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Our Staff

Get to know our friendly Fitness Together® Personal Training Staff at Lynnfield.

Dina Whalen
Dina Whalen

Dina Whalen

Owner BS Sports Med NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist ACSM - Health/Fitness Instructor NASM - Golf Fitness Specialist

Dina Whalen President CEO of Fitness Together Lynnfield has used all of her education and training to become a real life success story. Dina is a lifetime sports enthusiast, however she had struggled with her weight throughout her young adult years. Dina began to understand the importance of improving her health and took an active role in creating her own health and fitness program while at Sacred Heart University where she majored in Sports Medicine. With her phenomenal determination today she is in excellent shape and encourages others to join her in the quest for a lifetime of physical fitness. She has been a certified personal trainer since 2000 and has made great strides in not only improving her client's health and fitness but there mental well being through constant motivation and encouragement. Dina has transformed her own personal success into the model that each one of her client's could adhere to. In her early career while working at prestigious fitness centers such as the Wellbridge Athletic Club and Sports Club LA, she decided to bring her unique style and training program to a new level and opened Fitness Together. Dina takes personal training to the next level by offering "personalized personal training". Each individual has an individualized fitness program that combines Dina's program as well as the ever evolving new trends in physical fitness. Dina and her team work with each client to ensure that their needs are meet and that their goals are accomplished. Dina and her staff take great pride in staying with you through each phase of your program. Not only are they attentive to your fitness needs but they understand how hard it can be to incorporate fitness into your daily schedule. Dina promises to deliver the greatest results in the least amount of time while keeping you on the proper path to physical fitness. Dina is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health and Fitness Instructor. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine

Chris Fontaine



My training philosophy starts with specific goals and revolves around functional body movement patterns that we all perform in our daily activities squatting, lunging, hinging at the hip, pushing, pulling, and carrying. Whether it’s day to day living or sport specific training I feel you should practice moving how you will be moving during the game or through life. Together we will build your muscular strength and endurance, improve your balance and agility, and raise your level of cardio vascular fitness. No matter what your goals are I will keep you motivated and moving in the right direction to achieve them!

How I started personal training

In my early thirties I had an accident on a Mt. bike and fractured my clavicle and ribs, I was forced to be inactive while my body recovered, I gained weight and was out of shape, I felt like I had hit a low point in my life, it was then that I decided to take control of my health and wellness and improve my overall level of fitness. I had my ability to be active taken away from me, and I became motivated and dedicated to getting it back, to keep moving and never stop. After two and a half years of daily exercise I decided to become a Personal Trainer and begin a career in the health and wellness industry. My decision to commit to daily exercise was one of the best choices I have ever made. I love sharing what I’ve learned with people who are looking to make changes and positive impact in their health through exercise and living well.