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Is Your Personal Trainer Right for YOU

Dec 26, 2012

I recently had an experience that I must share with you in regards to working out with a personal trainer that left me concerned. Arriving at a local gym excitement ran through my body in preparation of being on the other end of a training session. I kept my lips sealed of me being a trainer, as I just wanted to have the same experience you would. Right away a red flags go up.

The first red flag was immediate. The trainer never had me fill out paper work or asked of any injuries, limitations, and goals that would affect my workout. We start the session with “Ok, you are going to do that same exercise I had you do last week.” Red flag number 2, I thought to myself then said, “You’ve never trained me before!” Once we got into the workout I admit it was an ok workout.

Then red flag number 3 showed up as he wasn’t correcting my form that I was purposely doing wrong. To top the session off, he was chatting it up with another trainer about upcoming weekend partying plans, and paying more attention to what was on ESPN, rather than paying attention to how many lunges I was doing.

After leaving the gym this left me thinking how many people out there might consider this training session to be ok and would come back to continue with wrong form and hobble out with an injury. This can’t be! People hire trainers to prevent injury by learning proper form while achieving results.

So, I am thinking it would be helpful for to know how to find the perfect trainer for you. Hopefully with these guidelines you will experience the motivation and results personal trainers can provide, granted you choose the trainer that is right for you.

Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainer

In your search for the right trainer it is a must they hold a current nationally accredited certification. Some to look for are ACE, NASM, ACSM. Never be afraid to ask to see a copy of a personal trainer’s certificate to see if it is current. Trainers are required to obtain continuing education credits within their renewal period due to the ever evolving world of fitness. Also be sure the trainer is up to date on CPR/First Aid and AED certifications.

Experience and References

Ask about the types of clientele they have trained or if they have an area of specialization. Some examples are; post-rehab, pre-natal, or sport specific. Ask your trainer if they have experience in relation to your personal goal. Can they share a testimonial of a pervious client whose needs and wants were similar to yours and have achieved them? Your trainer should track your progress in order to see factual results. It’s so exciting when the needle moves in the right direction for my clients and they see results.

Appearance, Personality, Comfort and Trust

Your trainer should look and act the part. If they want you to live a healthy life they should too. Trust your intuition when it comes to finding a trainer. You want to feel comfortable around this person and enjoy their personality as they will be helping you in life changing experiences. You want to feel safe with your trainer and know you are in good hands. A good trainer is a good listener and encourages you along the way while watching and correcting your form on exercises.

I could go on about all the qualities to look for in a trainer but the best thing you can do is try one out today keeping in mind what questions to ask. One of the reasons for hiring a trainer is to motivate and encourage you in way you wouldn’t on your own. Working with a certified personal trainer can have a positive impact on your health and happiness, for this reason choosing a qualified personal trainer deserves careful consideration.

When you are interested in learning more or are in need of a jumpstart call me: Fawn Powers, Fitness Together Lexington, 433 Marrett Road, 02421, 781-862-1175.


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