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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Linda and Dave


FT Client- Watch our success video!

Client of the Month-October!

Howard S.

Howard has been the ultimate inspiration. Within 6 months Howard has increased his strength, flexibility, and most importantly his balance.* Mobility exercises using steppers and medicine balls proved to be most beneficial in the beginning. We have since then began using dumbbells and even suspension training. After experiencing positive results, Howard continues to work hard toward furthering his goals. Our plan is to continue a total body workout each session with different variables to continue Howard's goals.

Janet P.

After two years of working out at Fitness Together/Lexington, MA, I’m feeling the need to let you know that it is a most important part of my life. My personal trainers have always been top notch. They are always very attentive to my needs (and moods), always encouraging me to keep pushing ahead but not pushing me beyond my ability on any particular day. “Oh, it looks like you can’t do this exercise today, but don’t worry, we can replace it with this one, which works the same muscles, but in a different way.” They’ve never gotten me stuck in a “ritual” (as my very first personal trainer did over ten years ago) but keep varying the routine and making it interesting and challenging. I have two female trainers (I do not want male trainers, though I understand that they’re just as good!) and they always keep in touch about me and my work-outs. I could go on and on and on but I’ll just say now that thanks to Fitness Together, I am confident that I’m keeping fitter than many, if not most, of my friends.

I haven’t mentioned the directors of Fitness Together/Lexington, but it certainly goes without saying that the co-owners, Kerri Powers and Julie Powers, have done a great job at putting together a great studio. Beyond hiring the best of personal trainers, I would say that they contribute to the overall atmosphere of living in Lexington. Their inspirational 5K walk/run in the fall to raise money for kids’ cancer is just one good example.

That’s it for now. Thank you for being here………..

Anita B.

I like my trainer, Lynne.. She's competent and personable and sets goals for me that are challenging, but reasonable

The facility is clean and well maintained. Fresh fruit is available as something sweet after your work-out.'

I'm always greeted with a smile and when i leave I feel better than when I arrived.

After *

Elleln H.

My name is Ellen, and I live in Arlington, MA. I am an administrator at a local university, and I work out with Taylor. I have lost 50 pounds since giving birth to my second son 19 months ago.* Since joining Fitness Together, exercise and eating a healthy diet have become regular AND enjoyable things for the first time in my life. I am so grateful for the personal attention I have received from all the trainers I have worked with. Specifically, Taylor encourages me to push my limits in ways that I would never push myself. Because of him, I am in the best shape of my life! I cannot encourage others enough to make this important investment in themselves, and there is no better place to make that investment than at Fitness Together in Lexington!

Glenn G.

As I closed in on my 40th birthday, I made the most important New Year’s resolution of my life this year. I was going to finally take control of my health. I was going to lose weight. I was going to exercise regularly for the fist time ever. I was going to improve my diet. I was going to do everything in my power to live a long, healthy life.

Thanks to Fitness Together, eight months and 51 pounds later, my mission has been accomplished.*

If you too are committed to putting in the work, Kerri and her incredible staff can change your life as they’ve helped me to change mine.

FT created a complementary exercise and nutritional program just for me, based on my personal goals and history. But that was the easy part.

Even more importantly, what FT provided was a comfortable and enjoyable environment in which to work with a well-trained, knowledgeable, dedicated and friendly staff that did far more than run me through my exercises. They took a keenly personal interest in my progress. They held me accountable to the goals I had set. They motivated me on a daily basis. They created a program so varied that after eight months, I’m still doing new exercises at virtually every session. They truly made exercise something I look forward to…and that’s saying a lot. Best of all, they inspired me to make permanent lifestyle changes. Exercise and proper nutrition are now-and will remain-an important part of my life.

The Fitness Together program and people eliminated every excuse I could come up with for not exercising. The facilities are comfortable and first-rate. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed. The one-on-one training means individual attention and all of the help, advice, information and inspiration you could possibly need. And they cater to any and all schedules.

At a recent physical, my doctor said, “Keep doing whatever you’re doing.” A professional colleague I recently saw for the first time in a decade told me I haven’t changed in 10 years. Trust me-neither would have said that a year ago.

If you too are ready to make these important lifestyle changes-whatever your age, your exercise background or your medical history-Fitness Together offers the perfect program to help you achieve all of your goals. They did it for me, and I will be eternally grateful.

Linda P.

Over the years, Fitness Together has helped me get strong: strong in body, strong in health, and strong in attitude towards life. Kerri and her team have enabled me to be a fit and active Nana, participating fully in family life and recreation and providing care for my one year old grandson since birth. My legs are buff and fit for chasing a wayward toddler. My arms are sculpted and strong enough to carry a five year old. With the core strength developed by my team, I have balance that provides me the confidence to climb a jungle gym.

My visits to FT always leave me sweaty and smiling. My trainers are skilled, compassionate and unrelenting: just the right mix of kindly friend and drill instructor. Their nutrition advice is always spot on. Their encouragement is priceless.

They say that sixty-five is the new forty-five. I never expected to feel this good and enjoy my capabilities so fully at my age.

Thank you FT.


Friendly, positive, excellent trainers, super clean and cheerful studio. Lots of variety in sessions. Just a fun place to be.


Fitness Together has truly been a lifesaver for me, a place where I have received phenomenal training, guidance, support and the proverbial ‘kick in the butt’ I often need. For someone who is not the biggest fan of exercise and is somewhat unsure as to the most efficient exercises and proper techniques for my body, the personal attention and guidance I receive from my trainers has been invaluable in helping me work towards living a healthier lifestyle and reaching my fitness and nutrition goals. Kerri and her staff create a fun and professional atmosphere where you truly sense that every one’s individual needs are being thoughtfully considered. I am so very grateful.

Paula G.

I have been a Fitness Together client since March 2005. The staff has been wonderful-they have helped me tone up, lose a few pounds and reduce my cholesterol.* I work out three times a week, with all three trainers. The staff keeps track of my exercise routine and they vary the exercises every time…and help me to do everything correctly (for maximum benefit). Am I happy with Fitness Together? ABSOLUTELY! I feel great and staying fit is now a part of my life. I couldn’t recommend it more.

Stephen C.


I am currently in the best shape of my adult life! Over the last year and a half at the FT, I lost the 20lbs I wanted to and dropped my body fat to 15.5.* In addition to going to FT 3 days a week, I started training for and running road races. I have entered 6 races this calendar year, including a half marathon. The weekend before Thanksgiving, I ran my fastest 5k at just under 20 minutes. This is a long winded way for me to say that FT has been great for me!