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Thanksgiving Calories Consumed

Thanksgiving Calories Consumed

Thanksgiving is a holiday tradition filled with family, fun, food, food, food, alcohol and football. Leftovers consist of more food and about 2-5 extra pounds. The average person will consume approximately 3000 – 4500 additional calories during the Thanksgiving eat-a-thon weekend.

How much exercise does it take a person to burn off a 3000 calorie Thanksgiving Day meal?

Ø 5 Hours of Cardio on an Elliptical Machine
Ø Run at a moderate pace for 4 hours
Ø Swim for 5 hours
Ø Walk for 30 miles
Ø Garden for 7 consecutive hours
Ø 9 Hours of Aqua Aerobics
Ø 5 Hours of Moderate to Intense Zumba

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