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  • Taylor Christensen, Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 17 Years


    • Associates in Kinesiology from Cape Town University(CTU)
    • AMerican College of Sports Medicine certified
    • ISSA certified
    • EMT -B certified Central Texas College
    • Certificate in Fire Science / Killeen Fire Academy
    • Kettlebell certified
    • TRX certified
    • CPR adult and infant Certified

    I am a personal trainer, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, and going on my 15th year at FT. I specialize in sports related injury and older populations and have enjoyed working with clients of all ages including ages 14 to 85.

    in my free time I like to
    I am a native of South Africa, and being an avid surfer, soccer player and former gymnast , I love to continue to challenge myself physically in my spare time as much as I love to challenge my clients. My life’s passion is being not only loving what I do , but to be part of the experience and transformation when a client reaches a goal !

  • Lynne Hajjar, Fitness And Nutrition Coach

    Years of Experience

    • 12 Years


    • Graduated from National Personal Training Institute with a Diploma in Personal Training & Nutrition in April 2012
    • Continuing ED/Certified: Kettlebell, TRX, Nutrition Timing, Knee & Shoulders, Strength & Conditioning for Seniors
    • Wrote an Article in the “Senior Matters” column of the April/May 2017 Edition of Lexington’s Colonial Times Newspaper titled Motivation Through Attainable Goals.
    • Certified Health & Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute. Graduated Oct. 2020.

    There is nothing more inspiring than being a witness to a person’s ever improving health and well being, both in mind and body. This is truly what I love most about being a trainer. Fitness Together provides a customized approach for each and every individual, taking into account the client’s ever changing needs and goals. As the person evolves so must their program. This is done in a nonjudgmental environment, one that makes folks feel safe to be themselves and to grow. I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals ranging from young adults to seniors at FT and continue to learn and grow as a trainer not just from continuing education but also from my team and with each client I work with. I enjoy working with all clients but have always found close to my heart our senior clientele. Keeping this community functional, and strong is so very important to me on a number of levels. I also feel it’s my way of giving back and saying thank you.

    in my free time I like to
    I enjoy singing and performance and have been since I was little. More recently I was involved in an acoustic duo performing in both, public and private venues. I like to get outdoors and active whatever season that may be. I became a member of the Trustees of the state which offers all kinds of guided events that educate folks on the history of our habitat and how efforts are being made to protect it through fun events such as a kayaking with seals in Newburyport, hiking through the sand dunes at Crane’s Beach, and so on. I also love animals and feel a calling to be a voice for them. I believe loving and protecting them is vital to our existence. All creation is a gift.

  • Kelly Sullivan, Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 3 Years


    • ACE Certified Personal Trainer 2021
    • CPR and First Aid Certified- adult, youth, and infant
    • Strength Training For Fat Loss- Exercise Etc.

    Hi I’m Kelly. I started my fitness journey 5 years ago! I have been a certified personal trainer for 3 years. I am a student, who’s majoring in exercise physiology. What really brought me into the fitness industry was how beneficial it was for my gut health. My favorite exercises for gut health are yoga, swimming and strength training. I’m very passionate about motivating people to reach their goals of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

    in my free time I like to
    I really enjoy being in nature. Specifically hiking, skiing, and running. I also like to cook and spend a lot of my time looking for new recipes to try. During my vacation’s you can find me at my family’s house on Lake Winnisquam.

  • David Diskin, Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 3 Years


    • NASM Certified, CPT
    • American Heart Association First Aid CPR/AED certified

    I have played sports most of my life and if it wasn’t for the coaches I had growing up I would not have been able to reach the goals I set for myself. Helping people reach there own goals and live happier healthier lives is a passion of mine and I look forward to where this journey takes me.

    in my free time I like to
    I love to be outdoors as much as I can hiking, biking or just exploring. I still play sports on occasion doing pickup baseball, basketball and ultimate frisbee. Recently I have gotten into photography and take tons of pictures while out on hikes. You can always find me outside in any weather.

  • Flory Kabulo, Personal Trainer

    Years of Experience

    • 7 Years


    • NASM CPT, Weight Loss Specialist, Core Specialist, Nutrition Coach, & EMT from Action Ambulance.

    I grew up in Texas and then relocated to Massachusetts via LA Fitness! Fitness is my passion. I am very laid back and enjoy working with all types of people.

    in my free time I like to
    Hike with my dog Argos, working out and playing football!


here’s how it works


signature fit evaluation

A complimentary signature process where we learn about your goals, health history, and take you through a mini workout so we have the information we need to begin building your customized program.

full body assessment

A comprehensive fitness assessment to collect baseline metrics that will help us track your progress.

personal training session

Meet your trainer in your private suite (or virtually) for your 1:1 session to begin your completely customized workout program.

progress checks

A comprehensive assessment every 6 weeks so we can celebrate your progress and set new goals.


  • The high quality training and nutrition advice at Fitness Together has helped me reach my fitness goals. I’ve lost 20 pounds and have a BMI of 22.8!

  • I started working out after having breast cancer and heading to osteoporosis. My primary goal with FT was to increase bone density. I now have normal bone density.

  • Friendly people who care about helping you achieve your goals. FT helped me prepare to hike the Appalachian Trail at age 65. If you have the will, FT will show you the way.

  • I have been working out at FT for a couple of years and it has made a dramatic difference in my health. I no longer need hip surgery and I am able to dance and hike again.