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How to Keep Your Metabolism Boosted...Healthy Snacks!

How to Keep Your Metabolism Boosted...Healthy Snacks!

Jamie Young-FT Overland Park Personal Trainer

Keep your Metabolism Boosted with Healthy Snacks!

We know it's important to eat 3 balanced and healthy meals everyday. But, did you know that by adding in a healthy snack mid morning and late afternoon will keep your metabolism boosted and help you to not over eat at your next meal?

What exactly is a "healthy snack?"
Fresh fruit
Fresh veggies
*Natural nut butters
Nuts and seeds
*Natural jerkey
Fresh fruit smoothies
Be sure to measure out your snacks to the suggested serving size...i.e. 4-6oz yogurt, 1-2 oz nuts or seeds, 2 tbsp peanut butter. Read labels! Watch the sugar content of yogurt; it's always best to buy plain and add in berries or sweeten with honey.
*Natural: no added preservatives or artificial ingredients*

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