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  • Dina Whalen, OWNER OPERATOR/Professional Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 25 Years


    • BS - Sports Medicine
    • NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
    • ACSM - Exercise Physiologist
    • Functional Movement Screen Level 2
    • NASM - Golf Fitness Specialist
    • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
    • Titleist Performance Institute Power 2 Certified
    • Titleist Performance Institute Fitness 2 Certified

    Dina is a lifelong sports enthusiast; and the proud owner of Fitness Together Lynnfield. Prior to her 20-year career as a personal trainer, Dina struggled with weight. Like many of her FT clients, her weight led to chronic back pain and kept her from doing the things she loved. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Sacred Heart University, she set out to overcome her own health challenges. She developed a personal fitness plan—rooted in kinesiology—that helped her lose 60lbs and reduce strain on her back. Today, Dina leverages her personal experience and education to help clients push past their own obstacles. Together with her team at FT Lynnfield, Dina has helped more than 1,000 clients lose weight, regain their strength, and improve their health.

    in my free time I like to
    Outside of work, Dina enjoys spending time with her family and traveling to warmer climates. Over the past few years, she has also taken up golf and enjoys learning new skills to improve her game.

    Complimentary Fit Evaluation
  • Gina, Manager, Professional Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 7 Years


    • National Academy Of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

    Gina has always had a passion for exploring what the body can do. Starting dance classes at a young age she became a competitive dancer by the age of 12, and continued until she was 18. From there she took her training and attended Dean college where she fell in love with learning how to express herself through movement and wanting to be able to share that gift with others. After receiving her bachelors of the arts she started her career as a dance teacher at NRG dance center and Phunk Phenomenon. When working with her students she loved to see the joy on their faces when she helped them strive to be the best dancer they could be for their body. From there she took on an interest in fitness where she found the best exercises to enhance her dancing technique. Her fitness career took off when she realized how important these exercise techniques can help improve overall function of not just the body, and health but the mind. Gina is very passionate about giving back to her clients and helping them meet their goals in a positive way.

    in my free time I like to
    Working towards a license in real estate, in her free time you can find her spending time with her family and best friends. She is also a music lover and enjoys going to concerts whenever she can.

    Complimentary Fit Evaluation
  • Michael, Professional Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 8 Years


    • WITS Certified Personal Trainer Level 2
    • Functional Movement Screen certified
    • CPR/AED certified
    • BS / MS Engineering

    Michael has a long history of playing sports and keeping physically active. Soccer has been his main sport, having played at the high school and college levels. After a career in engineering, Michael turned his passion for health and fitness into his livelihood by becoming a personal trainer and working in the profession since 2017. As a fitness coach his goals are to share his enthusiasm for exercise with others and guide and encourage them to reach their fitness and health goals. He is a believer in the Fitness Together methodology and is thrilled to be a member of the staff. Michael attended Brown University and Tufts University and holds a BS and MS in engineering.

    in my free time I like to
    Michael enjoys the outdoors where you can usually spot him biking through town or hiking in the woods during the good weather. In the not so good weather, he enjoys swimming and snowshoeing.

    Complimentary Fit Evaluation
  • Robert, Professional Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 4 Years


    • BS Kinesiology
    • NASM - Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM - Virtual coaching specialist
    • Styku - Certified styku scanning professional

    Rob has had a lifelong passion for sports and fitness. Growing up he tried a variety of sports but fell in love with hockey and baseball at a young age. He played hockey throughout highschool and competed in the Division 1 State Championship at the Boston Garden. He played collegiate baseball at New England College where we earned a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a minor in psychology. As a fitness coach his goals are to make clients feel comfortable and help them reach their goals through hard work, determination and consistency. He is a firm believer that physical activity will improve mental health and self confidence.

    in my free time I like to
    Rob enjoys spending time with his friends and family. In the summer he plays mens softball and likes to spend time in nature. In the winter he enjoys skiing and vacationing to Florida with his family.

    Complimentary Fit Evaluation
  • Ember, Professional Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 6 Years


    • NASM certified personal trainer
    • NASM nutrition coach
    • NASM stretching and flexibility coach
    • Senior fitness
    • Certified Strength and conditioning coach

    Ember began personal training in 2019 after being active for most of her life. 2012-2015 she was hospitalized due to sickness. In remission, she began taking health seriously. Developed a strong passion for health and wellness; so much that she enrolled in classes and became certified in personal training. I continue to expand my knowledge and I truly enjoy helping others of all ages become the best and strongest version of themselves physically and mentally.

    in my free time I like to
    In my free time I like to lift weights, spend time outdoors and with loved ones.

    Complimentary Fit Evaluation
  • Jason, Professional Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 20 Years


    • Certified Functional Strength Coach
    • Level 2 MBSC: Focus on Athletic Training
    • NASM -Certified Personal Trainer
    • NASM -Certified Small Group Training Specialist
    • NASM -Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist
    • NASM -Behavioral Change Specialist
    • NASM -Corrective Exercise Specialist
    • NASM -MMA Conditioning Specialist

    Jason truly enjoys changing people's lives through coaching and training. Jason has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to his craft, which is making people feel and move better. Fitness is an ever evolving phenomenon, so educating himself to share his knowledge with clients is very rewarding for him. Jason is super excited to be a part of the Fitness Together team and family. Jason truly believes in the philosophy of Fitness Together because it aligns with his same beliefs.

    in my free time I like to
    The season depends. During the summer, he enjoys paddle boarding and during the winter months he enjoys snowboarding and snow shoeing. Jason also enjoys recreational sports such as soccer, flag football, and soft ball …even though he can't swing a bat to save his life :) He also enjoys hiking and walking with his dogs.

    Complimentary Fit Evaluation

here’s how it works


signature fit evaluation

A complimentary signature process where we learn about your goals, health history, and take you through a mini workout so we have the information we need to begin building your customized program.

full body assessment

A comprehensive fitness assessment to collect baseline metrics that will help us track your progress.

personal training session

Meet your trainer in your private suite (or virtually) for your 1:1 session to begin your completely customized workout program.

progress checks

A comprehensive assessment every 6 weeks so we can celebrate your progress and set new goals.


  • I have been working out at FT for a couple of years and it has made a dramatic difference in my health. I no longer need hip surgery and I am able to dance and hike again.

  • Friendly people who care about helping you achieve your goals. FT helped me prepare to hike the Appalachian Trail at age 65. If you have the will, FT will show you the way.

  • I started working out after having breast cancer and heading to osteoporosis. My primary goal with FT was to increase bone density. I now have normal bone density.

  • The high quality training and nutrition advice at Fitness Together has helped me reach my fitness goals. I’ve lost 20 pounds and have a BMI of 22.8!