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Keys To Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

Dec 29, 2011

Keys to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

  • Don’t over-commit: Too often our resolutions are black diamonds instead of bunny slopes. Working to make a change for the upcoming year doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself to a complicated and insurmountable goal which will inevitably force you to abandon.

Be S.M.A.R.T. with your resolution.

Specific – Goals need to be very specific which allow you to hone in on how to achieve said goal. Vague and unorganized plans are destined for failure.

Measurable – Knowing what you need to do and how much effort is needed to reach your goal will pain a much clearer picture in your pursuit for positive change.

Attainable – Ultimately you want your goal to be attainable. If you lay out your resolution and immediately question or worry about being able to reach it, the resolution itself needs tweaking.

Realistic – Ask yourself, “is my goal realistic?” That is the ultimate question when setting a New Year’s resolution. Is your idea/goal a realistic change you can make in your life?

Timely – Does your goal fit in with where you are in your life? A resolution which is 5 years from fitting in with your current lot in life won’t work. Apply the above to help decide whether or not your resolution is a timely one in relation to where you are in your life.

  • Build In Accountability: According to John's Hopkins study, 93.8 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail because they lack accountability. If you don’t create a way to stay on top of your efforts to implement and succeed in your New Year’s resolution, it’s sure to fizzle just like as they have in the past. There are several ways to help keep yourself accountable;

Partner Up – Getting involved with a like-minded group or with friends and working as a team to begin a New Year’s resolution is a sure-fire way to succeed in the goal(s) you have laid out for yourself. Push each other and use each other as support to ensure that your resolution doesn’t fade.

Hire A Personal Trainer – When your resolution is fitness related, which many of them are, you need help from someone who will push you and create an atmosphere for success. A personal trainer will take away burden of trying to come up with an exercise plan and all of the details which go into getting on top of your fitness. Show up for your session ready to sweat and the rest will be taken care of.

Sticking to your resolutions is always tough. Life has a way of taking up our time and energy, but if you are finding that something needs to be changed, particularly when it comes to your health, it’s important to sacrifice some of that extra time you have in your schedule to focus and hone in on making the highly important and necessary changes to get yourself back on track.


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