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Music Can Enhance Your Workout

Mar 29, 2018

Have you ever gotten ready to go for a walk, run or even to the studio to get your workout in and realized you forgot your headphones? For most of us, that means we go through our bags frantically looking for a backup pair. We rely on music so much during our workouts that many people choose to head back home to get their headphones, buy a new pair or settle on the fact that their workout will now be mediocre at best.

But why do we find music to be so important when we workout? Here are some good reasons you should turn on some tunes for your next sweat session:

  • Music creates a distraction from our own bodily awareness.
    Research has shown that listening to music while working out makes us less aware of how hard we are working. It’s a good kind of distraction! It distracts us from the perception of pain. Upbeat songs are the best, as they tend to have more information for our brains to process and create more of a distraction. Experts say the ideal range of beats per minute is 120-140.
  • Music helps you get “in the zone”.
    Music can help increase motivation and improve physical performance. We often associate a song with a memory. Many times, this memory is from when we first heard the song. Channeling that memory can help motivate us. The lyrics and the emotions of the singer can have the same effect.
  • Music can help you pace your workout. Music can help you move in tandem with the beat. When we listen to music, the part of the brain that controls movement is stimulated. Your muscles want to keep moving and they move more efficiently. Upbeat music can:
    • Increase heart rate
    • Decrease blood pressure
    • Increase energy and eliminate fatigue
    • Boost metabolism
    • Lessen feelings of stress both mentally and physically
  • Music helps improve your mood.
    People often listen to music to boost their mood and self-awareness. Music allows us to think about ourselves, where we want to be and helps us escape the present moment. It helps us remove negative thoughts and emotions from taking over our thoughts and ultimately, this creates the perfect workout mindset

If you’re feeling unmotivated lately during your workouts, or just need a little pick-me-up, try making a new playlist or ask your personal trainer for recommendations. Not only does listening to music enhance your workouts but having some new music to listen to can energize you even more!

Music can help you power through the hardest of workouts, no matter how much you’re dreading your sweat session. Grab your headphones and get moving!


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