my retirement years!

  • I like the one in one coaching. It is a very positive and comfortable environment!

The Studio

The Studio

Our studios have multiple private training suites, each fully equipped with state of the art equipment. You’ll always train in a premium, well-kept workout environment.

The Workout

The Workout

Start with our Signature Fit Evaluation where we learn about your goals, health history, and take you through a mini workout. Your customized program is then designed to progress in phases unique to your needs and goals.

The Trainers

The Trainers

You’ll have a small team of dedicated, experienced trainers invested in your success. The team based approach allows you to benefit from an array of expertise to safely accommodate injuries and limitations and hold you accountable.

The Community

The Community

Fitness Together is a family - where individuality is celebrated and our clients are as diverse as our personal trainers and owners. Relationships are built around a welcoming, highly personal wellness experience that leaves a lasting impact.